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  1. -Sugar-

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Best. Customer. Service. Ever. Thank you, Saen! Where's a clapping emoticon when you need one?
  2. -Sugar-

    Idea to fix the Geffenia problem

    Um guys... why revive this 1.5 year old thread? There's no other comment since July 22, 2016 plus it's already been declined.
  3. -Sugar-

    Empyrean [ Social / PvM ] [ CLOSED ]

    @Cassidyoh thanks! I do love sweets! most especially Oreos
  4. -Sugar-

    Empyrean [ Social / PvM ] [ CLOSED ]

    Hello Empyrean!
  5. -Sugar-

    █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    My eyes have been blessed! Beautiful work, Fumi! Amii, Aspartame and the GMs look absolutely breath taking!
  6. -Sugar-

    Pneuma ArtShop [Closed]

    your art!
  7. -Sugar-

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    There are a LOT of Shadow, Holy, Angel and Demon property monsters. You can find them in Thana, DG, Odin, Abyss, Splendide, Biolabs, Niff, Abbey, GH, Magma Dungeon, Kiel Hyre to name a few. It's my default unless I know I need Unfro SS. Otherwise, it's Abyss SS all the way. But if you're only starting, then I wouldn't prioritize Gloom.
  8. -Sugar-

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    But the topic here is "SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia". Anyone with above average gears can farm in Geffenia. However, this discourse is about maximizing earnings or specifically, earning 4.5M an hour.
  9. -Sugar-

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    6 Choco Chaud
  10. -Sugar-

    And the lucky number is... [Week 3]

    Guys, please read the first post.
  11. -Sugar-

    Christmas Cards Winners!

    Sorry, I just can't anymore with these apostrophe catastrophes
  12. Did you actually browse the Archer subforum prior to posting your topic?