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  1. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    1. Triple inferno should be Double inferno. Green team got double penetrated 24/7. It's boring. 2. Too many tickets. Under 7vs7 100 Tickets TDM and 80 skulls inferno games are too long. I'd like decrease them or make some rules for a called game because of gaps. 3. Too huge map. I don't wanna play 5vs5 Tierra Canyon. This canyon needs more talonians. 4. Please allow champions. Let them enable to use Body relocation and reset both Asura Strike ( tons of cool time ) and Body relocation -> Asura strike 2sec delay in PvP maps. Skillful champions were the leading roles of classic RWC style PvP. 5. Other consumables. For ex, if foods are available, I hope it's also should be in 0z shop NPC. Speed potions in storage are also available in today's test. I hope these should be unavailable, just imbalance. I think evident "Pay to Win" causes depopulation. Sorry for my poor English, I usually speak Japanese only. Today's test was fun but, it seemed only few jobs had "human rights". Meaning... there were so many Bios.( I played LK and Prof ) At last match, over 40% of testers were Bio. Most of non ghost armored testers felt unhappy, didn't they? There were over 50 testers at start, but they got fewer less than 35 before a short break, then after the break testers were under 20. Bio is so overpowered, we know! But, some of us feel it's boring, don't we? If you say " It's Unres", It's EXACTLY YES. It's truly Unres, it's OK. I also realize today's test was Unres. But, I wish to try non bio + non stalker ( or non acid demonstration ) mode if we can have a chance in next vanilla mode test.