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  1. Is sniper the best pvm?

    Lots of people here are recommending other classes but sniper was the best pvm class for me. I used to have some decent gears(end game ones) and tried several classes. Yes, you will find out, as someone has already mentioned above, that sniper is really OPed here. Way easier than other classes. I guarantee. People just want you not to choose too common class for the sake of balance of the server but there IS a reason why there are so many snipers and why the price of Artemis is much higher compared to other SQIs. I have no idea when it comes to MVPing but the opinions above would be probably correct. PVMwise, sniper is the very right choice. You can solo various tough maps, like new world ones, whereas other class can not or struggle a lot more if they try there.
  2. Help me, I'm just a returnee

    kaho and celerings would be a good start?
  3. Daily Spin Prizes

    I am not trying to dis RO but you can't compare WOW to RO brother.. It has a different scale. I loved doing the quest in WOW too. If you're more into that kind of things, quality scenario/ quest etc, it's time for you to move on. In other words, you're asking too much in my opinion.
  4. Help with Crusader leveling!

    Just out of curiosity, what their role gonna be in the Odin party? Tanker or Healer or Mobber?
  5. Test Run with my super novice in Geffenia! :P

    Gryphon card brother
  6. Newbie Wiz Need Help

    I hurriedly checked database and it was 20%(Ignores 20% MDEF) to my disappointment.
  7. Newbie Wiz Need Help

    Did you mean 'High wizard card' instead of mistress card there? If not, why the wizards would need the mistress mid gears?
  8. To The Lucky VF Owner

    I'm sorry for your LOSS but it's also part of game brother. I've been there done that too. There must be tons of cases out there and still keep going. Let go of it. You're learning a lot by the loss actually which you can't really expect to get experience in your real life in your age. ( I just assumed your age at most in your 20s) Now, would you look at you in the mirror and tell yourself 'It's just a game.' and smile.
  9. Thor FO Champion Solo Leecher Build

  10. "Big" MVPs Killing Guide

    But nothing comes out of their, flies, bums. They rather love spitting.
  11. Why do you AFK?

    Wakpee3, I guess you seem to be in need of another game or different hobbies if you HAVE TO kill time somehow anyway. As far as I know, developing new contents in a game, even it's an old school one like RO, can't be done in a day or two. I think they are doing extraordinary job among numerous private servers which can be played for FREE. Don't you think so? Personally, I didn't mind paying monthly fee for WOW and free server like TRO with quality server management like this? I have been more than happy to be honest for last four years.
  12. Why do you AFK?

    Why do you even want to stay online in RO when you're not actually playing game sometim es with a chat room saying sleeping, working, school, shower, meal, etc etc etc? What makes you to do that?
  13. Daily Spin Prizes

    Cram soup yesterday and piece of cake today
  14. Who is the deadliest ________ ?

    Chuck Norris for Taekwondo?! lol
  15. 여기 길드 있나요?

    안녕하세요, 스플랑디드에 가면 우리나라 사람들 많아요. 홍삼 길드였던걸로 기억합니다. 가시면 많은 도움 받으실 수 있을거예요.