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  1. howrah

    change in the work of the tools

    When I go out, to dig something, I will use both hands - I think that pickaxe is 2h... I believe that this is intentional - it actually plays a role in "fast mining" - or you know some tricks, or you are too slow and will loose the mining nods to these, who spent time, finding out, how to mine faster..I would keep this as it is...
  2. howrah

    search NPC

    I dont think that yam is NPC item... having a "buy price" does not mean, that it is available - DB should show - [NPC Buyable] now to the suggestion - what good it will be? how is it going to help me, if I found out, that ele bullets are in Einbroch, and NPC is Johnny Waiker? I will have to search for him anyways, not even coordinates will help, since it is inside the building. I dont see how this could be usefull.. I would stick to RMS or I would ask ingame...
  3. howrah


    and the pinned post in here, "how to fix the white screen problem" - it did not help?
  4. howrah

    Help SG on DG farming build and gear

    here you go: https://wiki.talonro.com/Star_Gladiator_-_Leeching_Guide but please, note, that if you are not able to search for answers, you may have very hard time - SG is not starting char - you should know something about it - very few people who know about SG will bother to do the search/work for you - they already made some guides and I dont think they like to repeat everything again, when they put the effort into making the guides.. Of course, if you find it and will ask relevant questions, they will most likely be happy to help and discuss what they experienced - but I dont really think, that someone will spoonfeed you - or copy/paste you what has been already answered - and I believe, that this is the reason, why this went for a week without any answer...
  5. howrah

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    check here - it will explain you, why it does not work like this: https://wiki.talonro.com/Casting_Time_Management
  6. howrah


    best idea for new people is, to search for existing guides - such as this one: https://wiki.talonro.com/Rogue_-_Zeny_Farming_Guide it will give you a lot of info that may help you.. and if you try to search some more, you will be surprised, how many questions and answers we already have here - you will get even answers to questions that you will think of later on as you progress - it is good to know in advance...
  7. I take it more like - "I wont endure it anymore - I give up reasoning with him" - thats why I came back after a while and made the post hidden what I wrote is obvious to everyone anyways, so yeah, you are right - no need to keep repeating it - I just hope, that someone new wont take him seriously..
  8. How can you see the post? I thought, that I hid it - I realised, there is no point of discussing anything with this guy - he wont seek anything - he received bunch of advices in the other thread and he explained, that he did not ask for a help, he does not need any, he even twisted some replies, to suit his arguments - thats why I wrote what I wrote.. sad story actually - I decided to give my energy to people who do want help instead of this... and that why I hid the post
  9. howrah

    Homunculus Kills counting towards hunting quest goals.

    he can tank it for you while you throw something on it.. or you can just throw, back a bit, throw, back a bit.. you can also rent mercenary, who can help with spawns.. really I would just Acid terror them.. or go full dex and mammo..
  10. howrah

    Auto Blitz, confusion, advice

    play with our calc, to see how they do it - this is what I made from top of my head - it means, that there are much better (more effective) builds - just check forums to see some - we have very nice gear progression guide https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43ChjEOwoAgEARfZcOhD8KMwqHCsDPCscObwoM7wpETGiXDhMOfCyTDvsOBw5lMdiweMnTDoCYDwqUZDjErfEkswqkNw6ABH8O2AkrCkC0rwq9+OR/CscORw6xOwozCoMOZCcKqWsKvSj06VMO1w5xqwqIRf8OhBQ
  11. howrah

    ayothaya dungeon1 minimap not showing?

    it is a maze.. so yeah - intended.. there are some other places where you dont have map..
  12. howrah

    indonesian Player

    are you getting "speak friend.." or "blocked by GM.." or something different? Search forums for "INDONESIA" - there are some advices, that solve some issues.. if it does not help, try sending support ticket - https://panel.talonro.com/support/ note, that it may take some time, to get a reply - it is faster if you can search for the solution
  13. howrah

    Drobe+Duo Expert Rings?

    I would do some counting and afterwards, I would not go for this.. it is not going to help much with JT spam - as mentioned before, thats about aspd (and your ping), so it is more for other spells - most likely SG, since other common spells dont really have crazy acd.. I try to aim for 1 skill KO and this setup will have less dmg, due to missing int from acc... even if I could spam SG, the dmg will be lower, so here comes the math, to see if total killing time will be different (if the speed makes up for the dmg) - I am not so sure here, I would say, that it does not.. I am not sure, how is dts switching accounted for - if ACD is calculated in the instant of casting the spell (SoM on, no acd redux) or after the last hit (DTS on, acd redux applies) 30% acd redux is not "bragi" - bragi is 50% 5 stat points here and there can be achieved by foods, but this can also be used with other setups, further boosting the dmg... so yeah, do some counting, see where you go most of the time and if this ACD redux is going to help you with anything on these spots.. for me, higher int will be more usefull...
  14. howrah

    Upper Costumes

    here: https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/20664/ as for the costumes - you need to leave some of it as rewards for events.. all of it should not be available for all
  15. howrah

    Stat Saver

    6 lines under your post... and in that thread, there is a link to the other one: why dont you search, or read few titles, before you suggest? btw - if you are around for some years, you already have forum account - you should not make a new one...