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Found 49 results

  1. Rain's Crayon Chibis

    Hi! I am opening slots for this month! This will be really cheap too~ Crayon chibi style (5m each character) Sample works: I also make some digital/traditional art with a diff style. Non chibi: 10m/character (i mostly draw sad looking stuff btw haha) Chibi: 7m Background: +5m Additional monster/ pet: +7m Sample works: Thanks! You can also PM me in game, IGN: Reginleifr You can also reach me through Discord: smol rain#9433 I also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anaestheticart/ THANK YOU!

    Message to sign up for the waiting list, plz include references and what you're interested in <3 Complete Portfolio: http://dark-merchant.deviantart.com/ Game Avatar Names Include Kurai Shonin, [Kurai] and [~Kurai~] if you wish to PM me on the game! Slots open Digital Sketch: 7 mil Digital Refined Sketch with tones/prominent colours 12mil Digital Colour: Cell Shade: 25m My style chibi 34m*mostly cell shade but with airbrush* waist up 45mil Thigh up (best value) 85m (basic background included) + awesome Background/effects (+40m) Full body: 50m chibi, 90m adult. basic background included. *cost is Per Character. Sketches typically completed within 1 week, colour within 2-3 weeks unless for special occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary/etc.) *armour surcharge may apply. Fluff/fur/scale charge may apply if order is in colour
  3. Latif's Art Shop IGN : 1. Al-Latif 2. Eilif Confused by the title? no worries! I will explain! by long words... So... Bad news for me My wait-list still empty I realized I need material for drawing more than I need zeny So I opened new shop with new system... Here it is! I will take 5 slots first until the end of the month... and see how things work... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Past commissions
  4. Hello! I'm a bit shy so... oh boy, here we go. Maybe I should start by saying that English isn't my first language, so I'm sorry if I sound weird sometimes. I've been on TalonRo for 2 years now (wow!), RO has been my first MMO and this place is the best to delve back into the nostalgia everytime I feel like it. As I said I'm a bit shy, so I don't talk a lot, but I appreciate our kind community very much. As I'm playing more often these days again I've wanted to try my hands at some commissions. I wanna improve my drawing processes and there's still so much I wanna collect (´・ω・`) I'm still so unsure on what I can charge, but the prices below are what I feel comfortable with. (Rate: 1 TC = 1.2m Zeny) » Chibis ! 1. Digitally 15 TC / 18m Zeny | Here are some examples I made: (Creator: Commission for hazelae) 2. Traditionally 20 TC / 24m Zeny | You can choose if you'd like it done in watercolour (left) or with copic markers (right): » Not so chibi ? 35 TC / 42m Zeny | Waist-ups + digitally only for now. (Sniper: Commission for Mei Magnolia) View all finished commission pieces here If you'd like a slot, please reply below and I'll add you to the list! I'll need the following information from you to start working, preferably send to me per PM: (this template was sneakily altered & inspired by all you other great artists on here ;u;) IGN: Sprite / screenshot / art reference: Preferred style: [Chibi digitally / traditionally (water colour / copics) or waist-up] Preferred personality / expression / pose: Preferred payment method: [TC or Zeny - as time zones + schedules can be tricky you might prefer sending Zeny via Mailbox NPC for a quicker processing, but that's up to you!] Other details: [Anything you'd like to have added or different from the provided reference (eye colour, hairstyle, headgear, other colours etc.) ?] I'll tell you separately again, but please send the payment to my money bank blacksmith, IGN: Nerril » Slots, wait list & progress Slot 01: Mefiliae Slot 02: Bobito Slot 03: Naght Waiting 01: runningmudo Waiting 02: amii. Waiting 03: LieO Waiting 04: GM Zelda Waiting 05: [locked] Thanks so much for checking this out. If you have feedback of any kind, I'd love to hear it. Also, I hope I didn't mess up the links of the images |D" I just uploaded them to imgur...
