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    Desert Dojo, Amatsu48
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    Malangdo, Gonryun or Amatsu
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    Gmc, Endless Tower, MVPing and other fun stuffs

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    Rinny12, Rinny Chan, Rinny Rin~, Zawa Chan, Zawa Kagane, White Apple, Apple Chan and many more

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Hi Guys Rinny here /lv

I've been playing actively on this server since November 2016. My first ever guild was Desert Dojo but now that Dojo becomes inactive, I'm most likely free lancing in game now, most likely AFK and chatting. 

Now someone rebuild and remake Dojo and name the guild as "Ambush Dojo Alliance" and our guildbase is in Gonryun. 

I am actively playing high end instances with my Amatsu Friend and were trying to beat GM Lance challenges. We may changes guild leader from Goyu to Utau and Stella and now Keele, but out main goal to have fun and exceeds GM Lance expectation is still there.

Nice to meet you everyone ~ 



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