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  • What to not suggest

    We've been getting a lot of people suggesting the same things over and over again. Amongst these are a couple of suggestions that just will not happen on the server.

    Item recoveries, Change of rates, 3rd Classes, Change of skills, Autoloot & Area Pickup, GTB and Maya Purple Card changes

    Any new topics regarding these subjects will be closed.

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    Unslotting weapons

    Phantom Lancer
    • Declined

    I rmb back during pre-Iduna that for weapon unslotting with more than 1 slots u can choose how many u wanna unslot at a time. Now pre-iduna, u cannot choose. now i understand that it is change to carter for cheaper sqi unslotting but this really hurts ppl who want to unslot 1 card from a non-sqi weapon that has more than 1 card in it. 


    Is it possible to bring back the choice to unslot 1 card in reward guru? I dont see why not.

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