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  1. SQI/MVP/Rare Gears For Sale (Bear's Little Shop of Horrors)

    Ay kuya I PMd you!
  2. (Newsletter!) Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Bumps onto the gud stuff
  3. Jessu's Pixel Shop ♥ [RIPish]

    Can I rub your pixels pls.
  4. Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Woo moon bread u da bestest. Thanks for all hard werk. *slaps butt*
  5. (Newsletter!) Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Drink more coffee. Or maybe some alcohol for some imagination boost
  6. (Newsletter!) Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Dem guds be bads yo
  7. (Newsletter!) Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Damn look at dat art werk
  8. Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Can I just poke you regardless?
  9. S>Calibre Seal Services [OPEN]

    Indeed homemade stuff is awesome. Oh. You said handmade...right. I totally meant handmade. *bump*
  10. (Newsletter!) Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Hehe can kick me for now if you guys need space o/
  11. Calibre [End Game MvP/PvM/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Moon bread > Everything
  12. S>Calibre Seal Services [OPEN]

  13. SQI/MVP/Rare Gears For Sale (Bear's Little Shop of Horrors)

    m8 nevermind I no need no mo hahahaha thanks tho
  14. (Newsletter!) Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    No one in Louyang. Time zone too rekt lmao