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  1. Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Best. Customer. Service. Ever. Thank you, Saen! Where's a clapping emoticon when you need one?
  2. Idea to fix the Geffenia problem

    Um guys... why revive this 1.5 year old thread? There's no other comment since July 22, 2016 plus it's already been declined.
  3. Empyrean [ Social / PvM ] [ CLOSED ]

    @Cassidyoh thanks! I do love sweets! most especially Oreos
  4. Empyrean [ Social / PvM ] [ CLOSED ]

    Hello Empyrean!
  5. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    My eyes have been blessed! Beautiful work, Fumi! Amii, Aspartame and the GMs look absolutely breath taking!
  6. Pneuma ArtShop [Closed]

    your art!
  7. TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    There are a LOT of Shadow, Holy, Angel and Demon property monsters. You can find them in Thana, DG, Odin, Abyss, Splendide, Biolabs, Niff, Abbey, GH, Magma Dungeon, Kiel Hyre to name a few. It's my default unless I know I need Unfro SS. Otherwise, it's Abyss SS all the way. But if you're only starting, then I wouldn't prioritize Gloom.
  8. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    But the topic here is "SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia". Anyone with above average gears can farm in Geffenia. However, this discourse is about maximizing earnings or specifically, earning 4.5M an hour.
  9. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    6 Choco Chaud
  10. And the lucky number is... [Week 3]

    Guys, please read the first post.
  11. Christmas Cards Winners!

    Sorry, I just can't anymore with these apostrophe catastrophes
  12. Did you actually browse the Archer subforum prior to posting your topic?