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  1. akifranco


    Hello. Thank you very much for the long post. right now my gear is Lkh SS[1] Elven gryphon agi+ /+10 mobster2x dresora the paper composite bow Elven+7[1] /+10 mobster2x dresora the paper composite bow +8chung e +4bunny GEC Tele bunny hands/ sting glove What should I buy next. I dont usually farm though. My zeny is base on RAW GEMS. But I usually earn from 1-3 days 1-3 hours mining is 15-20m.
  2. akifranco


    Guys, I need help regarding sniper equip. Should I buy artemis bow first or do the seal quest first??? Because Im wondering if the artemis is usefull if I dont have its sqi bonuses.
  3. akifranco

    T/S elephant egg

    i think it gives +5 perfect dodge and +3 vit. monster feed
  4. akifranco

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    @GM Zelda GM, can i add dessert to my dish?? i already post my dish but i wanted to edit my dish and add a dessert. :C
  5. akifranco

    Selling raw gems

    Hello, Im new at mining and im selling 2 pcs raw blue gem 2 pcs raw green gem 1 pc raw yellow gem 1 pc red gem 1 elephant egg from menagering box 1 pc chicken joy Pm/mail me at Miss Kleiner
  6. akifranco

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    @GM Zelda thank you for the compliment GM, I really appreciate it. ~~ may the soul of poring, eggring and savage babe rest in peace.
  7. akifranco

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    ORIENTAL STYLE LORD KAHO'S SAVAGE BABE ORANGE KATSU What you will need: 1/4 Savage Babe Meat (pork) You can also use Condor or PecoPeco 1 cup Yam, Potato, Potato yam :3 1/2 cup Star Crumbs (Bread Crumbs) 1 large live Angry Eggring 1 Oranges Drop by Drops 1 teaspoon Soul of a Dead Pouring (salt) 1 teaspoon Shed scale of Isis (5 spice & pepper) 1 tablespoon Honey from a Vitata Hot Sauce (sriracha sauce) Hinale Leaflet (oregano) Cheese from Taoist Hermit Rice (optional) Procedure: For the Savage Babe Orange Katsu First you need to obtain all the key ingredients from various parts of midgard. After Obtaining the juicy meat of a Savage Babe, You need to hammer it with a Oridecon Hammer in order to tenderize the meat. Season it with Soul of a Dead Pouring(salt) some Isis shed scales (five Spices and pepper) then, Buttered it with a Whack Angry Eggring and Star Crumbs ( bread crumbs) Start heating up the Magnolia Pan-fry for 3-5 minutes then add sufficient oil. Start Frying The Savages till golden brown. And don't forget to cook the food with Love For the Lord Kaho's Horn Potato Yam You need to add 1 cup boiling water to the mashed potato or yum into the bowl. Start mixing the potato till it rises and start's to form like a bread dough Start shaping it into a kaho's horn. LOL Add some Butter and Cheese, you can add the cheese inside the Lord kaho's horn. Then next is you can Fry it in a magnolia pan-fry or you can bake it in a oven at 275 for 8-10 minutes. You don't need to cook it too much because it might get burned and you wont be able to achieve the golden color of a kaho For the Sweet Chilly Sauce Start Mixing the Honey with Sriracha Sauce you can add some lemon, orange or lime. You can also use Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar as an alternative. For The Finished Product It taste Great~~ ENJOY GUYS~~ challenges accepted: The GM Seiren Challenge: Taters The GM Kuma Challenge: Bear with me The GM Cherri Challenge: Avid Game
  8. akifranco


    Hello again.. im just wondering if mounts can be included in bonus bundle. ??
  9. akifranco

    Just a taekwon ranker thing

    Gm thanks, but if you're a donator is there a way to choose if you want talon coins or copper coins. ??
  10. akifranco

    Just a taekwon ranker thing

    Is there a way to view your current taekwon missons you accomplished?? Like how many more mission to go before reaching 100? If its already implemented can you please help me up.
  11. akifranco

    PC for this item

    +7 book of the dead Elephant egg
  12. akifranco

    T/S elephant egg

    im trading / selling my elephant egg PLEASE PM ME/ leave mail Chexy~~
  13. Im currently looking for this set. Please pm me for price.
  14. akifranco

    S/T elephant egg

    Im trading or selling this ultra rare per of mine.