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Found 2 results

  1. The first concert and musician gathering that include performer of violinist, chellist, guitarist, dancer, whipper (Lol) and singer. The composition of the playlist is:- 1-The Apple of Idun 2-A Poem of Bragi 3-Assasin Cross of Sunset 4-Please Don't Forget Me 5-Fortune's Kiss 6-Service for You 7-Dissonance 8-Moonlit Water Mill The performance also include a segment of Frost Joke and a couple of sound discordance (RIP earphone user). The concerto will continue later at designated time and places. Stay tuned ! (LOL cringe post)
  2. Hello TalonRO Peepz! I will be hosting a PvP Tournament Best-of-Class on 2-16-19 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time). Location: Private PvP Room (Spectators welcome) About the tournament: First we will have each class will play 1 v 1 until we have one who beats all from the same class. The winner will be Best-of-Class. This will happen for all the classes. Once we have a Best-of-Class player for each class, there will be a final elimination round* for those who are Best-of-Class! The winner of this will be the PvP Champion. *The final round depends on the classes we will have available at the time of the tournament (To be fair with other classes). Rules: - No health consumables (cwp, cakes, etc.) - No pre-buffs. - MVP Items are allowed (Sorry vanilla players!) Prizes: 1) Each Best-of-Class champion will receive 5 TC. 2) The PvP Champion will receive 20 TC and a Very Rare Costume. Lets make this happen people! Leave IGN and class here for participation. **Note: If a GM can help me out with this (PvP Map) to avoid spectators from attacking each other will be nice! If not its all good we can use a !duel map...
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