  5. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Hi everyone! I've just joined TalonRO last April 2017 and this is the first time I've known of this art side of the forum. I was amazed of how great everyone here draws and I've thought why not try it too! haha! Actually I've been waiting for drawing contests at Talon and this Postcard Art Contest opened the door for me to showcase my talent. Many liked my art so I got really excited about it. I'm clueless about the rules and how you pay for the art, so maybe you could help me how we can solve our little problems and how to price reasonably I will accept Talon Coins, Zenny, Headgears, Cards, Shoes and Weapons. I am so NOOB about this so help me guys.. I m also a Painter so if you want a realistic art style, I could do it for you ;D How about we start at 8-15TC for a character half body - whole body:) Some might say it's cheap but I just really enjoy knowing that my drawings makes you happy too ^___^ If you are interested on my art, just comment here your character's picture (good resolution enough for my poor eyes to see), poses you want (headshot/half body/full body), color of the eyes, facial expressions and some details about your beloved character (like if he's funny or cute and lovable). Oh and of course, I will only draw TalonRO themed characters and pets<3 Here are some of my works:) Thank you all!
  6. ohseok's art corner

    hello everyone. i don't have idea how to start a professional and serious topic but here we go. I'm ohseok and im new on the server : ) I don't know what to say, idk i really suck at this, even in real life orz. forgive me for my bad social skills. I was looking for some friends or clients, both are welcome x) I don't do headshots or non-full body stuff because i think my strenght is in the body itself, not the faces! I'll add full composition examples and prices soon, with backgrounds/effects SLOTS : CLOSED FOR THE MOMENT. 5 SLOTS TAKEN :c EXAMPLES: Since i don't draw RO characters usually(or anime either), i don't have more examples for now. eventually i'll add more FULL BODY character (c) Orchestra Single character price is 30M or 30 talon coins, Full body and fully shaded. You can choose the pose if you want. If you want a couple, ask me! I CAN DRAW: Male Female Robots, armors (my poor hands) NSFW/SFW If you are interested, leave a comment below! im starting to regret SORRY IF MY ART ISNT THAT gOOD FOR THIS
  7. Welcome to Kino's Litte Art Shop~ Current Status:Open / Closed Hello~ I am pretty new to TalonRO though I've been around for awhile. Busy with school and stuff really kills me from playing and getting good gears, so with persuasion from friends in my old guild, I decided to take up the challenge and try this out. I realized that not many offer cartoon-ish??? kind of style so I thought I'll offer my kind of style up to see whether there's market here. Also, gives me a good opportunity to put up some stuffs for my portfolio for school Huehuehue. So what can I offer you? I'm glad you ask~ 1. Chibi Emoticon 6M / 6 TC 2. Head shot icon 15M/ 16TC (with action extra 1M/1TC) 3. Waist shot 30M /30 TC (complicated details a little extra) WAIT! There's more because I realized everyone offer's digital art. I would like to see if Traditional Medium art is worth anything so here you go~ 1. Watercolour (Bust Shot and Waist Shot available) 2. Gouache (Headshots only) If you want to commission me for traditional medium, please join my commission discord server to know the prices. I can't offer zeny prices because the originals will be shipped to you if you want the original art piece! Since they say can't use real money here, so please do check out my discord server! If you're interested in commissioning me, please do fill out the following~ If possible please do send the fill-up form to my discord channel under Commission Form Submission if not comment below if you don't have discord. Process of Commission - I will only start when full payment is made to Kandelya - I will give you the draft and allow you to make a maximum of 2 revisions. - To keep up to date and to check out the progress please join my Commission Discord Server! as I want to prevent people from stealing and taking works. I will not upload high resolution works here. Slots/Waitlist/Progress 1. Iela [Chibi Emoticon/ 0% / Fully Paid] 2. Sound [ Waist Shot x2/ 0% / Fully Paid ] 3. Jieeya [Chibi Emoticon /0 %/ Fully paid] 4. 5. Waiting List 1. Kanom [ Waist shot (Anime style) ] 2. Yuren [ Waist shot ] 3. Bear [Chibi Emoticon ] Last two: Kanom [Chibi Emoticon] THANK YOU ~ Interested in supporting my works? Visit me at Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | Ko-fi
