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  1. Hey Welcome to talon ro. Smiting is useless here. Since any serious farmer will make sage for endow. And Making sage is easy. Good way to farm zenny here is make a farming toon.
  2. Hey There is no comparison between vamp smith and cart revolution. Playing vamp smith is like you mob and kill with just one click as if your killing just one monster. no mob handling or pots spamming or sp managment needed.
  3. Hey welcome to Tro. Here are some good options for farming with minimum gears if your starting new here. 1 Make a hunter and farm in TamTam maps when 80+. Level in payon dun 1> geo or Gh pre level 75 or 80. 2. If you like to mob Make a SVD knight spam GJ meat farm sleepers or Witch sand. leveling wolfs>Orcs. you need to buy keys for UG or endow sage for orc/sleepers. If you want to play GC sader. You need atleast thara shield and beret or poopoo hat. GJ for SP. Then GEC shoes. But other classes farm much better pvm here. Sader do well mostly in partys here find some odin or abbey party for yourself you ll level much faster. endless party as transe. But you ll need to be geared for endless.
  4. you need A. bow. If you want to farm with sniper you need gears for that. Utility gears are good idea tele and healing clips. Sniper is not that good to farm zenny unless you want to farm tam tam maps. You may want fire armor if you want to sell leech in thors. Make a LK or BS to farm zenny like rest of server. For end game gear you need to change all your gears thats lot of zenny. Welcome to farming.
  5. Hey Welcome to tro. Just brace yourself for solo farming or BG pvp. Thats where most of tro fun is. Casual solo farming. I havent found any good guild around here cus not much party game play needed here. Since mvp cards are easily to farm here so its solo farming mostly. But Ro is awsome game you can try diffrent builds gear them farm. Thats it PM me if you need advice about farming gearing cheap to start of. Most newb people dont know how to start farm and give up.
  6. What's aim of farming if zenny then palli a poor choice. For exp a good party to thors dg endless etc where you lure n devo. You can play as gc or soul linked shield boom palli but farming for zenny or experience won't be great. Of course if your geared enough you can solo abbey or bio but so much gear isn't worth it. Palli shine in pvp or end game party only so bg when bored. My palli name is pillar of strength pm some time I do bg some times. Have fun
  7. Thanks for replay GM. I played a day ago been playing regularly few times a week atleast. I went to sleep after making this post and ran patcher again after i woke up and it downloaded new exe file name "tmp.exe". So i ran that and it it running new client and game is running fine now. Is that ok? or do i need to download something?
  8. I have been playing on Talonro for years. Today after patching game when i started it said the shortcut to game has changed. So I went in game folder to run game and ran TalonPatch.exe. It patched saying updating patcher. Then error "Thor patcher cannot launch without configuration data." Can i still play game or it is way to say bye bye to me?
  9. No way! it won't be effective at all. Shield chain needs str and gc needs int to be effective. If you plan to solo you can't have both and be effective.
  10. For hunter fire armor for thors. As most mvps use metor to instantly kill you so in mvp party generally sniper armor is fire or gloom.
  11. Oh man hunter class is like easiest to play level up pm me on avatar my ws. We can chat and I can show you maybe we an play too. You don't need that many gears to play sniper. If you have sqi bow then tg card makes sense.
  12. Knight is a offensive class more suitable for solo farming where as crusader is defensive class which can farm solo if needed but with proper gear and buffs setup. Sader are useful in high end party and pvp but you need good gears and know your role.
  13. Welcome to this beautiful game. If you like farming i.e. repeat killing monsters with strategy games like interface and this is the game for you. There are so many different builds you can play and make new character with different builds thats why all players end up making multiple characters. This is a old game released in end of 2002 so graphics wont be best but music of this game is best you will find in games except skyrim. The player base is also low as compared to other newer games. Swordman>Knight is very good start just a SVD Str/Vit/Dex knight and mob farm. That how most knights play. and is best build in my opinion. There is lot i can tell you but you should experience the game and chat talk learn. Thats the way to do it. Enjoy
  14. Hello Welcome to Ragnarok. This game is online since 2002 dec. Talon ro private server is on since 2009 i think. The mechanics of this game are very good better then any MMO game i have played. Nothing is broken at high level farming gets too easy in some cases so it can be said it broken cus its too easy. You should learn about a build properly and then try it . it can be lot of fun. Talonro is a private server and has the worse custom quests badly tested but its only low rate botless Ro server left with few players. And rewards from custom quests are not that great too so i my self dont do them. But farming gear is easy if you actually like to play and farm. In ragnarok its not about quests like most MMOs now days its more about hunting monster repeat. More of a grinding game. You can check guides or just ask some one helpful to guide you. I myself have never refused anyone. Swordman in your case is very good class if you know what your doing. Better gear you have, better buff setups like sage endow is very important easier farming will be and more fun you will have. Most people play knights cus they are so much fun you can mob easily and kill many monster at once and need lower gear as compared to other classes for that decent farming. Good Luck
  15. Mercer

    IP OR GEC?

    I suggest buy IP make a endow, and preist warper. Get warp every 3 mins buff time. Saves HP SP pots + buffs for 1 blue gem every 3 mins. And grape juice costs around 3But with dagger your dex will be low so low steal chance. You can try buying burning bowput in some cheap card. Burning bow is like 100k-250k and bb with that. save for your sqi bow. You should check damage with talon calc according to your gears. If you cant kill in 1 bb no point buying IP unless you want to use that on other characters too. If you cant one shot with IP buy GEC it surly saves zenny in long run.
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