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Found 12 results

  1. Complete Portfolio: https://kuraidraws.deviantart.com Game Avatar Names Include Kurai Shonin, [Kurai] and [~Kurai~] if you wish to PM me on the game! Slots open Discord Emoji: 6mil for base, 1-2mil for each emoji after that Digital Sketch: 7 mil Digital Refined Sketch with tones/prominent colours 12mil Digital Colour: Cell Shade: 25m My style chibi 34m*mostly cell shade but with airbrush* waist up 45mil Thigh up (best value) 85m (basic background included) + awesome Background/effects (+40m) Full body: 50m chibi, 90m adult. basic background included. *cost is Per Character. Sketches typically completed within 1 week, colour within 2-3 weeks unless for special occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary/etc.) *armour surcharge may apply. Fluff/fur/scale charge may apply if order is in colour
  2. Hello and welcome! ♥ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !! Disclaimer and Terms of Request !! Art produced by me is considered NSFW and such content with sensitive material will be outlinked to appropriate websites to be accessed only by competent and legal aged persons. No person under 18 may commission sensitive or suggestive material unless legally permissible by persons legal country. By filling out the request form and posting it you are agreeing to these terms. A Brief Overview > I am an ecchi artist, so that's what I'll be drawing primarily, but I do enjoy the occasional non ecchi piece > You choose just how ecchi the piece will be by putting between one to three X's in the form X > Soft ecchi Cute, fluffy, sweet, stuff that makes grandma smile and nod on a Sunday morning XX > Medium ecchi Blushy, flirty, seductive, poses to make the slight of pervy smile XXX > Hard ecchi Bleeding noses, red faces, tight pants, bodily fluids, this is hentai Prices ☻ Prices are guidelines and not fixed, depending on complication OR simplicity of an order, I will raise or lower the price Tiers Defined - are the depictions of the same piece; Clothed, undergarments, or nude. **Anime - 3 Tier Illustration 100 MIL OR 85 TC 3 Tier Skecchi 50M OR 35 TC Includes Nude, Undergarment, and Clothed **Anime - 2 Tier Illustration 2 Tier Skecchi Illustration Nude / Lingerei 55M OR 40 TC Skeechi - 20M OR 15 TC Illustration Clothed / Nude 65M OR 50 TC Skeechi - 25M OR 18 TC Illustration Lingerei / Clothed 75M OR 60 TC Skeechi - 30M OR 20 TC **Anime - 1 Tier Illustration 1 Tier Skecchi Illustration Nude Only 40M OR 30 TC Skeechi - 10M OR 8 TC Illustration Lingerei Only 50M OR 40 TC Skeechi - 15M OR 12 TC Illustration Clothed Only 60M OR 50 TC Skeechi - 20M OR 16 TC *Chibi - 3 Tier Illustration 40M OR 30 TC 3 Tier Skecchi 30M OR 20 TC --------------------------------- Illustration Nude Only 20M OR 15 TC Skeechi - 8M OR 5TC Illustration Undergarment Only 25M OR 17TC Skeechi - 10M OR 8 TC Illustration Clothed Only 30M OR 20TC Skeechi - 15M OR 10 TC ---------------------------------- Payments sent to IGN "A y u" Request Form Slots Illustration Slots < Marly > WIP Anime / 3 Tier < Miyu > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier < Orchestra > Anime / 3 Tier < Iela > Chibi / ?? Skecchi Slots < Aryll > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier < Stell~ > Anime / 3 Tier < Jessu > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier < Mefi > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier Completed Works My OC - Kineko Miyu and Aryll NSFW content in spoiler Side Projects A comic depicting the GMs.. When a group of all powerful Game Masters take for granted their title and position in life as lords of the lands, are suddenly stripped of their powers and turned into beautiful young girls, they have a lot to learn just to survive. NSFW content in spoiler Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
