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  1. herro

  2. Hi, as most topics are pretty old and a search didn't help either, here I am wondering about the following: How fast are ranking points lost on this server? As in x or x% per week/month Thanks
  3. Hope you had fun reading it! IGN: Le Chevaleresse pretty creative way to use the chibi maker ^^ well done
  4. Le me peacefully slaughtering Baby Desert Wolves when suddenly le wilde Beast tries to devour me /omg Manly man in the woods... IGN: Capoeira
  5. Looks like "The very hungry Caterpillar" doesn't it? :3 One most train hard to earn his place among the heavens (Symbol = Wind) Even the depths of Earth can't crop my wings~ IGN: Capoeira
  6. Dear diary, it's been a week since joined this new (and really weird) company. My office is tiny and i have yet to see a single customer. My colleagues act all high and mighty like some kind of undead Warlocks and i haven't even seen the boss once! (although sometimes a bunch of annoying flies are swirling around). I swear to God, one of these days i'll turn into a Banshee and turn them all into flaming skulls. I got to go now, it's lunch time and there's always a real slaughter in the mensa. IGN: Gotteshand
  7. Just try it. There's always the possibility that one of the first 7 didn't find the right place. And you shouldn't expect an update on Silvester/New Years.
  8. Happy New Year everyone! @TalonRO Team Stay awesome!
  9. I did that very soon after starting on euRO and learning about Sprites n stuff (PoPoring Heaven instead of Poring heaven :. It's pretty bad but i guess it got some retro feeling x)
  10. Does it have to be a certain pun in comic form or is a pun MADE in the comic fine as well?
  11. Glast Heim Prison is a creepy place after all... Literally the end of the world... Heaven's bleeding... IGN: Riandur
  12. Dat moment when you find your first valuable Card on a new Server = priceless Yush Q_Q IGN: Riandur
  13. I hope you enjoy my story IGN: Riandur Please have leniency concerning grammar & spelling since English isn't my mother tongue "Best of luck!" to all participants <3
  14. Hi, i'd like to participate but i don't even know that many GMs yet. Would you be so kind as to give me a list of the most active GMs?
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