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  1. howrah

    Mid Drops

    so chiquita farming will become much less attractive... and some of the monsters mentioned above already have full drop slots - something would have to be removed.. I like the bottom part, where you suggest having these from some kind of collecting items quests - but the amounts should be a bit more - this way, if you buy these items, you will pay much less compared to TC price... this could make some worthless items interesting
  2. did you miss me? :)

    now, I will have to read what I missed - see you in 2 months :D

    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      did you miss me?

      Image result for phreeoni cardImage result for phreeoni cardImage result for phreeoni cardImage result for phreeoni card

  3. you mean to suggest, that some homuns grow/lvl faster, compared to the other ones? no from me - everyone likes different homuns (for various reasons) so there should be equal conditions for lvling them up. Priest/knight/wizard - they also have the same requirements (amount of exp for next lvl)
  4. When I go out, to dig something, I will use both hands - I think that pickaxe is 2h... I believe that this is intentional - it actually plays a role in "fast mining" - or you know some tricks, or you are too slow and will loose the mining nods to these, who spent time, finding out, how to mine faster..I would keep this as it is...
  5. howrah

    search NPC

    I dont think that yam is NPC item... having a "buy price" does not mean, that it is available - DB should show - [NPC Buyable] now to the suggestion - what good it will be? how is it going to help me, if I found out, that ele bullets are in Einbroch, and NPC is Johnny Waiker? I will have to search for him anyways, not even coordinates will help, since it is inside the building. I dont see how this could be usefull.. I would stick to RMS or I would ask ingame...
  6. he can tank it for you while you throw something on it.. or you can just throw, back a bit, throw, back a bit.. you can also rent mercenary, who can help with spawns.. really I would just Acid terror them.. or go full dex and mammo..
  7. howrah

    Upper Costumes

    here: https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/20664/ as for the costumes - you need to leave some of it as rewards for events.. all of it should not be available for all
  8. howrah

    Stat Saver

    6 lines under your post... and in that thread, there is a link to the other one: why dont you search, or read few titles, before you suggest? btw - if you are around for some years, you already have forum account - you should not make a new one...
  9. howrah

    Amor Crafting

    cool presentation! and idea..
  10. iirc it is not random - it should cycle in the same order. This is the reason, why some like to use different equips for carding (mostly shields) - so that they will be 100% sure that they switch to what they need, while others like to use same equips to save place on /bm - and they will just hit the key twice or read what item they have on - still much faster campared to manually opening inventory and dragging the item.... /bm helps a lot, but yeah, something was not considered when they were coding it.. I think that dd sinxes had very hard time switching..
  11. and how about player farming for slims? he also farmed, so? everyone can farm... no really - this discussion comes in every few months - the very same issue.. and we never came to agreement - the best solution/idea/suggestion has been "lets make potless pvp room for some time and lets see if people go there" <-- this will show, how people feel about it.. go ahead and search for "potless" or "slim" or something like this and see what reasons people gave...
  12. howrah

    Another WOE

    suggestion does not attract new players. It takes time, to make the suggested thing actually happen.. if the suggestion is good that is.. and afterwards, it takes time to "spread the word" that something cool has been implemented I do different things to get new players. I suggest only what I thought about and what I think will not harm anything - and when I do suggest, I ask for feedback, because I know, that there are thing I am not aware of and that I did not consider them..
  13. this has been suggested before - GMs refused, due to security issues.. so unless there are some news regarding security, this will most likely not happen 😕
  14. howrah

    Another WOE

    So if I do not agree with you, I care only for my reputation? wrong - I gave you my opinion - now you should say, why am I wrong - instead, you go for personal attacks.. sad.. read what I wrote and think about it - GMs did a lot to make WoE working again, they made some guild masters meeting and such - now, you want to make new WoE, where people would not need any work to attend - I say, that it could lead to people NOT attending normal WoE, because these "free" woe could be enough for players - why would they attend normal woe, if they enjoy the free ones? thats what I wrote - I think that it is valid note and that you never thought about this.. so again, if dont like suggestion, I will write that I dont like it - if I have doubts about something, I will express my doubts.. and no, I dont need the reputation - 1st - I already have a lot and there is nothing that I gain for it 2nd - you have NO IDEA about me, about what I do or did on forums. Reputation points do not really mean anything - if something, it just means, that new players will ask you questions, because they see, that you are active and that people like your feedback - so, please, smell again and talk about what you suggest and what I say that may happen - explain why do you think, that I am worng, instead of typing nonsence in bold letters.. BTW - did you know, that reputation is not given by negative replies, but from reaction of people on your posts? like if you help someone by good advice, he will increase your reputation? so How I am getting reputatiopn by negative answers? and also, it is a lie, that I "always disagree" and "always negative"..
  15. howrah

    Another WOE

    the thing is, that people who do this are used to something and I dont think, they will move anywhere from server that they are used to, that has time slots as they are used to.. why should they? the only reason I can think of would be player base (the amount of enemies) - and this "reputation" must be build - it takes time.. so I would not be as optimistic as you.. I can immagine such feature - like another TRO server, that will be open only during WoE - but I cant really immagine, what it would cause to our normal WoE.. what kind of impact it would have - sure, you would not need spend time farming for these woe, but it would still cost you time and you may be "satisfied" with these "free woe" and not attend normal woe.. maybe not.. but if it does, it would pretty much ruin the work of all GMs that were working on our WoE... it is kind of strange, that there are no other reactions to your suggestion...
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