  3. Welcome to Yuyu's pixel art corner! References Get a feel. My pixel arts come in different sizes depending from scene to scene, inspired by my personal liking for perspective photopraphy. They are more inclined towards the kind of art that you would put in a photo frame on your workstation table than to be hung on your wall due to their relatively small sizes. Each pixel art is unique, and thus has its individual caption. Click here to see the pixel art album Art Requests Disclaimer: I'm only making these during my own free time. The production can take from 1 day up to 20 days depending on my schedule and difficulty. My pixel art easily costs (but not limited to) around 500k to 3.5m zeny depending on respective cases. Refer to details below on how you can request a pixel art. Mix & Match Customize your own! Step 1 - Scenery Selection You can either let me decide for you - costs 500k or Provide me with a map name & relevant coordinates - free of charge Step 2 - Character Selection Determine the number of characters - costs 500k per character Include for each character: * In-game nickname * * Job class * * Gender * * Hairstyle number * * Hair color * * Clothes color * Step 3 - Headgear Selection You can choose any obtainable headgear in game - costs 500k per headgear (At the present moment, event headgears are not available. Will be available soon, I hope.) Step 4 - Equipment Selection Mainly weapons and shields with their unique sprite. You can choose any obtainable weapon/shield in game - costs 500k per weapon/shield (At the present moment, not all weapons and shields are available.) Step 5 - Take My Free Time Away Post your customization details in a reply below. If you wish to keep the details in discreet, simply send me a PM and notify me in a reply below with "Details sent in a PM". Current List Priority of order: First come, first registered. First paid, first worked on. I would work on paid commissions first before moving onto unpaid or free ones. Of course, feel free to ask for free arts. List of work Summer season art
  4. Hi! I am opening slots for this month! This will be really cheap too~ Crayon chibi style (5m each character) Sample works: I also make some digital/traditional art with a diff style. Non chibi: 10m/character (i mostly draw sad looking stuff btw haha) Chibi: 7m Background: +5m Additional monster/ pet: +7m Sample works: Thanks! You can also PM me in game, IGN: Reginleifr You can also reach me through Discord: smol rain#9433 I also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anaestheticart/ THANK YOU!
  5. my current shop instead. this is old COMPLETED
  6. ~Luka's Art Commission~ Luka here! Thinking of starting art commission for TC. More info later. You are invited to take a look at my picarto stream meanwhile. >> https://picarto.tv/NerakDraws <<< Commission rates may increase depending on extra characters, background, deadlines and other considerations. By commissioning me, the commissioner accepts my terms of service. The prices of the commissions (I only accept in-game currency such as TC and Zeny) vary depending on the complexity of each drawing, and the time and effort it takes me to finish it. For your convenience, I have categorized my art in "classes" A-F. Terms of service: By commissioning the artist, the commissioner accepts and is bound to abide by these terms. Ilveeo, also known as Nerak, Luka Volkov, the commissioned and the artist will deliver a service of art commissions to the commissioner, expecting on return a payment for the digital art piece in question. The artist will not draw explicit sexual content. * the artist reserves the right to deny services to whoever deemed fit. * The artist expects payment of half the total price of each piece before starting, and the other half at the moment of delivery. *The commissioner can request up to 3 minor edits or corrections once the final sketch has been approved. *Once a piece is delivered and accepted by the commissioner, further corrections cannot be made unless paying an extra fee.* The commissioner has the right to the exclusive use of the image for personal reasons, with the exception of the use of it by the artist on her portfolio. * Given the nature of the Ragnarok Online game and the Talon Ro server, the commissioner can only use the commissioned image commercially if it is inside the game, using in game coins, zeny and items as currency.* Images made by the artist cannot be used for commercial reasons outside of the game. *Extra items, mounts, monsters and pets will add an extra negotiable fee taking into account each individual case* *Extra auras and special effects are included in the final pricing* *color modification and edits are included, as long as it is reasonable* special tRO commission prices are adjusted to consider the in-game currency mode, and thus have been adjusted so. I will only draw RO themed art here. *non-ro art commissions are encouraged to be discussed on my picarto stream* Pricing Currency: 1tc = 1.2M zeny Art examples Slots: D class: Marly Status: Finished ____ E class: PJ Status: Reviewing ________ F class: Nefertina Status: Pending _______ A class: ATypicalNala Status:in progress 50% done _____ A class: Eryu Status: in progress -sketching ____ Stream: Streaming Mon-Sat anytime from 11am - 11pm, Timezone GMT -7
