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  1. Damn look at dat art werk
  2. Can I just poke you regardless?
  3. Indeed homemade stuff is awesome. Oh. You said handmade...right. I totally meant handmade. *bump*
  4. Hehe can kick me for now if you guys need space o/
  5. Moon bread > Everything
  6. Vamos!
  7. m8 nevermind I no need no mo hahahaha thanks tho
  8. No one in Louyang. Time zone too rekt lmao
  9. Hi can I join pls. I have some bedside experience and I'm ready2jam.
  10. Deal po. I'll buy whenever, no rush
  11. how much for leak garment ser Bear
  12. Verit and Rosary [1] please, if you still have em.
  13. Bump po