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  1. Sleepy o/

    Nightmare's Rift: Tower of Entropy

    Slepe party goes to Slot 5!
  2. Sleepy o/

    Event | TamTam's Exchange

    Do the crates have the same drop rates for all of the items? Like there's 12 items inside the crates, that means the chance of getting whichever of these items is 8.33% right?
  3. Sleepy o/

    GMC DC Failsafe

    You could also make it like nidd dungeon instance. When you get warped to a room, your hp gets decreased. That's not enough obviously, maybe the hp decrease can be replaced with death? The tile in nid lasts for 5 sec or something, I can't think of a way to exploit it especially with a dispell upon entry. There can also be a basilica on the spawn point as they're warped in, not permanently (it can be ganba'd) There's also the manuk seal curse death, except you change the death timer to 1 sec or less. Maybe it can include freeze, stone, stun, and bleeding along with a 99% HP drop. I think increasing the tickets by 2 is definitely not enough as a trade off to being able to save your party from a wipe, especially for random parties.
  4. Sleepy o/

    GMC DC Failsafe

    He's suggesting to make it so that the GMC return npc gives you 2 choices. "Return and use a ticket - 1 ticket spent" "Return to GMC dead - no tickets spent" So the people who DC can just use the 2nd option to enter, the people who want to fix a wipe would use the first option.
  5. Sleepy o/

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    Killing a Soccer Football Ball? Used both terms to not trigger any EU :thonk: Anyway we killed one of the soccer balls at Eden for fun, yes we're retards, everyone should know that by now ;D This ball has 1b hp. Took us around 1:30 I guess. We had Gospel, Drums, Ring of Nibel, and SP song to DS for free ;D Will post a video later on. Everyone who joined and watched the stream gets a Heartato That's you Fero
  6. Sleepy o/

    Nightmare's Rift: Road to Triumph

    My party for slot 5 pls!
  7. Sleepy o/

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    I was gonna bump soon, dammit kyu! *report post* Anyway, preparing for the guild's resurrection
  8. Sleepy o/

    Nightmare's Rift: Sword of Tomorrow

    Me and my party NotCH will join! 3rd slot pls 4pm. TY
  9. I like your variations of the MVP's name xD
  10. Sleepy o/

    Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    People actually signed up o/ Name: "CPR Happens"
  11. Hey GoldenCross. I feel your pain, really I do, the meta limitation is really crippling. I've done what people would suggest as a solution for this. "Make a guild and find people who resonate with your feelings" or join a guild. Here's a small testament to that hoping to inspire a bit: Nonsense that you don't have to read (probably just me bragging about the guild at this point): Sooo, I believe you can also do it. You can make a guild and do runs your way. Have fun with the game, make friends, troll each other, spam them pings on discord :PingSock:
  12. Sleepy o/

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

  13. Sleepy o/

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    But we're not recruiting D:
  14. Sleepy o/

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    There's not much to do/not much we have not done yet that's out of the ordinary and is worth posting here D: