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  1. howrah

    Pls helppp

    check here: https://wiki.talonro.com/Sniper_-_General_Frost's_Comprehensive_Guide you are looking for SS sniper.. I will try to put something to cacl and edit later - if you are not faster.. edit: unstable connection in office 😕 I will not do the calc for you - so: valks helm, BK or Gryph or both in VH and in MID, artemis with bonuses chung-e bris+ifrit 2x gloom in armour
  2. http://calc.talonro.com/ the calc shows even avarage battle duration...
  3. howrah

    New Cards (Laboratory 4)

    base can not be over 99, so I would just erase "at least", or lower the requireremnt a little bit - like 95... autocasts - does it need items to work? bottles? webs? 10% atk for champ - overkill..
  4. howrah

    Tunnel Drive + Sleipnir not working?

    doesnt it work only for tunnel?
  5. howrah

    Forgot password

    I would suggest sending support ticket.. but since you cheated with your b-day, I think that you deserve this.. cheating will eventually catch up with you... people should know that they are responsible for their actions.. MAYBE GM team will help you - I would not.. I would advise you to start over again, this time, without cheating your b-day
  6. howrah

    Shortcut (aside from F1-F12) question

    F12 will give you other "cells" to be filled with skills.. you are most likely talking about "battlemode" check your settings (esc ingame) - usually it is assigned to letters on your keyboard.. you can activate it by typing /bm - the text box should kind of change its borders and you should be able to use keys to call skills/items that you previously set into the hotkeys cells.. the rows of shotcuts (F12 thing) should correspond with rows of keys -> "q,w,e,r,t,z,u...." and next row will be "a,s,d,f,g,h,......" and next one "y,x,c,v,b...." when in /bm state, you cant type - you need to hit spacebar or enter to be able to type - while typing, /bm is not active - it will activate again after hitting enter.. https://wiki.talonro.com/Interface_Guide
  7. howrah

    Geffenia Sinx Farmer (Full Dex Build) By -Sagara Souske-

  8. howrah

    stop undercutting so much plox :<

    not S> rush items... (sure, I agree....) B> rush items... (on market...) these dont go shop by shop, hoping that "rush" means cheap - they try to catch people who need zeny and get the best deal
  9. howrah

    Tunnel Drive + Sleipnir not working?

    yes, it is normal, that skills that will decrease your walking speed wiill decrease it even when you wear sleips.. and it does nto matter if we talk about tunnel drive or chase walk - both will slow you down same with quag - when you enter it, you will be slow... edit: I would not sell sleips only because of this.. consider, how long will you spend in tunnel or chasewalk - and how much will you miss the walking speed in all the other aspects... plus the HP/SP from sleips..
  10. howrah

    stop undercutting so much plox :<

    thats not gonna happen.. if it is supercheap and used, it will not be there for weeks.. there will also never be oversupply of cheap rare items - this happens only if you REALLY want to push down price of that item - I have seen it only once on TRo.. or if there is a new item, that beats the old one - in that case, it will not be "rare item" anymore... the thing is, that there are a lot of people who search for these items.. I see "B>rush items" all the time...
  11. howrah

    Transfer Limit

    I also never had issues, untill I met these people... (but there has been one issue, where someone stole items from ground, run away and afterwards gave some of it back and was like "look how good guy I am - I taught them a lesson") better to warn people, when telling them that this "ground transfer" can also be used we do have scammers and it is good not to give them chance to scam...
  12. howrah

    Bingo enter numbers??

  13. howrah

    White Screen

    check also other threads that have "white screen" in name.. there are more solutions...
  14. howrah

    [help] Additional Cards for Sleeper Slaying?

    joker - will slow you down - the steal takes time - even if you steal while mobbing horong - how many do you think run away because of hiding? I would say, that only few.. blazer is imo better - or other droopping cards - mimic and such.. maybe you can use knocker, allowing you to tweak your build.. or snowier and such - that also works..
  15. howrah

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    you can also try to put the two in calc and see the difference - crit on sleepers will do roughly 1K dmg, depending on equips and carding - DD on sleepers will do roughly 2,5K dmg, depending on equips and carding