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  1. So there's two requests in one. First, can we increase the vendor cap from 2 to maybe 3? Or if anything just 2 auto trade and 1 has to be "active." I understand the desire to limit vendors however, 2 is such a small number. Second request is mainly personal/aesthetic but I'd love for special characters such as © and ™ within shops. I understand if its a no because of something that would cause difficultly but, I've always enjoyed using them. ANYWHO ❤️
  2. That's just how Hummonculus's go. It's always been like that and it's official. That's why some people want a Vanil, some want a Lif, etc. The server is already pretty quickly paced for leveling/using a hummonculus and "afk-chemist" is still a thing I see all over the place. I'd say no for me too.
  3. So, I've been debating opening this topic since I started playing the server, as I wanted to give myself time to make sure I agree with my own view points. Clown used to be one of my favorite classes to play; PvM, PvP, MvP'ing, BG, everything. Dissonance spamming, cursing players with tarot, stun lock, breaking emps, being invited to every party because "omg he's an active clown, I don't have to duel client!" Clown was very powerful CC, very powerful support, and a very powerful buff....which is where I understand where the nerf came from. I have agreed that with all the ability to have after cast delay deduced and instant cast etc. a nerf made for more balanced game play. HOWEVER, I think PARTS of the nerf are a little too much and I want to discuss how the server feels (not in a suggestion thread as a discussion) about changing a part of the nerf. The amount of damage reduction when using Bragi is so much it effectively eliminates the want from attacker classes to be in bragi making it desired solely by the support classes. I think the server has definitely felt and noticed Clowns not being as prevalent around towns, parties, etc, due to this damage decrease. I would love to either have that damage decrease reduced or removed, as bragi WAS supposed to be a useful buff for cast reduction/after cast. The reduction of the main use of the skill was sufficient but, now with the damage reduction, the skill becomes almost redundant. Now a couple of things to clear the air: 1. YES, a single skill does not a class make..so let's nerf devo, DS, AD, Efist, remove asumptio, 25% reduction to SG damage, change SB damage reduction. You get the point. It isn't the only skill but, it was one that made it more valuable within a party. 2. YES, I know you can still play Clown, as I have played clown on many other servers in PvP, BG, WoE, where Bragi wasn't AS important...but, the server is notably PvM, so let's give the class a fair chance. 3. I will get hate, I will get people who disagree. I understand your disagreements, I understand your opinion- this is mine. I want to hear your point of view not "just play something else" or "no... (no explanation) Ok....now to chop my foot off....**hits submit** Discuss
  4. I feel like 7 days for ET is a very long cool down and really only effects newer players rather than older ones who have different characters fully geared for every day of the week. Even GMC is only a 48 hour cool down. I know the cool down is original but, I think the only thing it will effect truly is allowing newer players the opportunity to go with the few characters they might have. Thoughts?
  5. White Gold

    Amor Crafting

    From the game that brought you Potion making and the-pretty-outdated-and-useless-weapon-smithing and the actually very useful jewel crafting, get ready for the next BIG time/zenny sink since SQI's... ARMOR CRAFTTTTINGGGG So, if you look at any other MMORPG you will generally find characters that have professions like "tailoring or armor making" etc that allow a character to farm/hunt/craft components to then craft/farm "clothing/armors" based on that professions level and the availability of a recipe to create said armor. Now, more than likely editing skills wouldn't be possible client side so it can just be NPC based. Example: You talk to NPC Mark (he's gonna be named Mark now) and NPC Mark says would you like to become a talior, yadah, yadah, presto changeo, you've just become novice level tailor able to create D ranked (or whatever you'd like to make it GM's) armors based on ingredients needed. But, wait whats this!!!! I spy with my little eye a new item called cotton spools, silk spools, etc and so on-you-get-the-idea-this-isnt-a-new-concept-just-look-at-any-game-from-the-last-10-years. To make these spools they require dun.dun.dun. you guessed it! Farmed out items (just like SQI's) but, on a semi-mid/lower tier. In addition, to create specific/special armors it could require/need extra items (bijous, runes of darkness, etc and so on, I'm not in charge of the material creation, I'm just giving you all the preliminary idea for armor crafting.) As you create items/spools/armors you gain points and eventually after XXXX points you are no longer a novice and Mark says go talk to another NPC etc, to make C rank, B, A, S etc. and so on you get the point. Anywayyys, tl;dr a new way to create armors/questing. QUESTION AND ANSWER TIME: Rune-midgardian: "Why do we need this? We already have SQI items and you can hunt out armors and gear?" Me, an intellectual: SQI's are high level, end game mechanics and armors, it's also a static list of specific ingredients that haven't changed. This allows more "loots" to become valuable and help the ecomony and low/mid level players. Yes, you can hunt out a Dialoblos Armor, or you can hunt the equivalent ingredients, level armor crafting and create them. Rune-midgardian: "I'm already end-game and probably wouldn't profit or care for another "task" to complete" Me, an intellectual: Sit down, its not all about the end-game. Lol, but, really, a good and thriving middle level always helps fuel the fire for end-game content and low level newbies. Also, if the GM's want they can create end-game armor crafting (new armors) that are just as epic as end game gears. Rune-midgardian: "Could this armor crafting also include valuable costume/seasonally retired items/headgears? Me, an intellectual: *Stares hard at GM's showing them the profitability of this idea* /endrant Thoughts?
  6. So, a long long time ago on a far and distant world, called other servers, I used to love to cultivate as a Creator to a) gain herbs to sell and or use to brew b) regain mushroom and p. spores to sell back to players. It was a great and big part of the global economy, new players could hunt stems and mushroom/poison spore sell them to lazy Creator's for AD, it helped keep AD costs relevant and helped with scarcity. Well, I've noticed after playing for a bit you couldn't "stack" or effectively farm using Cultivate, and that it really was pointless anyway considering you could just NPC buy stems and poison spores. So my suggestion is 2 parts 1. Allow plants/mushrooms to stack either by Cult - Cart Rev - stack or just on cast (cult in one place) 2. Remove poison spores/stems and gain a new global market for new/old players alike.
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