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  1. First! darn. Happy New Years everyone! Be sure to check out the Taipei 101 fireworks if you're not shooting your own off!
  2. Where's all the immortal stews at (I'm talking to all you Filipinos!)
  3. DAY 4: Four Joyous Dice Rolls Feeling lucky? GM Aurelia and myself will be hosting Death Dice 2.1 rounds ingame. Bring yourself ready to be sacrificed. What is Death Dice? Death Dice is a game centered around the /dice command in game that rolls a die. Rolling the dice will generate a random number between one and six. Players select a room (1-4). If your number is called out, you move onto the next round! The remaining players will be murdered violently have to wait for the next round. When? December 18th - 8 AM server time December 18th - 2 PM server time December 19th - 11 AM server time December 19th - 5 PM server time Where? In-game! Look for the event announcement at the scheduled time. The portal will open in Payon!
  4. First And I've been waiting for this haha. Looking forward to it
  5. Here's what happened: Flamel wiping the floor with everyone for 20 minutes until a strategy was devised. I know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but I was quite jolly.
  6. Howl, dat vid. /omg But woooot. Can't wait for the events coming up
  7. If I may, they actually make our jobs way easier. It's actually the people that break these rules (especially the ones that think GMs are too busy hosting events to care about their rule-breaking). But all in all, yey for updates!
  8. Well as I can recall the main idea for support classes are "try not to die"? At least that's what it's like for trappers. I would suggest immunity to stun, freeze, and stone, like the post above me. High amounts of INT increases your mdef for magic damage done to you so int would be good In general it's good to have a CK and a toad valk shield to switch to. Sleips and proxy sound a bit better since proxy is easily swapped between other characters. If you wanted more demi human redux raydric would be good. Erm pcb is almost a must for vanilla as the other lower head gears don't really do much. They aren't needed but Bris's are pretty good for all around stats. Otherwise I'd personally take 2 accessories with erende ecebee and Smokie cards for pneumna and hide. That's just my opinion though. I know vanilla woe and unres are different by a long shot but I know the basics of keeping yourself alive are practically the same for support classes.
  9. Good luck with what you will pursue. We won't forget you If you ever need anything don't be afraid to drop a line. See you next time, Rainbow.
  10. Lol! Love the video. Had a good laugh. The part where you were all muted made me crack up haha.
  11. Novice Warfare: Abracadabra: Maze: GM/Reverse GM hide and seek: Let me know your thoughts. Sorry about the length. We have deathdice already. The maze event you're suggesting is pretty much here already with our Warp Maze event. (And Venture and Checkpoint if you'd count those) Death dice takes long enough as it already is. Using abracadabra or alternative dice rolls would probably make the event 2-3 hours long, which a lot of people don't have the patience for. Novice events have been done before. I'll keep it in mind, but the amount of people that would try to cheat their way past with uber equips would probably ruin the event. Though I'm looking at some of the posts on this topic, keeping some of them in mind
  12. That was just me giving him false hopes.
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