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  1. Fala fera, beleza ? não sei se ainda joga o TalonRO, encontrei o server por acaso e to querendo começar, mas queria um auxilio da galera mais experiente e vi que tem varios BR, mas to com dificuldade de encontrar algum hehe, se ainda jogar, manda um Hello ai ;D

    1. GM Amor

      GM Amor

      Se precisar de ajuda pode me mandar mensagem no Discord :)

  2. Hello!! I always wanted to participate in arts contest, but before, I would like to ask something regarding the rules. There it says: In my case, I'm not good in drawing (last time I tried to make a Panda I ended creating an alien :c) but I know Photo Manipulation using Photoshop. Is that allowed? Or using Photo manipulation will result in disqualification?
  3. My first Signature:


  4. Nvm this post. I chose a number that someone took already. I will re-post
  5. Happy Birthday!!! /grat

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes - my apologies that I'm just replying to this now! Thanks again for taking the time to say so! :)/no1

  6. Amazing! Waiting forward the next blog xD
  7. Awesome signature... /fsh

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