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  1. howrah


    you can check selling db - SQI items price vary only a little bit.. so here you have at least something: making one will be around 170M clean is around 185M-190M (used to be higher, mostly because of the AoCE price) carded will be around 245M+ - you basically just add the card price - MVP cards mostly follow the TC price, as they are difficult to drop.. of course, you may get lucky and find better price
  2. howrah

    Sinx Transformer :)

    sadly, a lot of RO issues do not follow logic... 😕 anyways - I would not expect any changes made by GMs on this issue... sure, it may happen, but considering how long it is known and how long it works like this - I would say that the chances are pretty low...
  3. howrah

    Sinx Transformer :)

    not sure if it is a bug - it is well known that % cards do not work with baphos splash check on the "baphomet guide for mortals" - it is one of the first things mentioned..
  4. howrah

    Leveling guide?

    if you want more, try to put the keywords into the searchfield on top right corner - you will be surprised...
  5. howrah

    Valk dispell proc chance

    interesting question - he did plan to have aspd to aa first, before dispel kicks in - I never thought about it not working on heat - it should be "on attack" and heat does not attack.. hmmmm... 😕 we should have considered this in the very start..
  6. howrah

    need advice

    but this is wrong,... there is main and discord for quick answers of already answered querstions.. Forums is here to keep the advices given, so that others can SEARCH for it - it is a place of cummulated information with the option to add more info.. if you guys keep asking the same question over and over again, it will end up like: and this is exactly what we try to avoid.. We believe, that if someone wants to know the answer, he/she can search for it - if he/she is so lazy, that he/she will rather ask what has been already asked, we will point out, that this is wrong and we will tell them to search and to check on wiki.. people spent time making guides - all you have to do, is find it and read it. 90% is 9 out of 10 and I see 6 replies - 3 with solo places, 2 with party, 1 with both (party and solo) - how is that 90%? even if I leave away his answer, it will be 2+2+1 - still not 90%.. but yeah, it looks better with high numbers if you try to fool someone... try to be a forum moderator (any forums) for a while - if you want to understand what this is about... and I am sure, taht we will not stop telling people to search and telling them, that what they asked has been answered and that they could have the answer much sooner, if they did a little search - if they put a little more effort to finding the answer. We will not stop, because we use forums to help these, who do search and who do dig for information. we dont want them to read tons of pages of the same questions and answers. And we do know, that these people exist, because we are getting PMs from them oh and yes, we did have such discussions before and this is most likely not the last one - still we will try to keep the forums informative for these, who want information -the end-
  7. howrah

    Valk dispell proc chance

    nope.. theory looks good, but: you can not rely on % chance you have "only" 95% dodge chance there is magic involved, that will cause additional dmg thor is favourite place, so you have a lot of spawns - and you dont want to have 3+ strong monsters on you when you rely on flee for each kasa you kill, you will have to take close to 11K dmg from the reflect itself - thats your whole HP pool gone in 5,4sec - now, add the other hits that will make it through and you are pretty much dead... Try to search on forums -> I think that someone already tested 2xSniper melee char - and in the end, the only "known and viable" idea has been the dispel.. if you still want to try it with Sniper cards, think about higher dmg (higher dmg means higher heal - if it proc by low % chance, you want to have huge amount, so that it will be visible when it kicks in)
  8. howrah

    Valk dispell proc chance

    for the hit - you can get +12hit hidden enchant on armour.. thats like 10 dex... so enough stat points for some more str or whatnot.. Also, it will be much easier, if you start focusing on 1 monster (kasa) and afterwards (when you are confortable) try to go for salamander/guards and dont worry about effectiveness - dont worry about other classes, who can do better (sooner or later, someone will show up with this comment) - the important part is, if you like it and if it makes you happy..
  9. howrah

