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  1. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Sorry for the late reply. *Not a frequent forum user * Only for that instance of battleground round, I'm not really sure whether it was before the flag teleportation or after, since there were no other enemy players to be targeted before teleporting. I don't remember the exact details of the round, hoping these info could help pinpoint the problem: 1. It was a map that people would teleport with flags to different areas to defend, like 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, etc. 2. Iirc during that time I've heard some players refer to it as the WOE:SE map, I don't attend woe so I can't tell 3. I noticed a strange thing during that round that after death, the respawn for my character was very strangely early. I didn't even have time to click on the NPC to heal / repair. 4. Before my character died he was hit with a quagmire, I'm not sure if it might have affected anything. He died getting ganged in the end so I couldn't tell which skill killed him 5. After that death the respawn time seemed to have gone back to normal, but I still couldn't use any skills / normal attacks on other players. Further rounds of BG after that seemed normal iirc, but I didn't get to that particular map afterwards before I had to go off. 6. During that particular time, my mouse cursor on enemy players turned to the normal arrow pointer we've always had while moving around, instead of the knife thing for attacks. I've tried turning /ns on and off during that period of time, but it didn't work still. Hope this helps explain the situation!
  2. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Random suggestions, hope it helps! 1. Still some slight bug in certain maps(?), might need some more debugging -> Couldn't target anyone in that woe map using flags to teleport around (only tried once) 2. Assumptio spell scrolls still work, iirc I think they were supposed to be disabled? 3. General gameplay-wise in BG seems to be ok, but since there are a lot of modes it might be better to have a guide or NPC that can explain the general rules before entering? Maybe like a chatbox explaining the rules for the round and people can choice to turn it on or off (so it doesn't annoy for extra rounds). 4. Might be great to add a respawn timer after death, at times I couldn't manage to get my equips repaired in time before being teleported out, not sure if it's intended. 5. CWP & GJ spamming is still quite OP, might be best to limit them in a way so BG wouldn't become a pot vs pot game. To make it more newbie-friendly I suggest continuing BG pots as per before, but maybe a different way of acquiring them. Perhaps something like an NPC that will supply the pots at another point of the map that's far from the objective point, or by completing side objectives. And cap the amount so people wouldn't be able to abuse them. 6. Personally I feel that Asura strike still needs a capping if CWP and GJs are allowed, while they are supposed to be some sort of a tactical nuke, having too many 1 hit kills personally feels like it would be too boring a match, and the counters are quite specific in my opinion ( Ghost , SW , Cicada , Illusory Shadow , Kaite iirc), and reflects to do something like a death pact with them. I suggest either a tone down on damage to a point where it would be much more bearable but can be used continuously, or extending a cool down on the specific skill. And with current market prices on yggdrasil berries, it would seem far too convenient a price to pay as compared to skills like AD or EDP. 7. I feel a lack of differentiation in job classes within the BG environment, perhaps implementing like a random buff system for jobs that are less "popular", depending on a daily or weekly count of players in BG? I still don't see a lot of ninjas, slingers, soul linkers. They seem to be very interesting characters in a BG environment, and this would seem like a great move to boost the "minority" community of Talon? All in all the BG experience was better compared to before (even with my crappy internet), not having afk-ers ruin the round is great, though it'd be somewhat impossible to control them afk-ing in-round, sadly. Certain maps tend to drag out though, and you would see people leaving the round in the middle being too impatient, setting a time limit or increasing payout against time might help, though my preference is with having a range of tactics to play with, including stalling and mind games Thanks again and keep up the great work
  3. New Card Suggestions

    Is it possible to have cards that disables the equipment level restrictions / job restrictions? Of course limiting the usage of the card to non-SQI items. I think it'll make certain uncommon jobs more interesting to play with, like maybe SN with bows, which they could finally put some more use in their vulture's eye skill, or maybe even a dual spear wielding assassin even, extending their attack range even by that few squares. It lets players get more creative with their builds, and would allow for a range of new ways to level, farm, or even pvp. Seems interesting, no? Limitations : Takes up a card slot Disabled on SQIs 1 card per equip if wearing multiple equipments that have the restrictions Job restriction takes up 1 card slot, Level restriction takes up another
  4. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Random bump after some shop hibernation~ =D
  5. Closed

    Buying clean, uncarded Elemental Sword [3]~ Please either PM me or Mailbox me~ ign : Kuruga Thank you and have a nice day =D Bought~
  6. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Random bump after a hard day's work~ D;
  7. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Shop's not dead yet~ Please do tell me if anything interests you and if you wish for me to put it on hold for you~ ^^
  8. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Still in service~ ^^; Store will open at random times / place in game, discounts on items can be given if you contact me here or through mailbox~ =D And just in case, Ign : Kuruga
  9. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Moar bumps~~ Still selling things~~~ D;
  10. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Another bump~ Some items gonna be npc-ed soon enough to clear space nuuuu D;
  11. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Bump Bump~ Take your time and look through, you might find some goodies that you need~ ^^
  12. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Bumps~ There's no fault in asking questions regarding the items~ =D
  13. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Normally around 2~4 pm server time~ or, well, right now I'm on =D Edit: Thank you for buying ^^
  14. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Well now, let's see: Cheese = 4 k each, 50 X 4 = 200k Anodyne = 20k each, 17 X 20 = 340k Amulet = 15k each, 16 X 15 = 240k Four Leaf Clover = 180k each, 5 X 180 = 900k Illusion Flower = 13k each, 2 X 13 = 26k Total all together would be 1.7 mil, disregard the 6k leftover, discount given based on market pricing and bundled sales~ =D Best to have a meetup for all the stuffs though, wouldn't want any mishaps from mailing~ Just find Kuruga~ ^^
  15. Kuruga's Clearance List *New Items Updated*

    Bumps~ Feel free to offer trades too, and I'm okay with talon coins as payment =D