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  1. Why would priest want a stunner in the first place...... to stun?
  2. "Any time you enter a room with objects" Meaning enter a room with objects in the room or with objects in our inventory?
  3. Aw , kids love santa dont they? mhm i see a bad kid in there no present for him
  4. Soul burn passes through gtb? Awesome
  5. EQ should have a proper cool down atleast they rigged the mvp such that its spamming earthquakes lol wtf.
  6. Can the EQ cast time be increased its almost the same as other skills. Maybe making it higher will help ppl distinguish between it and other skills . Like around 3-5 sec.
  7. i want my devliing pet now!!! Wow those gold coin events always attract dissatisfaction and controversies .Well thats what happens when one keep expectations too high =/ . Yea honeycomb was way better than mindless killing . Anyways great event and i love the oranges ! =D
  8. nooo way i want to keep my novice
  9. i login one day and .... Where did all my chars go?!?! .... i will miss them but i think i like my new char ../gg
  10. Wow and and i thought warmth ignoring flee is proper and its getting affected by flee was a eathena bug ... =(.This sux
  11. Eremis

    S'more Updates

    Did i understand this right? o.o So in pvp defender wont help with spiral pierce? And in pvm to avoid sp required to be in pnuama?
  12. Tokei's perverted side , Episode one : The gangrape. Angry with all those restrictions imposed by the church Tokei decides let his instincts take over and the results..... Tokeis' in action *** evidence all over the floor***
  13. Tip : Make Hayate ur friend as soon as u join the server 8D.
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