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  1. How steal works for noobies =)

    on everything.. this is how steal works - the target is not important.. BUT the chance will be very low anyways - it still calculates with the drop chance - best way to understand this, is to check the steal calc - change the figures and see what it does - it will kind of "even out" the chances by lowering a chance to get items from previous slots.. - but we are still talking about something like 15% (normal drops) vs 0,02% (glove) so in reality, it will help you with rare drops very very little..
  2. Dual clienting in the arena

    it is not my idea - thats just how it is.. it is not right, but thats just how it is.. everywhere.. I never suggested "..just suck it.." - I just say how it is.. I even suggested simple solution for fair fight.. if you want fair fight, you can have it. If you want fair fight in PvP room that is FFA, the chances are, that you may not have it.. TBH - I cant think of a way, how GMs could solve this - there is allways a way around it - even if it means 2nd computer - so again, the only fair fight that I can think of is when people engaged in fight agree to make it fair - if we talk about public pvp room, it means all the people inside.. this is not about rules, this is about people..
  3. farming sleepers -- sinX

    might or might not - he failed to provide these basic information.. thats why everyone suggest something different.. garm may also be best...
  4. Rate your leecher!

    Jan 17 - or you are time traveller - it does not mean anything, but you put a smile on my face - thank you
  5. farming sleepers -- sinX

    why would be bathory good for sleepers? I would say, it is about time that you learn the basics of the game.. as melee char, you shoulůd already know about elements.. but yeah, seems like you dont want to know why - seems like you are one of these "tell me and I will follow without thinking.." best weapon - +10 IP slotted with doppel/kaho and +10 mg carded with doppel/size/race cards best armour - +10 any enchanted to stat/substat that you need with porcellio
  6. Hello!

    Welcome - whatever you decide will be fine - we have crosstrans option - start as acolite, trans to high-thief... as for lot of new things - some are our customs - make sure to check on them before you make some big purchases and such https://wiki.talonro.com/Category:Custom_Features biggest surprise for me was sting card and aligattor card.. have fun!
  7. Battle Ground

    the scrolls - I agree with Ark on the scrolls... not the rest (...even though assu....) but the scrolls: as the defender cant guess, the attacker also cant guess what I wear - and we dont have the visible numbers, so you can guess only based on poting/healing of the target.. TBH - this is the only server I have been to, where scrolls are issue.. on other servers, it has been considered part of the game - most people expected, that enemy will wear evil druid.. HWs run crazy int to make people wear dokebi... snipers were switching arrows like crazy (yeah, how come that snipers has elemental advantage?? and much more than scrolls offer..) btw I do see BG as "WoE little Brother" - after all, it also has barriers, empos and such.. besides it is just like gvg - only it is not guild, it is group..

    the light client is like add on that you just add to the full installer - light client is for people who have different "full" ro on computer and dont want to download the same files again - you just copy the whole ro folder and add the light installer, so that it will be able to connect to our server.. to put it very very simply: - "light" is only for connection to our server (only client) - "full" is the game itself (all the files needed to play) - light will never work without full (but you can have the full from elsewhere) edit: note that sometimes, adding lite to your existiong installation will not work (because teh other server has some files different) - in such case, it is advised to download the full anyways..
  9. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    it comes from peoples experience... as I see it - with higher aspd, you are issuing the commands faster.. if you send 3/sec and there is something during the way, it may end up that only 2 will be "noticed" - if you manage more, some will eventually not be noticed, but since you send more, more will be reckognized... dont focus only on JT (or wizard) - focus on all the others - if it didnt mean anything, people would just stop at 184/185..
  10. BB LK Help please

    read.. and ask the people who advise you: "why?" - if they dont know why, they may be wrong.. https://wiki.talonro.com/Abbreviations read some more about the game (bored in office? read..) - https://irowiki.org/classic/Main_Page you will learn a lot if you read and ask what is not clear to you.. something may be confusing and something is next to impossible to understand, but the core "mechanics" are easy to follow - https://irowiki.org/classic/Stats <-- for example: this should be something, everyone should know about - stats are very important and you dont have enough points - it is important to know, what it does...
  11. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    yes, but... this is how it works on the server, but we are not on the server - we are far away.. we have our own delays (ping), this can be "solved" if you get higher aspd - that is the reason, why people who really care for this go more. This is really important for other chars, who spam 24/7 - you can check with them - the higher the ping, the higher aspd they want.. most consider 185 as minimum for 3skill/sec It is not anything gamebreaking and your results are still very relevant - just a something to add...
  12. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    I know, he wants to be as secure as possible.. it is just that the thread become very interesting this morning.. considering, how slowly it started.. btw - I suppose that it will go even higher
  13. "Potless" pvp map

    afaik there is no such thing as different cooldown on meat/pots.. I would say, that if you feel such thing, it will be more likely due to ping/lag.. something simmilar has been suggested before - this whole pvp and pots has been issue for quite some time - now, it seems that there will be this room, to see how it really is (what people really want) - lets not complicate it any further for now it seems that this will go through and it will soon prove, if people like to go potless or with pots btw - instead of having pots heal less (making new scripts), wouldnt it be easier to restrict pvp to red/orange/yellow? but I think that this would belong to different suggestion - this one is already solid, specific suggestion that deals with the issue..
  14. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    Now I really wonder, how this ends up
  15. TalonRO curve - advice needed

    I read the posts of you and valheru and it sounded like '"first char" - with all that "I borrowed GEC" and such.. sure, with full gears, SG is fastes (followed by wiz) - but I somehow understood the thread as something different.. as if we were talking about new chars