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    eddga card vs endure skill

    Black Metal
    • Declined

    So eddga card overwrite endure skill and i would love if it was the other way around. Eddga is a super cool card, allowing all the class to feel as strong as the mighty swordman, but its detrimental to swordman /sob. The beloved endure skill comes with a super cool 10 mdef bonus but eddga prevents us to use our skill to its full potential that we deserve.
    If we use endure skill and then switch to eddga we loose the mdef bonus (you loose 9 mdef because eddga card gives 1mdef) despite behind hit or not. If we are wearing eddga and use endure, we dont get any mdef bonus but the skill still goes on cooldown. If its not possible, maybe change the script to something like if user has level 5 endure or higher eddga gives level 5 endure.

    The way it is now its as if battle hook which enables pierce level 3 would prevent someone with pierce level 10 to use level 3 as highest possible level.

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