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  1. Pretend offline in discord, I SEE YOU here! :ph34r:


    1. ilya ☆

      ilya ☆

      I'm not lurking.

  2. There, there... /pat


    1. ilya ☆
    2. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire



    3. ilya ☆

      ilya ☆

      lol omg I just saw this hahahaha #rip

  3. IGN: Priestess Illyasviel Clutch time as always Glad I made it. Title: Snow Angel
  4. Deadline Racing: Game Over :Abs:(I did not make it to the artsu deadline again...)  


    1. Mister Clay

      Mister Clay

      I'm still waiting for my drawing

    2. Eirinn
  5. ... deadline racing is coming hype hype hype hype hyyyype
  6. omg that cover photo... *waves of nostalgia come rushing in*

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    2. NeoArtS


      btw i not see that UMR san anymore........ *poke* ilya......

    3. Mikae


      yea, I wonder where is she. :c

    4. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      UMRsan in weeboland /gg 

  7.  Gimme ur pfc.. 

  8. I spot with my four eyes a bespectacled bishoujo

  9. Btw kid, You're an amazing guildie <3

  10. Mr. Rudolph and Ms. Santa? I hope it's not too late o/ It's so hard to convey ideas in drawings I think I'll go back to art corner now haha IGN: Priestess Illyasviel >
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