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  1. 😵 dead Why are you so good? I can't wait for you to draw my other characters!
  2. Fumi, can I please get a slot? Your art is delicious! 🍭
  3. I've updated the wiki with the changes and additions. Please post if there are any more new NPCs to find, items to gather and monsters to hunt so I (and others) can keep updating it.
  4. Best. Customer. Service. Ever. Thank you, Saen! Where's a clapping emoticon when you need one?
  5. Or they have a Missy mid which nullifies the gemstone requirement Still... that card costs a pretty penny. If you're one of these warpers, If you're a troll warper... ehem... go away, ktnx!
  6. GM Howl's post included the end date August 1 to September 21 Definitely more than 22 days!
  7. @Ellie Valentine please add 75 Acorns to gather 100 Asters to kill
  8. Updated the wiki page to reflect this year's game play changes
  9. There are 2 new GM Challenges to be implemented, which may also mean new boxes? New rewards? The Amazing Summer Race is also about to happen. Keep your eyes peeled because it might start sooner than you think. Ingame events are also frequently held. Have you joined these? Maybe wait for the server reboot (tomorrow?) to see what the GMs have up their sleeves.
  10. I found this: "Party Play just got a huge new upgrade in the Leradrir Patch! We've increased the party share range from 15 to 20 levels, so you can enjoy the fun of leveling up with more friends. Furthermore, we're also raising the additional EXP gained in party play from 8% more EXP to 15% more EXP per additional party member! That way the larger the party, the better the EXP will be! Check out all of these new features below!"
  11. Hmmm... you spent 50M on Gift Boxes because you were after a card worth 1.7M zeny/5 TCs? I'm nonplussed!
  12. gears were shown - 1:55
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