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  1. Doesn’t need much healing items. I recover over 1.3k hp per HP Recovery tick. That’s roughly 6-7k every 10 seconds with Tension Relax and counting the normal regeneration.
  2. You can try Morrigane's set for mid-high end equipment. The Perfect Dodge works well especially when your Flee is halved in Berserk mode. As for footgear card, Wild Rose card isn't that bad either, but I prefer GEC card for the tankiness. Since you're using Berserk for leveling, I suggest swapping that Stormy Knight card for a Vanberk or Bloody Knight card.
  3. Yurneric

    Himitsu |

    Hello pretty lady! Nice to see you back again! Here's my reference and I choose 7.
  4. I'd go with Lord Kaho's Horn. Same reason as two above.
  5. Purely my thoughts on the QQ about DEF mechanic changes. Prior to the DEF mechanic change, we already have Paladins with 99 DEF running around and tanking bosses like a real boss. In another perspective, that means taking only 1% of the full damage from any physical attack. 20k Sonic Blow damage from an MVP reduced to 200; that's roughly about how much a Munak would hurt if you tank it without any DEF. In big events where custom MVPs are introduced (Halloween for example), all it takes is just one or two tankers like this to let other 100+ players firing down their arrows and spells and holy banana bombs from a distance. There might come a time where people start to post up "this MVP is too easy" sort of comments - which would make me feel rather unchallenging as well. Of course, the time and effort spent on achieving near-absolute defense shouldn't go unappreciated. I feel that Paladins takes more resources to come near (and beyond) what a Champion can do with their innate ability. Being able to achieve that is already a praise-worthy feat. I look at the change (or nerf, as some calls it) from a spectator's point of view and I suppose I can say that pumping DEF is easily the most reliable method against high damage monsters despite not being the most economical. Perhaps it's time for a meta change? I may not be fully correct in thinking this way, but I'm not entirely wrong too, right?
  6. Or perhaps add ranged skills to these slow/immobile champion monsters?
  7. A little off-topic paragraph from me: @Lezark, I have nothing against you but your posts recently are toxic. Sorry to say this but to me, you are a grinder, not a gamer. TalonRO is a game, not a grinding ground. If you had been a true gamer in any game, you would have been able to justify that tweaks are updates, regardless of making something stronger/weaker. Heck, you won't even be able to bring half as much development if you were to be put on charge. I've just returned from quite a large bit of hiatus and the new update is just what I need to get my excitement peaked. I really look forward to evolve my pet Yoyo at last and trying out to fight the champion monsters, but with the summer race, new quest, GMC, etc. - so many things to do!
  8. I have long since retired from knighthood. All in all, just follow what the others have suggested. You can't go wrong with those advices.
  9. A girl wants a sigil. The man would like to give his pixels from the Isle of Masks, but it is not his to draw.
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