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  1. Poriwing egg! Seems to be one of the new rewards added by Phoenix.
  2. So, after a couple more of donations to Yen, I got the Drooping Puppy Costume from her.... with exactly 60 heart stickers! Maybe we can get a new reward at multiples of 20 stickers (if the server/global quota is high enough).
  3. Welp, finally managed to grab both of those costumes (the ones from "other stuff" quests). I do believe you can get all of them independently of the route taken on the "main quest" and using the same character. I got the Puppy Headband Costume at ~20 stickers and the Puppy Ear Hat at around 45. For the grave quest, pay attention to Po's dialogue after giving enough roses (in my case: 20 beautiful flowers + 25 frozen roses + 50 witherless roses). For the first dialogue, after selecting "other stuff", he gave the Rose of Crimson Costume to me after expressing his gratitude for puting enough beautiful flowers and witherless roses in his wife's grave. Then I just talked to him again, and this time the old man thanked me for bringing enough beautiful flowers and frozen roses, giving away the Frozen Land Rose Costume. Btw, you can use Lutie's event item machine to claim both of those costumes on all other game acc's, just like the love birds costume.
  4. Well, I managed to grab 3 new basic summertime boxes... And my bad luck hit me again Only got "old" rewards from previous years: 1x Summer Event Suit 2x Galapago Cap Costume So, nothing new until now. Next time I'll try to open a new pro box and see if Lady Luck will smile for me. Edit: Got a glimpse of a Toucan pet at Port Malaya. Anyone knows if it's a reward from basic/pro boxes?
  5. Amazing service! 10/10. This guys are very fast, friendly and efficient! Definitely Recommended. Thanks again for the run
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