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  • What to not suggest

    We've been getting a lot of people suggesting the same things over and over again. Amongst these are a couple of suggestions that just will not happen on the server.

    Item recoveries, Change of rates, 3rd Classes, Change of skills, Autoloot & Area Pickup, GTB and Maya Purple Card changes

    Any new topics regarding these subjects will be closed.

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    New World Quest Changes

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    As I am working through the Dragon Manteau quest, I am realizing that these quests are RIDICULOUSLY annoying in terms of RNG combined with cooldowns. Specifically, gathering Saphas certifications.  Since the server is lacking two of the 6 NPC's used for Department Quests, you are forced to also attempt documents quests (if you dont want to wait the 23 Hr cooldown on the Department NPCs).  And the Document quests have a chance to give you a 6 hour cooldown when searching the documents (which happened to me on attempt number 1).  This coupled with the extreme difficulty of monsters in the region really makes these quests unnecessarily hard, and luck (or lack thereof) based.  Is there any chance that at the very least, some of these cooldowns can be shortened?




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    Since the server is lacking two of the 6 NPC's used for Department Quests

    We will simply add those two missing NPCs back.

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