  8. // SeasaltCaramel's Art Stand \\ Current Status: Open / Closed Hello! I recently just started playing RO again and have quickly realized that being squishy really sucks, so I need to get my life together and start investing in some decent equipment! Unfortunately I don't have much when it comes to funds, so I thought I would start an art shop to get the ball rolling. Examples: 1st Row: Head Shot 2nd Row: Bust-Up 3rd Row: Waist-Up 4th Row: Full-Body Prices & Types: * Please note that this is for a single character. If you want more than 1, please contact for more details. * Head Shot : 6m zeny / 6 TC Bust-Up : 11m zeny / 12 TC Waist-Up : 15m zeny / 16 TC Full-Body: 25m zeny / 30 TC I also do full-body, but we would need to discuss those beforehand. How Does It Work?: If you're interested in purchasing yourself a drawing, please fill out the following: After I agree to your request and put you in one of the available slots, please send the first half of the payment to Ellerey. I will start the drawing process and send you a sketch. You are allowed up to two (2) revisions. At each stage I will PM you a progress picture, to let you know what it looks like as we go along. Once completed, I will send you a watermarked and resized version for your approval. Please send the second half of the payment to Ellerey. After the payment goes through, I will send you the high resolution, un-watermarked version. Slots: 1. Mefiliae 2. GM Zelda 3. Yoshimi 4. LieO Thank you! ♦♦♦ If you're interested in seeing my other work, you can see them at: instagram / tumblr
  9. Uhh... hiya. I'm kinda new to the server and well, I've been a little unproductive since I started so I thought maybe I'd do some drawings for you guys? That... that sounds about right, yeah. So err... I offer (prices have been updated after some advice): 5 million zeny for a full body sketch. 3m zeny for a half body. 1m zeny for a bust. +1m per additional character, +500k for rough colour. I won't start on the sketch until we've agreed on the quote. :'o Some samples, I guess: You can find more of my work here or... here. Slots: 1. Nazu [payment received; queued] 2. Yuren Waiting: 1. LieO 2. GM Mimi 3. Cherrios 4. Amissapanda - I... guess that's it. I'm a little shy about these kinda things, but setting this up's a step forward maybe. I hope you guys like. Oh, and you can reach me in game through Hligg or -Hligg. More on the latter lately... I've been leveling the alchemist biochemist. Thanks.
  10. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    i hope you like puns :> my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition I still have my newbie status, but finally decided to do this while I still have the courage to-- Howdy, TalonRO! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. That being said, it's only been a few days since I've first logged in (I've shamefully forgotten almost every command and underestimated some monsters ultimately leading to my countless deaths), but I hope to meet more of you cool leaf cats in-game and look forward to be able to use this little art corner to share some drawings of my adventures here on this server whenever I can. I'll start off with an art of Ardinda! She just turned Super Novice thanks to an awesome guildie's help (shoutout to IGN Holiday Roll!) and I just finished this today. Aaand on to my shop section! Since I'm still a big loser and very much gearless to the core, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer: Single half body character, cel-shaded commissions for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each - I will work one at a time, but I'll provide a waitlist if necessary! These are samples of commissions I've done, so you can expect the final result to be more or less like these: If you're interested, do Sharp Shoot me a reply down below and I'll get back to you with the details I need! Working Slots / Waiting List / Current Progress % Slot #01: Kisuka* x 6 (80% - paid) Slot #02: GM Luna x 4 (0%) Slot #03: Restless x 2 (0% - paid) Waitlist #01: M a s h i` Desu Waitlist #02: Iela Waitlist #03: (anon) Waitlist #04: amii. Waitlist #05: Natalis Waitlist #06: Aspartame Waitlist #07: Stell~ Waitlist #08: runningmudo Waitlist #09: Cherrios Waitlist #10: GM Havoc Waitlist #11: Vivikuri Waitlist #12: LieO Waitlist #13: GM Mimi Waitlist #14: Sephyyy Waitlist #15: Marly Waitlist #16: GM Elixia Waitlist #17: Orchestra Waitlist #18: Yuren Waitlist #19: GM Venus Thank you so much for your time and looking - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art~
  11. Ari's Art Shop [CLOSED]

    Hello and welcome to my art shop! You can order a painting with your characters in digital/traditional watercolor technique. I'm a newbie on this server, and I've just discovered I don't even have enough zeny for arrows, so I decided to take some art commissions I didn't even know such possibility exists!! I'm super excited about it! ◊Prices◊ ◊Additional info◊ ◊Rules◊: - Payment is required before I start drawing; - If you are willing to make an order, please, PM me; - Deadlines may be different for each painting, depending on various factors; - I will send you progress pictures at each steps, including sketches; - Not exactly a rule, but (if you'd like) I can also paint in a more anime-like art style, since I love it too - If during the process you suddenly want to change something significantly, the price will be higher. - Prices may differ. If you want me to paint your character, just PM me with the following information! Nickname: Eye color: Character reference: (a screenshot from the game, for example) Names of the accessories (headgears): Portrait, half-body or full-body Other useful information: (character's personality, the feeling you want to get from the drawing, what background you'd like me to draw, etc.) --------------------- If you still have any questions - I'm always ready to answer it! >w0
