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  1. B> 2x Orlean Glove [zerom card] - 24m/12m ea. Ramen hat - 3m Strawberry in mouth - 3m 3x Cecil damon card - 3m ea.
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  3. Special offer until 17/11/16 10% off
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  5. Added more stuff...
  6. Since i don't have much time to play anymore, i wont be able to WoE and have decided to sell all my vanilla gears. This is an incomplete list so i'll add things and update the prices from time to time. Armors/Garments/Shields: +4 Puente Robe [dex+3] [observation card] - 16m +4 Valk Armor [ED] - 55m Beach Mant [Jakk] - 14m 2x Hood [Frilldora] - 5m ea. +4 Valk Shield [Thara] - 42m +4 Diablos Boots [Green Ferus] - 22m +4 Diab Mant [Raydric] - 26m +4 Dragon's Vest [Evil druid] [+12 hit] - 9m Headgears/Mids: Alice Doll [Vanberk] - 8m Alice Doll [Incubus] - 7m Machomans Glasses [Incubus] - 8m Deviruchi Headphones [Stalactic Golem] - 8m Ramen hat - 4m Blush [Stalactic golem] - 7m Blush [Nightmare] - 8m Cannibal flower hat - 5m Accessories: Cursed Hand [Horong] - 6m Cursed Hand [Snowier] - 6m Bradium Brooch [Snowier] - 4m 2x Orlean's Gloves [Snowier] - 11m ea. Weapons: +10 Maingauche [4x savage babe card] - 6m +4 Long Mace - 3m +7 SoP - 2m +4 Dex survivor rod [Drops card] - 2m +7 Luna Kaleet [HHSw] - 11m Combat knife - 10m Other: Loyal baby leopard pet - 6m Horong card - 4m Ice cream in mouth - 3m
  7. This server was never renewal in the first place. (i don't think so) So fortunately there is no expanded SN. If you want that AR so badly, you can always party a BS and let him use the AR. Have a great day.
  8. ok it was simple, no cecil damon, no food, and only lvl 2 agi from campus festival hat which you can switch too for quick use and baby leopard pet. https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiabbLabbLabazukaabHaaaaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaasDaaw7aaeutlaatobqlJaatwbJtwbJaaaaajkkkaaakkabacaaaaaaaabaaacuaaaaHbFaaa
  9. You can technically get 190 aspd in vanilla with only 1 cecil damon (free slots for dmg cards), no buffs, no food. https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiabbLabbLabazukaabHacKaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaasDaaw7aaeutlaatobqfhaatwbJtwbJaaaaajkkkaaakkaaaabaaacuaaaaHbFaaa however does require a baby leopard pet (loyal). edit: If you play around with it more, maybe you can get 190 aspd completely without cecil damon card.
  10. Nice! (Sorry for my bad English)
  11. As the title says. IGN: CrusadeTemplar
  12. Diab boots green ferus > diab matyr If deal mail me on IGN: CrusadeTemplar
  13. Buying the following: -Horn of the buffalo[snowier] -Bradium Brooch[snowier] -Thorn Shield[thara] -filir wings -Hermose[nightmare i guess?] sent me offer here or IGN: CrusadeTemplar (feel free to mail me)
  14. +1 to this, no healing pots, would make you play more strategically but would it be for vanilla or unres?
  15. What you said about the quest, that it is free for people with low income, well I didn't say I want "free" SP consumable items. I just said we could allow few items which are cheaper (there is a difference between free and cheaper) so that you could enjoy the action without going into depth. Some people (such as myself) don't have as much time to spend hours on farming and therefore I cant afford to buy expensive potions to have fun. Like you said: Again this is time consuming (+ its not 100% chance to obtain it) so it's not exactly "free" and you could just farm the zeny which will consume the same amount of time. The quest limits you to only 3 pots per day which is not very satisfying sometimes. Seems like you don't get my point, which is that vanilla is meant to be more zeny-conservative.