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  1. Mercer

    Crusader Help

    GC sader should level in orc dun 2 till level 75. Get 90+ int and 60 vit before moving to raydrics. minimum equipment required for a GC sader to survive in raydrics are: poopoo hat or Beret or feather beret Thara carded shield or buckler vali mantue GEC boots are a big + rest is optional. Main Skills which many people miss for GC sader are: endure 10 riding 1 Divine Protection 7 How to play in raydrics: GC sader is like a mage not a tank. Sader has to move>GC>Heal>move>GC. Better you time your GC better your game play will be. Always keep Assump up on sader. Enjoy
  2. Mercer

    Crusader/Pally Guidance on Finance

    If i were you i would: Top Headgear - Magni's Cap (tanking), Feather beret (GC) Mid Headgear - Fin Helm (slotted str with dark illu) Lower Headgear - Iron Cain Armor - +4 Odin's Blessing [Cornutus] for raydric, AK farming, +7 odins [bathry card] nameless tanking, +7 odins [pasna card] for thors, tao armor rsx armor for MVP Weapon - Haedonggum(+atk card or +int card), Bazerald or Excalibur (for GC). Dont spend much on weapon doesnt effect damage much. For tanking fortune sword is good cheap choice. 4xfabre carded weapon is better if you have 2 Hell Poodle Accessories Sheild: buckler [thara card] (GC), buckler [Hodremlin card] (tanking), For MVPing> Stone buckler[GTB], Valk shield[Alice] Garment - Vali's Manteau>diablo mant [deviling card] Footgear - atleast +5 Boots [GEC] (GC/Tanking) > boots [Dark lord card] (Tanking) Accessory: 2x earring (GC), teleport clip, safety ring, osiris carded clip, 2xrosary [Hell Poodle card] or 2xnecklace [Hell Poodle card]
  3. for ET/GMC tanking you need GTB shield / Alice shield Dark lord boots + dark illu mid head Tao, fire, shadow, marc, rsx armors