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  1. bluesclues1

    S/T > SN set (SOLD)

    BoA still available?
  2. bluesclues1

    S> +5 Blade of Angels

    is this still available? thanks,
  3. bluesclues1

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    well, what more can i say, alot of people already testifies how good these people are. so pro, service is smoother and faster than expected.. again, thank you guys and kudos to all of you! 😁 Abby Cadabby
  4. bluesclues1

    B> +10 mace quad dracula card

    offer here pls Thanks,
  5. bluesclues1

    Sale Vamp smith

    what items still available oh sorry this was last years. XD my bad
  6. bluesclues1

    B> OVH [gryphon]

    please drop me a pm for offer. tnx
  7. bluesclues1

    B> Alice Valk Shield

  8. bluesclues1

    T> Sherwood [TTTh] to Arty [TTT] + Zenies

    Mail me IGN : -eagle EYE cherry-
  9. bluesclues1

    Stalker - Lower Damage

    what does that mean?
  10. bluesclues1

    The Yule Ball Encore - You're Invited!

    ready to fall in love tonight - joey fatone