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    We've been getting a lot of people suggesting the same things over and over again. Amongst these are a couple of suggestions that just will not happen on the server.

    Item recoveries, Change of rates, 3rd Classes, Change of skills, Autoloot & Area Pickup, GTB and Maya Purple Card changes

    Any new topics regarding these subjects will be closed.

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    Byorgue card

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    It would be nice to change the byorgue card script to allow classes such as soul linker and ninja to be eligible .

    No need for profs and wizards because they are sufficiently well balanced at the moment 

    thank you for considering my suggestion 😎

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    Ah the Rogue/Stalker Card,    is there not a version like this for super novice already?  pretty sure they added similar cards for each class in the game.   Wouldn't mind some of these changing to add more useful cards in the game though.


    For Others Card Effect: Byorgue card:   If Rogue or Stalker,  Matk +10%, and Atk +10%

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    It seems to me that the GMs had to create cards on the Bangungot Hospital monsters so this would be an opportunity to make one for the ninja or SL.

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    Could be fun to have such card indeed, I would take out more often my Ninja ^^

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