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  1. Pneuma

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    Hi TalonRO! GM Challenges: GM Haru - include any pastry lGN: Kees Nelis
  2. Pneuma

    Duo WERPA Leech

    today I used the services of these guys, now I understood where this experience came from XD when someday I will write to you again, once again many thanks to you) I recommend
  3. Pneuma

    Kees Nelis ArtShop [Closed]

    Hello IGN: Kees Nelis Normal 35m (without background) Chibi 25m
  4. Pneuma

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    IGN: Sidzyko and just bonus -
  5. Pneuma

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    IGN: ~Tsubasa Hanekawa~
  6. Pneuma

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    But background is not yours?
  7. Pneuma

    Art Contest: Christmas cards from TalonRO!

    IGN: ~Tsubasa Hanekawa~
  8. Pneuma

    Story Kirito

  9. Pneuma

    Story Kirito

    thanks )
  10. Pneuma

    Story Kirito

    first days on the TalonRO first card not in the subject but also my :3