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  1. howrah

    Mid Drops

    so chiquita farming will become much less attractive... and some of the monsters mentioned above already have full drop slots - something would have to be removed.. I like the bottom part, where you suggest having these from some kind of collecting items quests - but the amounts should be a bit more - this way, if you buy these items, you will pay much less compared to TC price... this could make some worthless items interesting
  2. howrah

    2-man ET Guide

    not as it is described - this is from time, when 99def builds worked I believe, that this has been one of the reasons, why the way how def works has been changed..
  3. did you miss me? :)

    now, I will have to read what I missed - see you in 2 months :D

  4. you mean to suggest, that some homuns grow/lvl faster, compared to the other ones? no from me - everyone likes different homuns (for various reasons) so there should be equal conditions for lvling them up. Priest/knight/wizard - they also have the same requirements (amount of exp for next lvl)
  5. ...because asking is so much easier than searching right? cheapest - ahlspies rental - brocca best - IP carded according to your build now really - go and search - there are guides for knights sleeper farming - it took time and effort to make the guides - try to put some effort into finding your answers - you will find out much more advises if you search and read...
  6. when people experienced this in the past, they would assign RO to only one core (or something like this) and it helped - I dont know how to do it though - you will have to google it or see if there is a guide here on forums.. I am not even sure if it is made by some kind of command, or if you have to go info file properties and do something there...
  7. When I go out, to dig something, I will use both hands - I think that pickaxe is 2h... I believe that this is intentional - it actually plays a role in "fast mining" - or you know some tricks, or you are too slow and will loose the mining nods to these, who spent time, finding out, how to mine faster..I would keep this as it is...
  8. howrah

    search NPC

    I dont think that yam is NPC item... having a "buy price" does not mean, that it is available - DB should show - [NPC Buyable] now to the suggestion - what good it will be? how is it going to help me, if I found out, that ele bullets are in Einbroch, and NPC is Johnny Waiker? I will have to search for him anyways, not even coordinates will help, since it is inside the building. I dont see how this could be usefull.. I would stick to RMS or I would ask ingame...
  9. and the pinned post in here, "how to fix the white screen problem" - it did not help?
  10. here you go: https://wiki.talonro.com/Star_Gladiator_-_Leeching_Guide but please, note, that if you are not able to search for answers, you may have very hard time - SG is not starting char - you should know something about it - very few people who know about SG will bother to do the search/work for you - they already made some guides and I dont think they like to repeat everything again, when they put the effort into making the guides.. Of course, if you find it and will ask relevant questions, they will most likely be happy to help and discuss what they experienced - but I dont really think, that someone will spoonfeed you - or copy/paste you what has been already answered - and I believe, that this is the reason, why this went for a week without any answer...
  11. check here - it will explain you, why it does not work like this: https://wiki.talonro.com/Casting_Time_Management
  12. howrah


    best idea for new people is, to search for existing guides - such as this one: https://wiki.talonro.com/Rogue_-_Zeny_Farming_Guide it will give you a lot of info that may help you.. and if you try to search some more, you will be surprised, how many questions and answers we already have here - you will get even answers to questions that you will think of later on as you progress - it is good to know in advance...
  13. I take it more like - "I wont endure it anymore - I give up reasoning with him" - thats why I came back after a while and made the post hidden what I wrote is obvious to everyone anyways, so yeah, you are right - no need to keep repeating it - I just hope, that someone new wont take him seriously..
  14. How can you see the post? I thought, that I hid it - I realised, there is no point of discussing anything with this guy - he wont seek anything - he received bunch of advices in the other thread and he explained, that he did not ask for a help, he does not need any, he even twisted some replies, to suit his arguments - thats why I wrote what I wrote.. sad story actually - I decided to give my energy to people who do want help instead of this... and that why I hid the post
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