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  1. Hello guys just another update and additional commission ><
  2. Another entry >< Since its summer why not go on adventure?? here is my other entry xD IGN: Rinny12
  3. Another Chibi Couple Commission done ~~
  4. My first entry >< This is my first time entering this contest xD Ign: Rinny12
  5. Another Commission done~
  7. someone is alive

    1. Rinny Rin

      Rinny Rin

      hahaha xD im still alive but I rarely log in /sob

  8. RINNY'S NOOB ART Hi guys Rinny here I really love to draw but I'm not confident enough to show it And now that work is eating all my time to play, I cant farm anymore and rarely online in game now. Then one of my ebil friend encourage force me to make my own art corner, so here i am >> Here are some of my doodles >> sample of my traditional drawings >> and one of my finish commission I do accept commission but for now i only accept chibi one because I'm still noob and still practicing. Here is the sample of my Sketch Artsu PRICE LIST >> Chibi Headshot - 7M >> Chibi Couple - 12M >> Sketch Commission - 8M >> Anime Headshot - 10M (SOON) >>Anime full body - 18M (SOON) If you want a slot you can post here or pm me on discord Rinny#1449 For now i only accept 3 slot cause quite busy with work and in real life. P.S IM SLOWWWW IN UPDATING STUFFS BUT I WILL TRY TO UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Open || Close Waiting list 1. 2. 3.
  9. Hi guys. I submit late rip, but here I am. I make my one of my Dream Costume in tro, cat ears hat costume. IGN: Rinny12 Costume name: Cat Ears Hat Costume Happy gaming everyone.
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