    Valk dispell proc chance

    it looks good - on kasa... you can check what people thought about SG in thor - but it is mostly reflect - with the idea of using valks card, it kind of became possible.. no gemstones are needed your str seems low - on the other hand, it means low reflected dmg.. I am not sure about the strategy of AA for dispel to kick in followed by activation of heat - that will cost you additional time... I think, that you will have a lot of stun - but maybe not.. I would also try to stay away from guardians and last - try with only 1 valk - see how it works - maybe you can exchange the other one for a different card - sniper or more dmg
  10. howrah

    Valk dispell proc chance

    yes it will.. with high aspd, that 4% could be enough though - check here - using only 1 for the dispel and it works:
  11. howrah

    need advice

    Because we - others, who care (not you) - are doing this in the long run. We want the forums to be organized and neat, so that people who want answer, will be able to find it - not ask for a millionth time, but to find it.. the info is already here - all these people need to do, is search for the answer... There are people who dont want this to become trashy spammers place - and there are also people like you, who try to sound, how helpfull they are and in the same time try to present others, who actually try to achieve something, as some stupid egomaniacs who dont even know the answers. lucky enough, there are yet other people, who actually read, think and afterwards will tell you, that they appreciate what you do - not you - us... so, yes, you are the bad guy in this disscussion - you were the first one who started attacking someone, who just wanted to point out something (and he really did not attack OP - just told him, that there is no need to ask the same question every 2 days..) there is no point on keep copy/pasting the guides and advice that are already here or on wiki - this is just like the "give a fish / teach how to fish" issue - for some reason, you try to make it sound, that it is bad, to teach peeple how to fish...
  12. howrah

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    isnt it 2x for boss, and 3x for MvP? I think that boss and mvp were somehow different in this formula.. and iirc, the original decay was not as drastic as with flee - less % or something..
  13. howrah

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    we have special def decay here on TRo - due to 99 def builds, that made the game too easy, GMs presented decay that is simmilar to flee decay - every additional mob will somehow decay the def, boss counts as 2 mobs and such.. if you want to know the exact wording/formula, you have to search for it.. but the general idea is, that you cant tank whole bunch of mobs as you could before and that when fighting MvP with a lot of slaves, you should think of some strategy and try not to tank them all together..
  14. howrah

    What to prioritize

    with the other Sn, you dont care for meat anymore in magma - so I would not go hell poodle - I go only HoB (HP) + celeb (saving for meg) - actually I had different HP accessory, due to hell poodle, but with the low need to use meats (2xSn card), I changed my mind, got HP HoB and now, I have 1 acce free for anything if you plan to be in magma most of the time, dont go kiel - the nasty thing is, that they tend to suck your sp in the end of the fight - so even if you steal some, you will end up empty - it will only make you cast your skills once you have sp - so in the middle of the fight - it wont get you killed, but it slows you down a lot.. better to drink GJ after the fight.. once you get the HoB + thorny, you will be able to free agi as nattwara suggests - with high vit, your life will be much easier.. and you will have additional income from panaceas. btw - once you trans, dont forget to use melt down - it seems to be kind of forgotten skill, so better to mention it
  15. howrah

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    I am glad, that you looked up how it works and changed your false statement: as for the rest - dude - grow up - your screens dont proove anything. you dont know anything about me or about my previous servers.. please, really, dont post what it not true - you only confuse people.. dont make stories (1st, you lvld 1 crus, now, you lvled all chars multiple times) and I am not surprised, that you dont understand what "real reason" mean - so far, you just go "I know it better, because I have crusader on IRO" - this has been your first post, where you wrote correct reason and not some crap, that is not true.. but hey, I write here, to help people - if I see, taht someone lies in order to "show" that he is right, I simply poinmt it out - a lot of people here dont know about mechanics, so it is good to let them know, that what you wrote about flee previously is not right at all - so maybe you are wrong also on some other issues - despite your multiple 99/70... I have met many like you before - and just like before - I will simply ignore you - But that does not mean, that I will not point out your untrue statements to others - because I try to help others - I dont need numbers on forums - I already have a lot (actually you have no idea about my forums activities) - lets leave it like this.. bye...