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  1. TalonRO Rants

    I'm gonna rant about those days when I ET'd with Nei and he never noticed me until a year or so after rewatching the video. :c
  2. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Hi darlings, I know you love 5:59 but how about this friends?
  3. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Shared some of that friendship dust
  4. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Hai darlings
  5. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Be my friend senpai, and naw this is really short notice like Sinshine mentioned but ey, it is what it is. Thanks for answering. Still wondering about the DC issue though
  6. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    So why is dual clienting not allowed? It’s more of a disadvantage to play more classes rather than focusing on one no? If the rewards is the problem, maybe use the same concept on GMC, have that person claim on only one character. Because some parties (like us) don’t have much friends :c Edit: and what happens if someone DCs? will we end up using GM ress for that?
  7. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Ic. As long as Lhupe is not in vc, it should be safe.. you should be safe.
  8. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    no u
  9. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Lmao waweeeeee. Time to update mine I wish Killy would post his though :c
  10. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    I wish Bobb would post her eggplants :blobsad:
  11. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    I heard dis Kisuka* gril can singsangs gud. Back to the guild thread.. we do irl activities such as buying eggplants together.
  12. ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around [closed]

    Wawee why end so soon Bobb 8( I was gonna pick 143
  13. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    All the finger fotos that you want bby. I’ll video myself taking my baby suture out for you boiz. Gotta make sure there’s music in the background too...and maybe some lolis for Killy ayy
  14. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    You’re right! @Nei gib all itams ser. And waw you bois all bisnas ic. Can we be social? What did you guys eat for dinner? :thonk: Actually no. I already know what’s been in y’alls mouth eheheheh
  15. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    5.99 4u bby