  7. Hi there! I'm new to tRO and would like to be open to do art for in game currency/items, but since I'm new I don't know the going rate! how much do you think I could ask for the following: digital sketch: Digital colour Pencil sketch and copics
  8. Hi, hi! I'm Doodelation with my boyfriend, Leo Cancer and we decided to open an art shop together! Here are some of the things we made for fun: If you like our art, then you can reply on this thread or message us Were open to drawing characters, pets, monsters, and its fully customizable! Its gonna probably cost 12 M per drawing and you can pay us in zenny or TC, So yeah please buy our artsu!! Love love, Edit: We're opening up 3 slots for this month. 1) Bob 2) OPEN 3) OPEN
  9. Hi! We are open for commissions! Since we are just starting ing and we're new here (in forum) it'll just be cheap. We can do traditional (sketches and linearts, you can have someone else color it XD) and digital. Pencil Sketches - 3M / 3TC Rain's Half Body Chibis - 5TC Inked Linearts half body - 7M / 7TC Chibi Lineart - 5M / 5TC Colored Chibi - 7M / 7TC Full Color half body - 10M / 10TC Full Color full body - 15M / 15TC (all are per character) Just message us or send me a mail, IGN: Niniane PS. You can commission us other stuff too. /grins Just PM us and let us know what you want. Here are some of the artworks we've done since 2009 up to 2018. I hope you like them. http://kayoshi012.deviantart.com/ http://kajuen77.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/anaestheticart/ Finished Commish: Jieeya | My Wife for Hire | Jieeya | Novalolly | Jezzi | Jezzi Rain's Chibis:
  10. so many supportive people i just need a week to catch up my lovelies then i'll be back to offer u more in time for christmas Average Price: 12m. Extra if headgear/armor/feathers/pets are complicated :3c Enjoy your stay~! @Cassidy
  11. Hey guys! good to know that there is an art corner here If you guys like what you see just let me know I'll only be doing in game characters Chibi = 5m/5tc Headshot = 15m/15tc IGN = Rikkon you can view my sample below or you can checkout my art here https://rikkon.deviantart.com/ Just for the heck of it, I'll be making a random fanart for a random GM each month SLOT(S) I'll only be doing 5 art at a time to pace myself, don't want to overbook, that's a no-no for sure. just tell me what you want, what you really-really want and i'll do my darndes to do it for you 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hope you guys like my work! GM of the month: AUGUST: GM ZELDA Reason: 1st GM i encountered xD SAMPLES head shot sample no i'm not gonna make something like this, i'm just showcasing it xD
  12. Hey! This is a MLPRO fanwork section. I do flat cells to paintings, and I'm happy to share my work with others so long as others are happy to share in return. I draw both in the MLP original style and my own MLP twist humanoid style. You're more than welcome to inquire about the two of them. Even if you're not much of a MLP fan, to a point you probably think this post is creepy, I welcome thee into my corner of the world anyways. ♥ Ponies In the original MLP style, this is what I draw in 99% of the time. ♥ Not Ponies ♥ Not ponies! Probably more up your guy's alley. My humanoid artwork. I'm a painter, so this is my usual work with humanoids when I'm not doodling super happy ponies. ( or painting terribly dramatic ponies ) These are Notdots, they're here for no apparent reason right now. ♥ ♥ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ THIS IS NOTHING --------------------------------------------------- My DA ; HoofBeatDriven My Instagram ; HoofBeat
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