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  1. sorry for taking forever pretty sloppy work too... @Yukimura @Sigheart i tried out a color palette (http://fallenzephyrart.tumblr.com/image/89575614692 why can't i hyperlink askjdfls) using the numbers chosen, but i switched the numbers so the colors actually matched the characters LOL
  2. awh my SL turned out perfectly, yuren! thank you for drawing him
  3. eh i'll just close this now before i neglect it completely lmao the winners are... thanks to those who participated
  4. minii

    Himitsu |

    aaaaaaa thank you for drawing my hwiz!! your sketches are so neat and thanks for adding the devil whisper, rms doesnt seem to have the sprite and im not very far in this server for a proper screenshot that kitty border on the paper is really cute too LOL
  5. minii

    Himitsu |

    me too? would be great if you can add devil whisper too
  6. aaaaa sorry, im setting commissions aside for a few weeks...maybe... im leaving the giveaway opened until then just so it's not completely dead haha (although it doesn't look like anyone else will join in )
  7. MIG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i absolutely adore him!! i love the color palette and how much thought you put into the pose based on his description/personality payment sent too! thank you!!
  8. thank you, sig! im so sorry, but this shop is closed for commissions at the moment!! however, i am gonna try out a raffle since they seem fun so...!! RAFFLE!! choose a number between 1-100 the more people who enter, the more chances to win 1 - 20 entries = 1 winner 21 - 40 entries = 2 winners 41 - 60 entries = 3 winners 61 - 80 entries = 4 winners 81 - 100 entries = 5 winners READ CAREFULLY and check the first post for numbers taken!! if you choose a number that has already been taken, i will not let you know and will not add you to the list until you choose a different number. of course, everyone is welcome to help each other out and let someone know if they have chosen a number already taken it's a high quota (and there's no way im reaching 100 looool), so raffle will be opened until i feel like drawing again, which could mean a few days or a few months WHO KNOWS type of drawing/style has not been decided yet, and may not be the same for everyone if multiple winners i will use a random number generator until i land on someone's number if you entered for the sake of getting more entries but not really interested in getting art, you can pass it off to someone else of your choice if you win good luck! all this is repeated in the first post, and numbers will be updated there too
  9. im so glad!! thank you for commissioning me (and probably not a good idea to quote me because i keep noticing mistakes after uploading LMAO SORRY) oh good! no problem, i just wasn't sure if you caught the update! thank you!! it makes me happy people are interested
  10. ooh, you have a really nice style going on there i don't see a slot limit, so is there a chance i can get on that waitlist?
  11. colored busts done \o/ @Stell~ @Aryll high res will be sent after payment to mintea
  12. added! please PM me your refs
  13. thank you so much, you beautiful souls my heart is elated im glad you guys like them, thank you for commissioning me! opening 2 slots for bust shots only can be colored or inked!
  14. time to repeat myself THANK YOU FOR DRAWING MY BABY!!! totally considering keeping him as a warlock that looks like a wiz now...and i didn't expect you to keep the stars thing inside his cape, but it looks really nice when you do it maybe i have to keep that too LH looks sparklingly fabulous as usual!! have fun with your shop
  15. i'll take soul linker then? you're improving so fast, and it's really awesome to see
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