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  1. jakublachjakub

    Purchase Jump abuse or I'm just using the command wrongly?

    He could have either forgotten to refill his zeny or is indeed trolling people.
  2. Evolving your homun does indeed add extra stat points to your homun and increase brewing chances.
  3. jakublachjakub

    Stitch Wants to Draw You

    I already set it as my profile pic, just looks to awesome.
  4. jakublachjakub

    Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Again as i already mentioned in my pm i m truly impressed for this amazing piece. It blew my mind how much the creativity you've put into the work. Thank you very much, I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming commissions.
  5. jakublachjakub

    New to RO & looking for people to play with

    Welcome to the world of Ragnarok! This game doesn't have any strict guidelines that you have to follow (which in my opinion is the best thing), it lets you chose your own path and your own way of playing this game (of course within the rules). If you're completely lost i suggest joining a newbie friendly guild as they are very supportive sometimes. These are few of the links i would like to suggest as they are helpful to some extent: http://irowiki.org/classic/Main_Page http://ratemyserver.net/ https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page And just enjoy to experiment with everything
  6. jakublachjakub

    Crusader - Want to do it right

    If you enjoy the shield type Crusader here some items and buffs which help: Cross Shield [1] + Soul link = greatly increases your damage with shield boomerang (The higher the upgrade of your shield the higher the dmg w/ shield boom). GEC (General Egnigem Cenia Card) = reduces the consumption of SP items vastly. High ASPD will increase your DPS (damage per second) of your shield boomerang (daggers/bare handed will give you the best results) Doppelganger card = very useful here as it increases your ASPD.
  7. jakublachjakub

    CD when entering PvP

    Hello, I would like to suggest a cool down when entering PvP again after dying (or re-logging) . For example: Player1 kills Player2. Player2 now has to wait 20 seconds (or any other reasonable time) before he/she can enter PvP again. This would especially be good for vanilla (not sure about unres as i dont play it) where some people "abuse" the healing NPC. This happens when, a champion (most of the time) asuras a player then he/she either dies or relogs. If his connection is fast enough he can enter PvP within 5 seconds and asura someone else meanwhile using the Healing NPC to regen SP to full for "free". Now this is a big disadvantage to players that like to play more strategically (using pots for example). Now i m not saying that using pots is more strategic but relogging after every kill is a bit over the top, speaking of champion class ofc. Now this also applies for other classes (not just champions), when a player gets killed they will most of the time immediately re-enter the PvP (not speaking of new players) and try to battle/kill again (rinse and repeat). Therefore not giving enough time to the other player who successfully killed a player to get prepared again (due to having sometimes less than 5 seconds). I believe that this system (if implemented) would drastically encourage a more strategic way of playing. Another point is that it "could" improve the economy due to players relying on potions and consumables (which are usually) hunted by "lower"/"beginner" class players. Thank you for reading. Jakub
  8. jakublachjakub

    Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Hi, your work looks amazing! It would be great if i could have a slot please. Thanks. If you have a spot i'll send references via PM.
  9. jakublachjakub

    Amazing Summer Race | Seasonal Event

    Its way more than 22 days.... It runs through September.
  10. jakublachjakub

    What is Your Favorite Movie?

    Hi, my all time favorites are; Matrix Lord of the rings Pirates of the Caribbean. ( very first one) I could wath these movies for the rest of my life and still not get bored.
  11. B> 2x Orlean Glove [zerom card] - 24m/12m ea. Ramen hat - 3m Strawberry in mouth - 3m 3x Cecil damon card - 3m ea.
  12. jakublachjakub

    Vanilla gears N more

  13. jakublachjakub

    Vanilla gears N more

    Special offer until 17/11/16 10% off
  14. jakublachjakub

    Vanilla gears N more

  15. jakublachjakub

    Vanilla gears N more

    Added more stuff...