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    Pet Movement improve

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    my request and suggestion is the improvement of the pet movement same as our movement, cause when i walking with increase agi or sleipnir or moonlight, the pet fall far behind and it is give a lag when he catching up, and sometimes our character died because that lag when hunting or mobbing and then lose the loyal status from the pet.

    dear GMs, please reconsider to improve it as the same as the master movement just like the movement speed of the bonus pet like blue pouring, that pet can match our fast movement, i just see it someone use that pet in geffenia while he moving fast that pet can follow right behind him.


    best regards,








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    Not sure this is possible.  If so it would be nice.  But have a feeling this would require client modifications which they can't do.

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    It would all depend on how it’s all scripted . I know Homunculus’s  get that speed up effect of sleip or bloody axe  so it may be possible but then homunculus came out after cute pet system so I am not too sure if it would need editing to the client

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    I think same goes to homunculus, sometimes you walk too fast and they get lost forever. you either have to relog or warp or (if they have enough HP) rest and recall

    that's a bit annoying sometimes

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