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  1. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    Vanilla ET Completed We finally cleared vanilla et after like 5-6 tries? This run went like smoothly it was unbelievable, like it was unrest. The run took 2:30 with afk and derping around. I'll post the video here. I was told it would get deleted in 14 days ish so it'll be available until then. MINA PARTY: Stream VOD: Like and subscribe to Stella for more tro and CH stoof :3c
  2. We sorta finished vanilla ET :3c ran out of time at naght coz bunch of derps. Enjoy the video, follow the streamer if it helped you learn about Vanilla ET or you enjoyed it :3! (the streamer isn't me)


  3. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    Vanilla ET We did vanilla ET and managed to get to naght ! We ran out of time at the end though, if we had 10-15 mins more we would've been able to complete it. We plan to try again soon! For now here it is: Video: Follow https://twitch.tv/mckilly for more of our runs probably maybe, and so he can a get subscribe button :3c
  4. HELLO. May 13 slot 3 pls Party name: "Endless Tellar"
  5. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    Rift GMC Gardevoir 24 man rift Gardevoir. It was so fun and chaotic. SADLY though there wasn't a SUPER ELITE FINAL FORM GARDEVOIR. Video: Follow/Subscribe Mos for more shiet runs for CH :3c
  6. April 22 4pm ples for slep :3c
  7. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    We already did Linker ET: We can do Ninja ET, we already did Ninja tank ET We can do a DPS one if we have enough ninja players in the guild. I think we have 4 ninja players so far
  8. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    Full HP ET We did ET with only HP as damage(mostly). Holy Light and ME. Had to kill Crothen with sniper, 2 of our HPs had to leave :C Took us 3:30 damage was mainly HP, tried to not do anything as sniper as much as possible. Another one to the scrapbook
  9. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    Double GMC Saen We went in at the same time and succeeded on both parties. This is a good milestone I think! Not worth putting in the scrapbook though. VODs gonna be deleted anyway. Party 1 Party 2 Follow them for more CH content probably maybe! :3
  10. There's nothing stopping people from using Yggdrasil Seed
  11. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    Useless Shet ET We went with the most useless classes we could think of(also to leech chars). We brought the core classes though, Champ, Pally, HP, Sniper. Everyone else just had fun ;D It took 1:45 to finish the run. It was decent all things considered. We also got ok loots :3. Twitch VOD available until it gets taken down. Prob gonna last 2 months then it'll be invalid. I'll be too lazy to remove the video probably. SUBSCRIBE TO KILLY FOR MORE CH STREMES
  12. Hello again, we'd like to take Slot 6 instead for our americano members. Also we'll take 2 spots, we'll definitely have more than 12 people in our group. Thanks!
  13. We'll take both spots on slot 4 ples :3c
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