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  1. Melee characters tend to be a little more difficult to get the grasp of. I mean when they work they’re great. As far as I know, defense works just fine. Maybe you could give us an idea of your stat build and where you’re leveling at? If I remember correctly there are multiple choices for eden quests, so you don’t have to choose the one you’d obviously have a disadvantage tackling. There’s also the option to go with a friend and get it accomplished that way. Also you shouldn’t really be spending zeny on potions. Most (if not all) players use Meat and Grape juice for pots. Meats can be bought to the left of the spawn in izlude, and you can get discounts buying them using a merchant class with level 10 discount. Grape juice requires a quest and buying grapes and empty bottles at shops, but buying them from vendors using the @ws and @sj commands works just as well. Since you’re already job 45 just go for Knight and Bowling Bash things. More than half of the sleeper farmers are knights (other half being stalker). I’ve personally tested eden with a swordsman and another GM has tested it with a Merchant of all things. We got through it fine. All that said, my main is sniper. Snipers can do anything :3. I don’t really play melee characters, but it’s not like I haven’t tried it myself. So just work hard at it. If anything you can use @main and check it out. There are a couple guides on the forums as well to give you a leg up. It’s kind of old but I remember a guide written by Camel (CavalierAmelia), I’ll pull it up sometime later (I’m on a phone, a little difficult to switch between tabs). Also, I’m 100% sure defense works the way it should, as tanks will build to 99+ hard defense and that hasn’t changed.
  2. GM Azul


    Hey Stephen! Welcome to TalonRO and welcome back after such a long break! (We've all been there hahaha) I started playing around the same time too, but like you didn't make it that far. I have a couple friends from Canada as well who play, although many of the ones I know are from Vancouver. Glad to have you aboard! Hope to see you in-game sometime!
  3. GM Azul

    New to TalonRO

    Welcome to the server, Death Hand! Glad to have you back on board, and I'm sorry about the loss from your old server. If you're looking for people to play with feel free to check the guilds section of the forum for any guilds that are recruiting. There are a fair number of social guilds that I'm sure would love to have you. Hope to see you in-game sometime!
  4. GM Azul

    Good Places to mob for hunter?

    Hmm, I don't have much experience with trapper snipers. Have you considered Thanatos Tower 6? I don't know if you can solo there as a trapper but it's worth a shot? However I'm pretty sure I've seen some people farm there once in a while. The Ayothaya dungeon quest isn't too hard, but I don't know how good the EXP is as by the time I was farming there I was already maxed out on my sniper and farming Straw Baskets for SQI ings. It's worth doing though, anyways. (Honestly just throwing an idea out there, I don't know if it'll be of any use to you but if I can think of anywhere else I'll post back here?)
  5. GM Azul

    Question for pro players

    Wouldn't change a thing. Join a guild that focuses on PVM, as that's where a lot of the "rich" people tend to be, and together with the other newbs, work together to reach your goal. It was never how fast I got rich, it was the fun I had doing it.
  6. GM Azul

    SQI Ingredient farming?

    Once upon a time I sold farming services to make my zeny. I personally used a Sniper with a joker/creamy clip swap. I'm sure others will argue that it isn't exactly optimal, but as Sniper is my favorite class, it works for me. I would suggest instead of asking what is the most popular items to farm for, I would create a thread or !market something along the lines of "S>SQI ing farming services" and see what pops up. What would be the best question for you to find an answer for is the current price ranges for the items. I haven't played in some time so I'm probably wrong on prices, but I used to sell straw baskets for 8,000 and stuff like old frying pans for 4000-5000. There are people who will overload the market with OP crap, like whoever it was vending straw baskets for 28,000...and people would still buy them. It's crazy. Though to sort of answer your question, Evangelist, Artemis, and Staff of Magi bonuses are quite popular, and if you're a long time player there's no need to tell you which ones people always go for. Claw of monkey is always expensive due to low spawn rate, high competition, and limited farming areas. Straw baskets tend to be expensive as well, due to needing a quest to enter Ayothaya Dungeon. If I could add anything, get a lower or a hat that auto-drops things, like Wine Cup lower or Thanksgiving Hat. In addition to farming your item, you're also farming things by chance that will increase your overall income. I used a TTT Artemis with SS build to farm. It's really up to you, but snipers can change elements at will, so they're more flexible for everything you'll be farming. The only problem is Sniper gear tends to be extremely expensive.
  7. GM Azul

    Clown's Optimum INT [PvM]

    Although I haven't played for a while, when I did we had completely done away with the clown and replaced it with more DPS instead. With a large amount of gear, parties generally don't really need the aftercast reduction since everyone uses DS now for their main source of DPS. If I did take one though, it would be 100 int, 110 with bless maximum. Although I'll say gypsy + clown combo's are amazing. Sub 1-minute ET floor 100's are amazing to do
  8. GM Azul

    Super Novice melee

    I'm pretty sure he's using that card instead of gloom since the dark attack that is used in geff gets negated. The shield he uses is probably just for extra defense from mobs, since the armor does what the GTB would have done for him. Ifrit bris would provide more stats than just straight damage. Since SN's tend to be a squisher class, I can see why he would choose to use that. (May have gotten a couple things wrong, hopefully not. Not a SN player myself)
  9. GM Azul

    GLOOM stacks with Bapho?

