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  1. did you miss me? :)

    now, I will have to read what I missed - see you in 2 months :D

  2. @everybody - check this topic if you dont believe me that people cant/refuse to read
  3. IMHO - the issue is, that the name of the topic is different from the name of the event itself (and we all know, that nobody will spend a minute by looking at other topics, leave alone searching) I have following solution: next time, when showing lucky number, add this sentence (including the link): in this post, you will find this weeks result of our Winter Lottery - details and entries may be found here: edit: locking the thread may also help
  4. Stitch is gone??? :o 

    1. SkyeReed


      hahahaha! I'm kinda feeling so pretty at the moment but I asked Stitch nicely so no worries lol He might be back soon when I'm feeling ugleh again:)))

  5. yes, screenshot.. some of the challenges are going to be awesome
  6. anyone else remembers this? I -kind of- dont - if it were like this, I would submit an entry (some of you may remeber my pokemon drawings - so just immagine the loading screen) - since I did not submit anything, I believe that there really was no reward for "valid entry" (and there were some drawings that could actually encourage me....) Grats to all the winners! I wish I could draw...
  7. check selling db - it sells all the time, so it should not be acc bound
  8. can anyone quote me and link me that "talonro - what does the fox say" video? I cant find it... :blink:


  9. can I gift the items that were as rewards for something and are acount bound? like the special 200pcs of piece of cake that I got from something some time ago? or like the special berry? or is it only for regular tradable items?
  10. so, since it will be over, can I have the pictures?
    1. Zeiniru


      may i ask how you post status in tro forum i dun no how to /wah

    2. howrah
    3. Zeiniru
  11. I love todays picture! when this ends, will you share all these pics? downloadable .rar would be awesome!
  12. Thank you it looks nice and I can wait to get home to see what I got
  13. yes, there is I clicked different link before.. Thanks!
  14. quick question: is there any chance for a counter that will show the progress towards the 10K goal?
  15. Awesome! I will do this! ..... edit2 - dunno why the pics are so bad :/ well, here is my entry
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