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  1. A typical day at Louyang. ??? Novice event! Killing Beelze for the first time ever! The best MVP sign ever. One of epic Aesir woes. Halloween event. 12 Pharaoh's got spawned. GM korpy! ...and last something really old. (It's too small though :< ) I have a lot more but they're lost somewhere.
  2. There's a difference between criticism and just being plain rude and arrogant.
  3. AHAHAH, Stef that's brilliant! GM's should use that instead!
  4. Let's see your drawing of a semi realistic face and I'll give you "feedback" too, lol.
  5. Okay, finally done with mine! *-* Edit: The knight riding the peco is so cute! Bigger one: Click
  6. Aurora


    This better be another bad April Fools joke! I wish. You were the best GM, Dee! I hope you'll be back some day. /lv
  7. He enjoyed it! But, wow! Thanks Grats to others too!
  8. [me=Aurora]wonders if she's going to be the only one participating. [/me] Anyways, I had this idea of making my cat, Memmo a Jakk suit for Halloween. The pics aren't that great because Memmo didn't want to cooperate. Everything's made by me. Took a few hours. /shy
  9. Becca you're welcome here any time you want. ;D /com
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