    I believe it does. I've seen many DBSS (Doppel, Bapho, Incant Samurai x2) orcish axes on market, at least when vampsmiths were a thing. Not much of a whitesmith player though, nor have I found a use for incant samurai cards. I've always been a TG guy anyways. In regards to the TalonRO Calculator though, the calc isn't managed by the staff of the server so if you'd like those kinks worked out you'll have to contact the one who created the calculator, or wait for him to find time to work on it.
  10. GM Azul

    New World Hunting

    I guess the real question here is are you farming or are you grinding? Either way, as others have suggested, beast strafe is amazing, although I only really find it helpful for the splendide fields. Its use isn't quite as good in the manuk fields. I suggest that you take Ankle Snare and Charge Arrow as well. For the splendide fields take Fire arrows and DS everything. You could take BS as well, although that requires a dualed account with the Hunter Link as well as a re-allocation of your stats. Though take care that you don't get anywhere near the nagas as they will one-shot you with their spear boomerang. I've never found a use for BS in the Manuk and El Dicastes fields though. The manuk fields is mainly DS, and as for the bradium golems I suggest stacking crit and using sharp shoot. They're slow and have a ton of defense, so even if you were to use DS, your damage on them would be lack-luster at best.
  11. A strong DPS burst class...You could try looking at High Wizard maybe, or Lord Knight. However getting to that point where will you be doing loads amount of damage in a short amount of time takes quite a few number of gears. Another choice may be Assassin Cross or Whitesmith (especially whitesmith). Although they tend to take quite some spare change to gear, I've seen Whitesmiths wreck everything with their cart termination skill. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Classes You could get a quick looksee here. Just ignore the things that this server doesn't provide such as third jobs, Eden Quests, and the like. If you find a job that you like, you can look through the in-depth guides and the like around the forum and on our wiki. Or you could just ask here again.
  12. GM Azul

    A guide to duets (Clown and Gypsy for PvM)

    I just used this in my ET an hour ago. It's so freaking good. We finished in just a little over 2 hours. Party setup was: Tank, Snipers, HW, Clown, Gypsy, Bio, HPs, SL x2 With the bard link the clown and gypsy were amazing. And with no reduced attack from Bragi, it made our damage look insane with no damage nerf and buffed damage from Nibel. Good job. You can rest assured that I have changed my views on Gypsy being a "non-viable" high-end PVM class, and has made me want to make a Gypsy.
  13. GM Azul

    Devotion Paladin Help

    To be really brief, I've heard of two main devo pally builds. One of which is the one I use, the other similar to the one shown above. Mine stacks for HP as usual, put both my GTB and Alice in aegis shields and rely on meats and condensed whites to tank damage. However, the cast time redux build restricts your healing to the skill of Heal and condensed whites. My current build is as follows, but it's a bit overkill for what you want your pally for, honestly: Kaho DI INT Mid Spiked Scarf TGK Orleans Vit +3 (replacing with something else) Quad fabre mace GTB + Alice Aegis shields with bonuses (Uninterruptable Cast, Indestructible, Full HP/SP on res, 10% increase healing power) LOD Naght Flame Manteau DL SLeips Maddog drings EK has a really wondergul guide about the other build that has been mentioned here, but it requires just as much build as mine does. No matter what you choose, just think about it, or ask us again. Happy to help players interested in one of my most favorite classes to play.
  14. GM Azul

    sniper 79 to 99 help

    I leveled up a majority of my 84ish sniper to 97ish farming stuff at Splendide and Manuk with Beast strafe and the right arrows. Beast Strafe is insane. But please don't endow yourself unless its for farming. I still feel that snipers who endow themselves are throwing out the whole mechanic of swappable elemental arrows out the window.
  15. GM Azul

    Sniper Gear (i know again? but hear me out)

    It's generally said that "The bow makes the sniper". The damage that the Artemis brings to parties and soloing alike are both incredible. Although you're probably not ready to purchase a 280m+ weapon, you seem to have the right idea. Generally, I would rush GEC shoes, going on to Kavach Icarus Skin of Ventoss and a kaho. A blank sniping suit without a card is better than anything else for a sniper really (at the beginning). I'll share parts of my build, modified a bit to be effective in the current meta of high-end PVM, but to each his/her own! This isn't the best build nor is it the worst. If you do need help try and find me in game or send me a message. Uppers: Gryphon Valk Helm + Kaho Mids: Gryphon, BK agi mid, Pharoah int mid, Orc Lord, Marduk mids Lowers: PCB or Vajra Armors: Gloom/Marc sniping suits, ktullanux Fire Armor Manteaus: +9 Chung E Hood Shoes: GEC Sleipnirs, Mystell Sleipners Accessories: Sting Bris, Osiris Bris While above is my personal build, a stepping stone, in my opinion, might look a little something like this: Kaho Gryphon or BK Agi Mid Pirate Dagger Sniping Suit +9 Chung E hood GEC Bunny Slippers Creamy Clip, joker clip The thing I love about snipers is there are so many roads you can take with it. My personal advice is to find a place where you can make zeny and farm until you get enough gear to farm without losing much, and work higher towards your end goals. GEC Bunny Slippers > Kaho > Deviling/Kavach Icarus Skin of Ventoss,>Gloom Sniping Suit >>>(to whatever you feel is the next logical step)