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  1. Hey guys, I'm lvl 95 champ and I've been farming at sleepers since lvl 80 monk. I'm currently getting 250-300 GN per hour.. The problem is, I'm bored at it and want to try something else... My current Gear: Kaho StrMid[bloody knight] C.bubblegum SilkRobe[1]Dex+3 SB[Penomena] Stunner[2x pecopeco egg] Hood[Deviling] Shoes[GEC] 2x Celebration Ring I have around 40m and trying to save it for Suiken/GEC Sleipnir, so I can join those who MvPs,ET,GMC etc.. Should I stay in sleepers until I get those Gears? or Is there any alternative for champ to farm? Thanks In advance.
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