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  1. Woo! That was a fun contest - I hope that there are more like this in the future! Edit - question: how are the prizes distributed? Should I be on the lookout for an in-game mail? I've never won anything here before
  2. Good evening all, Here is a recipe that was worked up for this contest. I'd like to introduce you all to the Stuffed Pephreeoni. Ingredients: Preparation, Phase One: Preparation, Phase Two: Preparation, Phase Three: Final Preparation (Decoration/Garnish): Bonus: I hope you all might try this dish out - it tastes delicious, if you can manage to be the MVP! - Inex Shadowseeker (Sniper from the guild Vinr Heim) Additional note: my wife (Nurse Minako) and I are entering the contest from the same household and network, though I assure you that we are two very distinct individual people.
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