  12. YO !! So this is the first time for me selling through RO but I am familiar with the general gist of things! I'm offering up some sketchy chibis and thigh highs! Please use this form if you're interested in getting some art! Please excuse my non RO samples!! if you'd like to see more samples or my other stuff you can find it all on my Twitter ! Chibis 15 TC | 16 MIL Thigh Highs SALE~!! 15 TC || 10 MIL
  13. Shop for heads

    Hiya guys~ Sorry for the wait~ Anyway, I will be offering headshots here for 25m/TC each. (+5m/TC for complicated gears) I'll be opening for 2 slots for now. Feel free to post refs here or via pm. It'll be great if you can tell me the personality of you character also. Please see below for sample. Thanks very much for looking ;D
  14. oh hai :V [FULL]

    hello! I'm open for commission wheeeeee plshelpfundmyobsessionwithheadgears currently i'll be offering 25M/25TC for or you can post here or pm me with ref of your character, such as eye and skin color, personality, etc if you have of them :} thank you for looking! - finished commissions - ps pps ppps
  15. Nowzee's Arts[OPEN]

    Howdy guys! Welcome to my art corner. I'm opening commissions for 20m/tc for chibi drawings with simple background. Currently 2 slots open. here are samples: Other drawings. ------------------------------------------------------------ My DA: https://nowzee.deviantart.com/ My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nowzeee/
  16. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    Edit: I won't be able to accept new commissions at the moment due to being busy IRL but I'll do my best to finish the list of commissions that I have now. When I have more time in the future, I'll re-open for new commissions In the meantime, feel free to upload your characters here for my practice session. I'll do those free doodles from time to time when I have the time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! The name's Nox and welcome to my art shop! I will be offering two kinds of services; one for zeny / TC and the other one without charge. So, I have divided this post into a commission section and a practice section whoo! Please scroll down below for the right details. COMMISSION SECTION Half-body artworks for 20 mil / 20 TC per art. It'll be a single character without background like these samples below: If you're interested, please reply or PM me with the following details: Your IGN (to keep track of payment) Character sprite or art reference Hair colour Eye colour Brief personality Other detail (anything at all you'd like to add) Once I have responded to you, please send payment to my IGN Nayrue and I will work on your commission right away! Slots Available: @Arya [in progress] PRACTICE SECTION I'm making time for myself nowadays to improve my drawing skills so I've decided to open a new section; for practice! This is completely free. If you're interested in being my target practice, post as many characters as you want with a brief description here and I will choose some at random to draw as a challenge I may or may not draw everyone though, so please don't get offended if I overlook yours The drawings will be a sketchy chest shot of the character(s) that I've chosen like the sample below: Of course, if you'd like a better quality picture, feel free to commission me instead I will do my best to draw for you! Check out more of my stuff at noxism @ tumblr and noxism @ deviantart If you have any questions at all, just ask away in the thread; thank you for your time!
  17. Hello My name is Jin! Please to meet you ! and welcome to my Art Shop! I am quite new to this whole commission thing , as i might make some mistakes on the info, I decided to open an art shop because i am trying to earn some money to make myself some of my dream SQIs and to also gain EXP to draw and color better! Please note that i am still a Artist in training so i'm very sorry if the finishing drawings are disappointing !! (_ _(/) Info : --------------------------------- Canvas Size For all : 1000 x 1200 Pixel [it might be re-adjust later on] Head Shot Commission Price will be 10m / 10 TC The BG will only be white The Payment can be Before or After its up to you ! To Mail me the payment please send a mail to *Jin* thank you ! --------------------------------- If Your interested in buying please comment or Message me the info ! --------------------------------- 1) Send me your character reference such as [Eye color , perhaps hair color also , along with the gear information] 2) If you or someone had drawn your character before especially the hair please do send it to me as i will use it as reference. 3) The Payment can be Before and After depends on you . Please READ ! Slight Problems. Due to lack of experience of drawings i am very sorry about what i can't draw. 1) I might not be able to draw some hats especially armored types but if you request it i will try my best to give you the result! 2) I might not be able to draw lower gears like G.pipe due to lack of EXP but again same as (1) i will try my best! Slots Open/Available : [1] [2] [3] Waiting List : [1] [2] [3] Possible Asked Questions Thank You For Checking My Art Shop !
