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  1. rhysm1234

    bio end-game gears

    wow!!! Thank you very much for the great tips, hazelae!! You gave me many ideas that Ive never thought of! Ill see what I can do Your equip window is very cute btw.
  2. rhysm1234

    bio end-game gears

    Hello Talonians! Im thinking about gears for bio Id like to go Seals and GMCs with my bio but idk what gears is the best Should I go INT for maximizing AD damage? or balance with DEF so that I can survive longer? Please tell me what u think is the best end-game equips for bio Id appreciate your suggestions
  3. rhysm1234

    The Great Halloween Treat Off!

    Happy Haloween, TalonRO! Here is my treat for TalonRO kids! These are pretty easy to make. So everyone can try! Lets begin! Treats For BOYS: "Choco-EntWeihen Crothen" 400g Chocolate 100g White Chocolate 100g Cookies Black Chocolate Pen Green Chocolate Pen 4Mashmarrows A cup of coffee 1.Break Cookies into pieces 2.Soak Cookies with a cup of coffee (so that pieces can stick together) 3.Place on the plate as Tree-like shape 4.Melt Chocolate with warm water(40-50degrees) 5.Place it on coffee-soaked cookies and make it cool in the regregirator 6.Melt White Chocolate and draw boned body on the branch 7.Cut mashmarrows into Skul-shape 8.Draw Face with a black chocolate pen 9.Stick them together with melted chocolate 10.Decolate ivies with green chocolate pen DONE! Treats For GIRLS: "An-Jelly-ing" 250ml any juice that is red or pink (but not tomato juice because as you can see below, you will get a little cream on it) 5g powdered gelatine 100ml foamed cream 1.Prepare little round-shape bowl, fill it with any juice 2.Melt gelatine with hot water(85degrees) 3.Mix 1and2 4.Put it in regregirator and wait till it gets set 5.Decolate with foamed cream so you can see it as Angeling Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy mine!