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  1. Hey you, yes you! Do you want to be a master chef? Do you want to create the most amazing lvl 10 food on the server? Do you want to be the reference in term of gastronomy? Well good luck with that! You are going to need to start farming that cooking exp! Good thing I am here for you to give you a little tip of my own to improve your cooking skills. The Chocolate Mousse cake Its plain simple and great for beginners to start on. The right marriage of delicious chocolatey flavors and cake wonderfulness. Or as we say in french "OH LA LA !" But patate I hear you ask, I know how to make a cake, of course you do, its easy, but the choco mousse part that’s the difficult stuff. Everyone can get a piece of cake from a Myst case but where does the choco mousse drops eh? You don’t know? Well let me show you how. Ingredients? Easy! Some chocolate Cream An Egg And Sugar First we need to gather the Ingredients For the Chocolate I forgot to buy some so we will make it ourself with cacao. Simply run outside holding a banana and yoyos will be rushing towards you effortless. Your cacao is 1 monkey massacre away Next the cream, I find it cheaper to buy ice cream and just wait for it to melt rather than buying real cream, also it enhance the flavors! Now for the sugar, simply locate a lone santa poring and ask him gently to give you a candy cane, use force if required or you can even steal it! Now for our last ingredient, Egg. This one is tricky since I couldn’t find any around morroc, they already hatched. So we will need to go to moscovia dungeon for this. Saying hi to Mr Big boi whaley whale is mandatory Once you found a wood goblin, DELICATELY gather an egg from their nest located on their head I REPEAT, DELICATELY Now that we have all our ingredients, it is time to start the process! 1 - Cacao, needs to be crunched and formed into a chocolate bar, good thing i have my trusty peco to help me! And under the pressure of a peco butt, cacao transforms itself into a dark chocolate bar! 2 - Sugar, Well lets just take this candy cane and smash it into fine powder shall we? So peco sit on it. Et Voilà! Fine crushed sugar. 3 - Eggs, we need to split the white and yellow, now I hear you screaming, and you are correct! Under the peco it goes! After all, pecos are just big birbs and birbs knows how to do with eggs, eh? 4 - Cream,No it doesn’t drop from creamy, we place it under the peco to melt and shake Careful with your heat shaking, if you stay for too long you might have an unpleasant result Oh no, my cream turned into cheese! Good thing I bought 2! And we got ourself fresh cream that looks like milk Now that we have all the ingredients lets start with the cooking. First we melt the chocolate with a lil bit of cream Next whip out your favorite whipper and while holding our cream and egg whites, ask to be gently whipped until we get a soft peak. On the cream I mean! Repeat for the egg white while adding the sugar. Now that the chocolate is melted, add the egg yellow to the mix and shake well. Add the chocolate to the egg white and FOLD, do not mix or you will break the sweet bubbles. Finally fold in the whipped cream and you are done! Now place in a cool place To know when your mousse is ready I recommend waiting 1 garm You simply need to kill a wild garm, and wait by his tombstone until it disappear and you should be fine! Our chocolate mousse is now complete and ready to eat! With your now knowledge, go spread the joy of the chocolate mousse cake and be the amazing chef you always wanted to be! IRL Recipe for irl peeps GM Challenges FIN~
  2. IGN: Mr Patate Job: Paladin lvl: 99/70 Back story: Today on National Midguard Geographic, we will observe a rare specimen of “Prettius Dumbus”. Under the illusion of his charms, he thinks everything and everyone is given to him on a silver plate. With the spring showing its nose again, its natural instincts are kicking up again. Using the most macho pickup lines in his inventory, lets watch our hero try to tame some Babes . Do not forget that these simple creatures have little to no self-awareness at all. Let’s hope nothing bad happens to him! Remember everyone; other people are real persons with real emotions. Treat everyone with respect and they shall give some in return. BONUS PANNEL: Screenshots: Huge thanks to: Yunja, Deanosaurus, Kitty For their help!
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