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  1. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Bump for dojo kek
  2. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Bump for dojo, even though everyone wants to feed me to Kasa
  3. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    LOLLLL... Poke back to The ultimate ebil king We miss you legion XD
  4. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    DUMP~ <3 <3
  5. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Bump for this awesome guild and awesome people Onion is not included kidding~ XD
  6. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    LOLLLLLLL XD same here kushi Its one of the best thing that happen to us hahahaha joke XD
  7. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Despacito, This is what we do in Puerto Rico.... cc: Mal (More Rice Plox) XD Bibilian Run/ Farming Mal's Funeral... RIP Huehuehueee~ Come join our Ebilness guys I mean our Family XD Just Come to Malangdo for inquiry and find any dojo member
  8. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    OMG ISII hhahahhaahah XD ..... dont slip the opportunity guys fufufufufu
  9. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Bump Bump
  10. Tha Ambush Pack

  11. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    DOJO SATURDAY ET XD Join us guys~~ please dont mind what onion said .. His the true ebil Join the fun guys~~ just drop by Malangdo and find some Dessert Dojo member XD
  12. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    JUPEROS RUN WITH DOJO with craziness Go join the madness guys XD Just drop by at Malangdo and find any dojo members Woot Woot~~ <3 <3
  13. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Join us guys we need more active players woot woot~~
  14. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    We need active players XD <3 <3 Huehuehue~~ Join us
  15. Tha Ambush Pack

    Im willing to sing again for artsu <3 <3