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  1. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

  2. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

    But we're not recruiting D:
  3. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

    There's not much to do/not much we have not done yet that's out of the ordinary and is worth posting here D:
  4. Back to RO

    Welcome to the server bro! Looking good btw. And good luck with the bard thing
  5. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

    Vanilla ET This is the guild's 2nd Vanilla ET, but this is much less of a fail than the first one, so it was worth remembering and even putting on the guild journal!
  6. XILLIA - 19.03.2k17 rip

  7. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

    Benedict Cumberbatch invades CH D;
  8. paladin is alright...

  9. My first experience in an English-speaking server

    Welcome!(Sorry for bad English) But seriously your English sounds awesome. Welcome to tRO! I'm new too btw. I just started 2 weeks ago o/
  10. Auto open next clicked shop

    right click on other peoples' shops or the current shop to close it
  11. A small update about @channelchats(main,recruit,market,etc.)

    Go on party or guild chat and that won't happen, no matter how much you spam. That's what I do for !refresh.
  12. Manuk/Niff Seals

    That should be good, but it has to use the mechanics of the halloween labyrinth, where only 1 member has to go in the chatroom and everyone else IN the party is warped in, the problem with niff and pront is that people outside of your party can get warped in too.
  13. Remove the DMG decrease on Bragi

    The intention is there, but the result came out different. Bragi just stopped existing altogether. Which, yes, did reduce the damage output. But it brought out undesirable results. Other DPS jobs stopped existing too. That's why there's usually a testing phase for most games. I think it's time to revert that change and move on. But keeping the bragi nerf for sharpshoot would be a good idea.
  14. Manuk/Niff Seals

    Pront has 5 mins, Niff has like 2 mins, Manuk has 1 min, Yuno has 2 mins. That means if you just spam the tomb on Manuk and not slack as the party leader, you can go in before the farmers. Camp the exit point at Prontera to see if the people inside Manuk seal are done.
  15. Remove the DMG decrease on Bragi

    Kruro Topic Starter