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  1. finally i get this problem solved.... i need to use vpn betternet turn on at patcher and turn it off at login screen, thank you guys!
  2. i really thank you for the advice, but i still cant log-in even i turn off and run administrator, weird... : ( sigh
  3. I still get crash problem.. and the same , already use the very very new installer january 2019, and using vpn... turn off perfectly anti virus and firewall also also install it into another folder into :D (usually :C/Program files) and rewrite using talon patch also did i need to look for another files? like old pre renewal ragnarok sakray? my issue only with talon ro game, i usually played in my laptop (win 8.1 ) and also going into net cafe (they have win 10), there's no problem... and now in my new computer (win 10) there's crash like this, connection seems not the issue, it is the crash, connection failure because the data.. here's my crash log :
  4. same problem... and win 10 user, already try full and mini... it got the same problem... i also have connection issue, need to use vpn.. T___T
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