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  1. Depends on your reaction time and your skill to play class.
  2. From my paladin playing experience over years Ya SC damage is lower as compared to SB and GC damage setups for particular maps. Making SC shield itself is expensive then you need good str etc. SB linked farming setup is cheapest and pretty overpowered i have farmed in Bio 3 solo with it on official server in good old days . But you need to make buffs setup for it I made a youtube video too for it years back Here you can just one or two shot sleeper with SC. GC needs damage reduction gears and GEC so pretty general gear which can be used on alts too. If by ACD redux gear you mean After cast delay reduction gear. I have not tried them and ACD as secondary stat maybe useful but IDK.
  3. @Azgrim So according to you topic is irrelevant since its easy to farm Sleip? IDK what you want but you are just diverting from topic took my one point and just spamming for no reason. IDK what GMs doing here for spam like this.
  4. Alchemist have homunculus and its legal to afk play with it. Alchemist has to click in game every 4 mins or so to gain exp but its legal. Why OD2 cus spawn rate is good and exp good too. This is prity old school been happening since years.
  5. Knight hands down best farmer on talonro.
  6. Combo monks are useful when your low geared or have no gear. You get teleport heals buffs from aco tree free. You can buff your partner if you find one. And do ok damage to solo and can asura for damage if needed. All these things are fun in classic ro where progression is slow but in TRO that kind of grind is not needed. You can do better with other build. You can still play combo champ here as casual fun. Stats str 10x max possible, dex 10x enough hit to hit target, agi 30x round off your aspd when fully buffed, int 30x round off your heal increase, rest in vit Skills go for job 50 aco very important get bless max. Inc agi, wrap level 2 to take you to place you want to hunt, later you can take asura. Blade stop is very nice if you want to asura hard non mvp monsters cus your cast time will be slow. Or you can take combos. Gears as i said you play combo monk when your low geared. just focus on weapon first and then damage reduction gears like race shield, garment. Edan gears, NPC stunner, are good in start always use concentration potion for aspd. That is my general advice.
  7. @kulon Yes i said it because i think its a luxury item. By luxury item i mean sniper can do without it too. And that money can be spent on more important gears if you dont have them. How do you farm 90m in 25 hours? I never heard of that care to explain?
  8. So what is wrong with saying its luxury? @Kulon i was replaying to Azgrim only if you could read the post before that one?
  9. only 95m? no starts playing sniper when he has 1b to gear. lol
  10. In my experience playing priest is most fun when supporting. But you can level solo in anubis while finding a party or play your alt. ME preist needs a lot of gears to start farming solo efficiently. You can farm better with lesser gears on LK or something. Top ME farming places are niff and abbey. What is your budget for gearing.
  11. You should try shield boomrang with link. of course you need to make buff setup for it not that efficient. Shield chain can be used any where but damage is low and you dont need any setup of buff slaves or alts. GC is fun if you play it like a mage. Kite and GC. For best leveling I suggest making devo build and support a HW HP in thors1 Buy 2 mad dog acc for healing with meat. Keep a buff slave. These a few ways to play but you need more money to gear then any other class.
  12. Sleipnier i a luxury item for sniper. Bunny shoes are more useful if you want crit. Put in GEC card if you dont want to carry and use GJ. Other wise Dex or Atk card. Some snipers put in Eddga card for mobbing farming. Depends on how you want to play really and what other alts you want to use Slipnier on.
  13. Flywings don't work on single key press most of the time. They work on double key press mostly. Sometimes not even on double key press. Teleport skill and all other skills i used till now work fine. Infinite flywings have same problem as flywings. This problem started after new client patch. I get other random errors now and then but this problem is like there all the time.
  14. Mercer

    LK Kiel Dun

    Go use bb with sword guardian carded weapon. It's pity overpowered. Almost all lk here use that for mobbing or single killing.
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