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  1. Cards for Dagger/Katar (For SinX)

    multipost... why? kitten dies when you do this...
  2. SinX gift

    you need to make money to buy the weapons, or do HBQ to get bronze coins and rent the weapon.. tamtam region - ask the green lady - the one who tells you about minigames and events - she knows also about tamtam..
  3. Why can't I sell to buying vendor

    pretty strange - now, someone is also selling for less than someone else is buying.. I can test how it works when I get home - I have few ideas what could happen, but I dont know if it works..
  4. Card Remover

    I ment to say, that you keep both, because sometimes, you want to slot in different card, and sometimes, you just want to use the card elsewhere.. however, if you look at the price, most of the times, you will be after the equips.. (you still keep both)
  5. I ment the part about "is it up to date?" - get the file from Lady L and compare it to our DB - 7 items are missing - if you can find them, add them to the list.. - now you have the complete list also - dont forget to take into account also the chance to drop given item oh and double-check on the monsters that are applicable to this - I believe that there has been some change regarding summoned monsters (plants) - I dont want to spread rumors, but I think that there was something with this going on - you dont want to invest into something that will not work
  6. Low Server Rate

    friend of mine made spreadsheet and wanted to figure out how it works - because the voting goal is not the same every week - I dont really remember what he came up with, but I think that nobody wanted to share, how voting goal really works I will see if he is online today and I will ask about this - if I have some feedback, I will post it..
  7. dont know if you need updates - if you want to check, go to item db and search for "monsterdropitem" in script. (or just "dropitem") this will give you the items that drop something from monsters.. thats what I would do.. and if I were to find out, that more commands are dropping, I would just search for the other ones as well..
  8. Newbie need help

    Mavka is monster favourite one.. Les is also monster - in same area - Moscovia - you need quest to enter (check on our wiki fr a guide) boxes - maybe you are the lucky one - try some more forum search - dont worry, you will get used to it..
  9. Card Remover

    you keep the card.. sometimes you want the item, sometimes, you want the card..
  10. Newbie need help

    there are millions threads about rogue - search.. maybe check on Mavkas, if you can already make it there - Les is also good for exp - moscovia monsters are you using endow/element? taht helps a lot with dmg... boxes - this is up to you if you sell it, you will get "something" - if you open it, you can get something much better or much worse - thats the issue about boxes. It is about your personal luck - I already know, that for me, it is better to sell it - because I am jinxed - still, I sell it to someone and that someone is opening them, making fortune I would say - open few and see how you like it
  11. Rogue to Stalker Build

    so you guys are telling me, that you could not find any melee rouge/stalker build on these 21 pages of this "thief" subsection? is it too much work for you, to search and read what others already made, so that new people dont have to ask the same questions?
  12. dont compare to TC price - instead, compare to selling prices I think that AoCE is also in OBB.. not 100% sure, but I think it is..
  13. Back to RO I go

    dont buy from butcher if you dont have merchant with "discount".. type ingame: @sj meat
  14. Weapons for AD

    erde mace or red square do not increase dmg of AD. Read again - "demonstration and acid terror". that is not acid demonstration - check on your skills... (btw this is common mistake) ask these "some people" why they recommend ATK - it has to be for some other skills but for sure, not for AD - only vit and int counts RMS formula: "Damage formula per hit is: (0.7 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT). " better formula with explanation: http://irowiki.org/classic/Acid_Bomb most favourite weapons are these, that give int. if it has slots, people use doppel or +int cards.. bazerald is also fine (and common) and you did not mention it..
  15. Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    toad card is like better thara frog - check on it as well.. valks shield is nice (and expensive)