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  1. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Liked and subscribed.

  3. Same with TheStranger, had fun making this cause I think I drew my friends very well. IGN: Vecuronium
  4. Hello, I would like to claim a Tier 3 crate, please. IGN: Vecuronium Thanks o/
  5. They told me I could be anything.. so I decided to be a Roast Memory. The best costume available in game. Woops, in-game name: Vecuronium Someone put steps, so might as well put step by step stuff too.
  6. This is how it's gonna be huh. In game name: Vecuronium
  7. Some of them not on the list but I think we can still use it to claim prizes.
  8. That's what she said bae. Hahahaha goodluck yall :V
  9. Be my friend senpai, and naw this is really short notice like Sinshine mentioned but ey, it is what it is. Thanks for answering. Still wondering about the DC issue though
  10. So why is dual clienting not allowed? It’s more of a disadvantage to play more classes rather than focusing on one no? If the rewards is the problem, maybe use the same concept on GMC, have that person claim on only one character. Because some parties (like us) don’t have much friends :c Edit: and what happens if someone DCs? will we end up using GM ress for that?
  11. Congrats yall! Ho @Cherrios and @Kisuka* idol
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