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  1. Name: bloodring / vampiring Appearance: blood-red poring Drops: Crystal of Darkness (7799), Fragment of Darkness (7798), Animal Gore (702), Blood Flavored Soda (12099), Bloody Branch (12103), Backstory: at the event of the ressurection of satan morroc, a lone poring survived. However, it was corrupted by the power of satan of morroc. Now mutated, it teleports around midgard, causing rumors of a bloodthirsty poring. Name: Sproutring Appearance: Green color with sprout on top Drops: Aloe (704), Hinalle (703), Ment (708), Illusion Flower (710), Yggdrasil Leaf (610), Yggdrasil seed (608), Fancy Flower (2207), Romantic Flower (2269) Backstory: A poring who eats a yggdrasil tree seed, and somehow a plant begin to sprout on top of it. IGN: gizel
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