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  1. Pm me if you are interested
  2. Chizuru

    B> Stall of Angel Costume

    Offering 150m Do pm me if interested, or if you wish to offer
  3. Chizuru

    B > Odin's Blessing (+4 DEF) 16m

    Mail me or drop me a msg if interested
  4. Chizuru

    S > +7 Diablos Manteau [Sold]

    Sold in game
  5. Chizuru

    S > +7 Diablos Manteau [Sold]

  6. Chizuru

    S > +7 Diablos Manteau [Sold]

  7. Chizuru

    S > +7 Diablos Manteau [Sold]

    Hello everyone, i am selling these items +7 Diablos Manteau Do leave me a message or drop a reply here if you are interested so we can link up
  8. Hello! I am selling these items on vending @ pront mail Suiken TTT - 220m Dark Pinguicula Evil Wing Ears - 6.5m +10 blade [SG x 4] - 13m
  9. Hello everyone I am selling these following items! Suiken [TTT] - 225m Angel Wing Ears [Incubus] - 6.5m Evil Wing Ears [Dark Pinguicula] - 6.5m +4 Stone Buckler [GTB] - 21.5m I have placed these on vending @ pront mall labeled "SUPER SUPER SALE" too Please drop me a mail here if you wish to offer for any of the items above. IGN: ~*Marina*~
  10. Chizuru

    B> Jaguar Hat 10m []

    Please pm me ~*Sena*~ in game or leave a post here if interested
  11. Hello! Please leave your IGN or offer here if interested!
  12. Chizuru

    Closed :)

    Thank you
  13. Chizuru

    B> IP [D] / Dvest [%3ASPD], HOB

  14. Chizuru

    B> IP [D] / Dvest [%3ASPD], HOB