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  1. Tamtam maps. Anubies and new world maps.
  2. Mercer


    Get max aspd as possible. 30 to 40 Base luck. Even with blitz build you will still want damage from bow so around 80 Base dex round off total dex to multiple of 10.
  3. Mercer


    3. So your not interested in how Ragnarok is supposed to be i.e. farm and hunt for supplies. You dont want player to play the game just BG pvp. Making pvm more rewarding without harming economy is the best way to improve the server. Thats sad to hear you will kill the server with this attitude. .4 Great you dont know how woe maps are supposed to work and your happy how they are. Great! Woe maps are not for bg is that to hard to understand? Your replies are Duh! noob like. Someone who has no common sense, no interest in game or how to improve it. RIP
  4. Mercer


    3. Well i didnt say remove supplies completly. I ment class specific supplies for zenny. Player doesnt have to buy them. In this game playing means farming. And we want player to play right? Sure its a zenny sink but its good for server .Improve rewards from bg and advertise to all server when match starts. Im sure more will join and fights will get more intense. 4. Woe maps are for seiging not pvp the fight is too slow paced for BG. Woe maps were made in such a way that one team would defend against all guilds on server. So maps were easier to defend. Its too much walking for attacking team. And Woe maps are for team fights but in BG its random players. Its hard to explain to someone who hasn't seiged on well populated server.
  5. Mercer


    1. When BG starts it should be announced to all the server. 2. BG ranking or point system according to class should be implemented to improve the teams balancing. 3. Some kind of PVM farm incentive to every class. So gems traps etc should be removed except pots. Memonite cost should be reduced to like 200z for BG. Swordie class should get lower pots but should be able to buy extra pots for zeny. Same with sinx and creator should be able to buy edp pots and demo bottles for zenny. 4. Woe maps are not fair for BG.
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