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    We've been getting a lot of people suggesting the same things over and over again. Amongst these are a couple of suggestions that just will not happen on the server.

    Item recoveries, Change of rates, 3rd Classes, Change of skills, Autoloot & Area Pickup, GTB and Maya Purple Card changes

    Any new topics regarding these subjects will be closed.

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    AoE Skill for Super Novice

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      Title: AoE Skill for Super Novice

    I would like to address the lack of good physical AoE skill for Super Novice.

    While Magnum Break is doing alright, it is only limited to mobs that is weak to fire.
    Baphomet Card generally fills this empty space, but having one is usually just for auto-attacking.
    And with that card, it means your attacks are generally weaker because splashes wont benefit from %dmg modifier cards/items.

    After some research on all physical AoE skills that a Super Novice can possibly use in the future, 3 skills came into mind.
    But I chose the least "OP/broken" skill when used by this class.

    I like the class to have the Cart Revolution skill from the Merchant Platinum Skill.

    Rarely used skill by the owners themselves (aside from probably leveling)
    SuNo got Cart, so aside from vending, our cart have now other use.
    Its good enough AoE considering all the active/passive buffs a SuNo can have

    Other skills that I thought of were Bowling Bash and Raid but decided to go with this.
    Reasons being that BB is soooo meta skill right now that a third user of it will probably be not good
    and while raid is also rarely used, the condition to use it can be quite tedious
    especially when you are mobbing and bit more than you can chew.

    How to get/apply this skill for Super Novice?
    Either thru:
    SQI Bonus
    A new card (exclusive for SN only)

    Thanks for your time.

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    Under no circumstance will we add new skills to any class including Super Novice.

    However, don't rule out the possibility of new weapons and/or gears in the future that could add new skills instead when used. For example, there are some Super Novice weapon(s) that are currently not released here that could fill in this need when we get around to adding waves of new content post the SQI update. Pending for now. :)

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