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  1. As the others here have said, people tend to recommend sniping suit because of Sharpshoot. Everything on a suit seems to have been designed around sharpshoot and which is why it’s become a staple of snipers. Plus, with the new Bragi Rework it’ll be even more useful since the meta will probably shift towards using SS as a damage source over DS (though only time will tell really, as max range has its pros as well).
  2. Maddog accessories are vital unless you want to buy slims lol. If I were to say which item to go for next, I'd go for the GTB. You can use it on all your characters, really. I bring a GTB wherever I go. If I know the EQ timers then I swap to it on sniper so that I don't die (given that there's not enough room and I have to be close enough to be hit by EQ). TGK is pretty much an essential item for devo as well, but I think you can pot through it for now?
  3. I use a pharoah card on my sniper on runs and solo farming for reduced SP costs. On higher-level runs we also go with Clown/Gypsy duet, and the gypsy flashes that SP song on the party. Like what others have said, with GEC and a pharoah, you'll basically never run out of SP. Plus if you have an Osiris accessory, just walk off stack and die. Free HP/SP lol I have thought about this before, but no matter the class you would lose all of the more practical things and/or damage to make up for the perks of having 100% SP cost redux.
  4. I do all of my farming with a sniper personally. With a rental ballista and basic mid-tier gear you can farm in a lot of places really. But I'd personally go with sniper because you can keep gearing it and use it for high-end PVM down the road. There's always spots for snipers on runs as well. Snipers don't have the greatest weight limit, but they can do some amazing damage. The ability to swap arrows means that you'll never have to endow yourself and have buffslaves and whatnot. Since they stack dex, it's great in conjunction with a Joker carded accessory, since even if it's level 1 Steal, you'll still have great success with it (depending on what you're farming of course). They don't have an amazing HP pool and their skills are SP heavy for the most part, but with traps and the right arrows you can tackle almost anything solo. I'm really biased towards snipers though. I know everyone and their mother has a stalker or LK to farm with on Talon and always tells me I'm wrong for saying sniper is the best farming class...but meh, play what you like to play. Every class has their ups and downs. Probably the worst thing about snipers is towards the end-game they can get ridiculously expensive to gear (Artemis Bow, Valk Helm, Sleipnir, Bris). But sniping suits are on an all-time low right now too. There was a time they were like 12m+ a pop.
  5. HAHA yeah...I originally geared my pally because the guild that I had didn't have a dedicated pally for ET, so I poured my bank into making one that could carry. I think I actually tried making a solo build..I found a tamruan bradium shield in my storage, but I think I gave up after making that ahaha. Thanks for supplying this guy with more information that I don't have any experience in
  6. Welcome back to the server! I think I just responded to your question regarding pally builds elsewhere on the forums~ I actually started here on 2011, used to be in Panda Squad (if you're an older player you're probably gonna recognize that guild name haha). If you need anything just ask! The Eden Group is something you should consider checking out. It's one of the newest additions to the server, and replaced the Hunting Board Quests. It provides a lot of things to do, and items to obtain (most popular seems to be infinite flywing).
  7. After breaking hundreds of hoods trying to get a +9...there probably isn't a ritual I haven't tried. I remember I used to think using a consumable would help reset RNG lol.
  8. Honestly, I have never played a pally that isn't built for Devo. Since you're also asking for advice for Devo pally, I can supply my build, at least. Kaho (For the dex and int) Dark Illusion Int Mid (For the combo + int) Spiked Scarf (For the vit) TGK Ebone (Most people use orleans instead, but Aegis has a bonus that does the same thing) Weapon (I use a dual fabre Red Square Bag for the swag, but most people just go for quad fabre mace or an enchanted Kris) GTB/Alice Shields (Apart from Aegis shields, GTB can go in anything really, Alice is generally put in a valk shield) Lord of Death Naght Manteau (That's just what I use, but LOD is what's usually used) Dark Lord Sleips (The sleipnirs add HP by themselves, along with the card) Hell Poodle Ring/Dring (That's just what I use, obviously bris is super-endgame, but Ring or Dring is good enough) Stats: 100 total int max vit (multiple of 5) 30ish str (for weight limit) rest dex (Cast time for devo and yggdrasil leaves) There are different builds for pally too, there's: And, although I can't find it anymore, there's an alternative build for devo pally that uses Bascojin carded int mid and valkyrie helm that allows the pally to heal itself instead of spamming meats or slims. Hope that helps you a little bit. Pally is fun to play. With a geared and skilled champ leading the party, it can be pretty crazy watching your DPS classes shred the HP of your opponents down
  9. Yeah this is useful for those who use McAfee. I was so glad that mine expired LOL, it's super annoying that it false-positives RO as a trojan. Thanks for posting the guide!
  10. GM Azul

    Ancient Tower MVPs

    Ooh good job on this. I believe Lance has future plans for the event, but it's nice that you created a guide for the AT. I'm sure @GM Lance would be impressed to see someone put in work to provide the community with a rough guide of sorts.
  11. Back when I used to farm stings there would be weeks where I would get several and months where I'd get absolutely nothing. It's normal, just pray to RNGesus before you farm and hope for the best. If you're looking for things to farm, there are places like sleepers that drop raw zeny instead, so don't get your hopes up, it'll drop someday. On the brightside, at least you're not farming for cards, because farming for cards is the absolute worst feeling when you don't get anything after a month of killing the same mob over and over.
  12. Hmm the first large sum of money I made I used it on my favorite character that could also farm, the Sniper. I geared it up just enough to be able to to high-end, and built around that as time went on. Once I geared him up enough, I moved onto another character, geared him up fully, then moved onto a character for WoE. And so on. Currently working on the SQI for my clown in preparation for Iduna (since the SQI ings are going up in price these days). Whatever works for you in the end. I personally don't really use costumes all that much, so I've never seen value in them. I've always believed that gearing a class you enjoy playing is what is most important, but it's important to have a means to farm zeny when you have to. Coincidentally, my favorite class and my main farming class is the Sniper (I don't have a stalker at all lol). It's really up to you in the end what you do with your zeny
  13. First! darn. Happy New Years everyone! Be sure to check out the Taipei 101 fireworks if you're not shooting your own off!
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