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  1. Dyma

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

    Hi, can u do +3 str chant to diab armor?
  2. Dyma

    Farming as a Paladin

    Link, Gec, rental brocca, bradium shield(tamruan card), full str and agi, so u can farm sleepers n goats with shield bum. Shoot faat before sleeps use defender. U can use ice pick too, with it and rental brocca u can go to new world to farm bradium golems and tatatoches.
  3. Dyma

    Auto-attack / Bapho LK query

    For farming u can use meat ( weights 2) for hp restoration, and grape juice (it is 160z on market) for sp. If u can get gec shoes (13-14m on market) u can bb without any sp items. And u cant use wamp krasnaya in berzerk mode.
  4. Dyma

    Kiel proc chance

    Bapho splash dmg does not increase with cards that gives +% dmg (hydra,scaraba,turtle etc). U can add some dmg to splash by using incarnation samurai card.