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  1. forever

    Vending Bug?

    Good Day GM, I have vending problem with my two (2) Merch last August 16, 2016, I know I vended it with the right price but after it sold I got zenies which not appropriate to that price I vended. Hereunder are my merch ign and vended items/location. Logistical Support - 32pcs Upside Down Shirt 140K ea at Port Malaya Logistical Support 2 - +5 Muffler [Dragon Tail Card] 3.2M at Payon Thanks GMs
  2. forever

    Speak friend and enter error

    Gud day! This error appears everytime I use my smart bro pocket wifi.. i can still enter in the game but after 1 minute of playing i get disconnected.. What should I do?