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  1. Reion's Assassin Starter Guide

    this is the first time, I see anyone mentioning yoyo before wolf I would mention endower sooner - because I put porcellio in same tier as metalings - I believe that it is much easier to kill porcellio - no burst dmg, no strip weapon, weak to fire, better job exp..
  2. New Player

    welcome! I think that we dont have all the newest content, but still, there is so much to explore.. There is not too much about the storyline, because most people dont care.. some links are here - check it out, at least something
  3. No Monkey Talk

    thief class in geffenia is not the best - it is mainstream - and there are already guides for it search for geffenia guides - they have not only info that you ask for (item build, stat build), but also videos of how to - true spoonfeeding - just what you asked for
  4. Ahoy - Beef Buffets

    Welcome and have fun! you gonna love it here
  5. Copper coin

    https://wiki.talonro.com/Reward_System_Walkthrough when I realise that I dont know something, I try to put it in "search" window to find out if someone talked about it. most of the times, I found the answer straight away btw your account shows, that you are veteran, who joined 4 years ago
  6. You are hired to overhaul ragnarok!

    I am talking about MVPs.. GTB, garm, orc hero, thats no MVP.. My point was, that we have cap on asura dmg..
  7. Unslotting question

    so it would be better to take weapon, that cost you over 200millions, with card for 20millions in it and throw it away, getting new one? so better to throw away 220m? thats what you say? how stupid is that? and how hard is it to get 5TC? for farmers, it is like 1-2 hours?
  8. New to Talon to from New Zealand

    Welcome! check out our great guild inventory, to get the idea what is available: https://panel.talonro.com/guild/ you will find more here on forums, or try @recruit chanell ingame Have fun!
  9. newbie questions

    search. <-- the best advice you can get - answers are here on forums or on wiki. people asked before you.. the same question. click this and read it - it is main page and right here, it shows Beginners zeny guide --> https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page you can check archer/thief section for all the advices and know-how dont click the spoiler
  10. Question about Horn Card

    I dont think we have any dmg causing magic skills that would not be long range (I am just not sure how it works with FW and fire pillar) it reduces long range and magic is considered as long range. horn, long mace, original aligattor card (now nepenthes), all these help - that is the reason, why people wear them into precast..
  11. Help newbie Assasin

    nope, you dont.. caesar sword, main gauche with zippers and endow.. much cheaper version.. add foods if needed.. (aloevera may also help) OP did not mention his lvl, if he has priest and such.. on lower lvls, I would go for 2 hit and change the equips/stats accordingly.. also - dragon vest is armour, so no magmaring (picky is armour card). different accessory would be good (I never understood, how can anyone waste acce slot - teleport is needed only if you want to teleport)
  12. SG alternative weapon??

  13. Sacrifice paladin

    Thats the spirit!!! just please, try your current equips before you get new one. Dont trust calc! I did/did not, and I ended up with half finished race specific main gauche, that is no good to me, because my universal main gauche deals sufficient dmg and I can 1hit KO what I hunt with it.. I wish I tested it before I slapped the first card in Dont believe what is written in old guides - some of the cards got changed script (try zipper bear)..
  14. SG alternative weapon??

    I think you will die.. it is % dependant, so it may happen, that it will not proc.. even if it does - your dmg would have to be insane.. you receive also other dmg, so you must heal not only union, but also normal dmg. lack of AK cards means lower dmg, resulting in lower heal
  15. Returning player

    welcome (back) There are people who say, that they remember the times and used to play.. you will meet some sooner or later.. BTW, if you remeber your login details, maybe you can see if your old account is still alive: https://panel.talonro.com/support/