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  1. bluesclues1

    Carding a Sherwood Bow

    hi there, im not a pro stalker but the main reason for using Thanatos card is mainly because most stalkers grind at geffenia and monsters there specifically buses has a lot of def to crack. I can also say that TTTh sherwood is specialized bow intended only for geffenia (pro stalkers: please correct me if im wrong). therefore, using TThK is also viable everywhere but since it has Th card in it, i think another T in replace of Th would be better. again, im not a pro stalker, just trying to share my 2 cents. 😊
  2. bluesclues1

    Questions about SN in General

    cheers! 😁
  3. bluesclues1

    Questions about SN in General

    hi there, i know its been 2 months since this thread was posted. anyway, about your question (2) i think i might share a video on this which i just made earlier. i know this is an end-game farming, but anyhow, it might help a bit for fellow SN lovers out there. I do't know if it answers your question (3) with these, but still, just willing to share πŸ˜ƒ credit to @Jailbroken who taught me to farm in jupe with my WS. @A i m e r for helping me in the entrance quest (my tab key is broken) 😁
  4. bluesclues1

    B> Novice Shield

  5. bluesclues1

    B> Novice Shield

    +8 or +9 only, clean or with alice or penomena pm me here, thanks
  6. bluesclues1

    A suggestion edit to my current Vampsmith build

    😊 1. its your call if that suits you. 2. thanks for the info, i personally didn't used ed armor yet that's why i asked for correction. 3. its up to you if you want it 99 for much higher hp pool, but 97 vit is enough considering pseudo status immunity, juat pointed that out if you want to offset some status points to other stats. 4. yes, you will not miss since your using 2 vanberks specifically when it procs. but same as in point 3, so juat to throw other stat points to other stats. anyhow, at the end of the day, what suits you best and enjoying the matters most. cheers! 😊
  7. bluesclues1

    Low damage from Nifl monsters?

    as reclusio has said, those are neutral
  8. bluesclues1

    Low damage from Nifl monsters?

    yes it sure is, it will nulify undead property attacks as well such as dark breath, dark soul strike, etc. (correct me with the skills) XD
  9. bluesclues1

    Low damage from Nifl monsters?

    yes you can heal and buffs yourself with bathory armor.
  10. can also add meelee SN in odin 2 like im doing, with a high chance of getting earring [1] within a limited time of 2 hours (sometimes an hour or less) of farming everyday, though sometimes it takes 3 hrs XD
  11. bluesclues1

    Sale Vamp smith

    what items still available oh sorry this was last years. XD my bad
  12. bluesclues1

    B> OVH [gryphon]

    please drop me a pm for offer. tnx
  13. bluesclues1

    B> Alice Valk Shield

  14. bluesclues1

    T> Sherwood [TTTh] to Arty [TTT] + Zenies

    Mail me IGN : -eagle EYE cherry-