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  1. The gods are pleased with our sacrifice. Oh wait we are poseidons. We are gods. And we are pleased.
  2. Seems like our affiliates holds all 6 castles. Need additional castle
  3. I'm confused kawoeke or woe. Can we choose either? Some of us dont like taylor swift and super keeps that on repeat thru out the whole thing. How to vote for songs. Sorry i'm new at discord >_<
  4. mfw when having more friends to help you out is considered hax/weak mfw i have no face Poseidonians are just your average tro players. All of us are nice and friendly players who help out one another. Thats why we get tons of ppl on to help us out without any reward because they like being with us. Its fun to play with all sorts of ppl So join us! Our next kawoeke session we have taylor swift vs katy perry line up!
  5. Half of our woe force are girls. The ones that are actually cute irl. Not guys in disguise
  6. Fun night poseidonians! We talked about politics and north korea during woe. And lots of new members showed up! We are thankful for your participation and enthusiasm to have fun on tro xD
  7. Old or new, newbies or goldies, we have every mix of ppl in here. If you were in our disco chat even during woe you will hear laughter and and fun all around! You don't need to be able to tank the whole server to play with us! We are really here to have some fun and keeping whole woe scene alive with new faces and playing with friends instead of it being dominated by a few "elites". We participate in both FE and SE unres. Check out our videos and enjoy!
  8. jerrios

    S> Maximus Seal Service [Closed]

    That I cannot guarantee lela
  9. jerrios

    S> Maximus Seal Service [Closed]

    S > seal hunting service choose us and get a free pig
  10. i prefer cat girls