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  1. Card win announcement!

    I love this! just for the fun of it - sure, lot of work for a very little gain, but this sounds really awesome! I would even love to know about all rare drops - lets say 0,1%.. it could be very interesting! even if it is on weekly basis - this sounds really good!!
  2. Adjust and improvement on Pyramids B2

    GH maps are newbie friendly - thats imo the reason, why is it boosted the way it is - lets not make all maps like that.. GH maps should not be taken as a benchmark to any other maps.. increase the amount of monsters? no, glove is important item and should no be any easier to hunt.. long walk - yes, MVP deserves a long walk..
  3. Server dont recognise my last login

    I have this also when I try to log in autotrading merchant.. It also happens, if I close the client with alt+F4 - as if "wrong" logout - that way, the server thinks that you are still on.. other servers dont have to mean anything - I suppose that it is the location of the server and routing that is important - try to wait still for few seconds before changing char.. you can also try to redownload, but I would first check on the connection.. maybe some tracert to server could show something?
  4. over upgrade weapon

    you are looking at wrong figures dont look at minimum dmg - look at avarage or max - 4k difference (some 7% ?) now, add some equips - 10k difference on avarage dmg, 20k on max..
  5. Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    I have been told to remember nods when they re-appear so that I will know where I am going - no, I cant remember that - I have been also told to THINK about the best char for mining - that helped a lot - move fast - I have 2 favourites that are imo fastest.. if you move really fast, you will be able to cover more dungs.. of course - luck is also factor..
  6. Weird text graphic problem.

    I thought that it is only about the strange font.. - the one on the second Picture
  7. Weird text graphic problem.

    I have seen this before - IIRC it has something to do with the font used by the person who is writing/posting - RO should be able to "translate" fonts used on your computer in order to "unify" the text - however, some fonts are not "compatible" and so the system can not "translate" it into normal letters and it will look as different font.. I dont think there is anything you can do about it... This is if we talk about chatbox - if you have other text also in weird format (like NPC dialogues, item descritpion and such) it may be something different - this was the first thing that crossed my mind - maybe if you search forums (or troubleshooting section) for "font", you will find the discussion I am reffering to..
  8. Card win announcement!

    only this would mean, that even non-bonus-bundle-players will know, that MVP just died it has been mentioned before, that there were some plans that will result in "visible" rare drops - not sure if by announcement or other means, but this has been mentioned when we discussed big sprites some months ago.. it has been told that "big sprites will not be needed"
  9. More level 90+ variety in levelling

    there are many more places and are used.. the reason for LFP is, that these are random parties, so they need easy place get into guild and you will see many more places.. solo lvling is fine as it is - it is the party play that most of us try to promote.. and your name -
  10. pet carry weight !

    IIRC only the base stats are accounted for.. so no bonuses from pets, no bonuses from equips, no bonuses from bless... it should not be that hard, since the gym pass exists, but GM Boreas already advised, that this will not happen
  11. Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    if raw gems go up, so will the cutted.. I also dont cut, because I am jinxed.. and yes, it is possible to "camp" most of the nodes, if you really focus on it - time zone has big impact on this, but it happened to me couple of times, that I have been able to farm the nodes in some 12 dungs for few hours straight - and I am very far from specialized miner.. people who really focus on mining will do much better..
  12. Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    I would not be so sure.. making the range longer is not a good idea to fix something.. that would mean less stones, resulting in higher price...

    priest does not need crazy equips and can lvl up pretty fast, plus is allways in demant for party play.. hunter doesn not need crazy equips and can lvl up pretty fast, plus is allways in demand for party play.. assassin does not need crazy equips and can lvl up pretty fast, most will not want to have one in a party though, but it can make good money without huge investments knight does not need crazy equips and can lvl up pretty fast, is not too popular in parties, but can make pretty good income with a little investment.. you can go 99/50 with these, with very basic equips, or rental equips.. just pick whatever seems good to you
  14. TalonRO getting blocked by McAfee

    if you dont see the file, it may be already in quarantine...
  15. TalonRO don't run.

    search for "white screen"