  18. So... Hi! I didn’t have any idea this kind of thing existed in these forum. I’m so naive… xD Manners, let me present myself… Making things short: I am a student of design and I like to draw stuff. I have been studying drawing and painting for about 5 years more or less and it's one of my greatest passions. I like Photoshop very much, as the tool to make my art and to edit any kind of image in general. In addition, I’ve discovered I can sell art here! Very cool indeed. --------------------------------------------------------------- However, there is a little problem, if you see it as a problem. Ragnarok art style is a vein that I have explored only a little bit in the past. I miss drawing something more like anime/manga for a time, and this is the opportunity I needed to use as an excuse to approach and explore more this kind of style. But let me make things clear… My style is a bit too free… and I most of the time have ended up doing my own style instead of some recipe of anime style… Even when I try to emulate these kind of aesthetics. So… If you want to adventure and invest your shiny zeny in my drawings, keep that stuff in mind. xD EXAMPLE AND WALLPAPER... WELL, I DID FOR THE SUMMER CONTEST(FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD): http://orig14.deviantart.net/7032/f/2015/204/c/e/banner_talon_by_jp_vilela-d92kz16.png So… I will make a test drive, and make some pieces to test if I can keep up with the commissions. Off course, you can browse throughout my DA gallery to see my previous stuff: http://jp-vilela.deviantart.com/gallery/ And this are stuff i already did for people here: Edumund, for Xiel || Zelda, for Herself lol Charge!, for Vee Pally Trio, for Ayra ] Ice Queen, for Kez Exorcist, for Uriel Rose, for Iela Beside You, for Nala --------------------------------------------------------------- | 3 slots | Closed Accepting TCs, 1 m = 1 TC Portrait/Bust: 13 m each // + 8 m additional character // + 3 m for armored classes (blank or very simple backgound collor) Full Body: 16 m each // + 10 m additional character // + 3 m for armored classes (blank or very simple backgound collor) With Background: + 8 million. Prices for more simple drawings can be negociated via P.M There's an additional cost for pets & weapons, depends on complexity. Stuff I need to know to start: Screenshot: Headgears: Eye color: *Pose: You can leave this blank if you don't have anything in mind. *Age: (i know it's a littleee bit relative, but if you want your character to seem a bit younger or older it's a nice plus to make it look unique). *Personality: To give-me more hints about how to make the best representation of your character. --------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I'm good with armored classes! But it takes more time to draw them… xD Note 2: Ive copied the price part fron other topics because I don’t have much idea of how much I should ask for the commissions. Thanks other topics! Note 3: Sorry for the my engrish. --------------------------------------------------------------- Not convinced? Here, some Glowing Testimonials: “Tell me son, will this drawing thing get you some money?” – My Mom “Of course! Don’t you see my equips?!” – Me “So fast! Thanks jp! OMG IT IS SOOOO AWESOME!” -Xiel “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS THIS LOOKS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thanks so much! ” - Knightess Vee “OMFG. The details. Their expressions. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Definitely going to be my wallpaper.” – Ayra. “I can tell how much effort you've put into this and I really appreciate it. ” – Kez "They look so amazing...I love the pattern on her dress...Really really really WORTH the wait........ " - ATypicalNala.
  19. Hi! My friends and I started playing here a few days ago, so @Arcelle and I thought it might be nice to set up an art shop (we're in desperate need of hats, and we have no equipment, hehe)! So... joint art shop, since both of us were too chicken to do this alone (and I'm the one posting, since I'm leeching off of her priest)! 1 TC = 1.2m Zeny Arcelle Mistreil http://artcelle.tumblr.com/ http://mistreil.tumblr.com/ Chibis 20 TC Non-chibis Waist-up: 50 TC Lightly-coloured Headshot: 10 TC Waist-up: 20 TC Full-body: 30 TC Stickers 15 TC +2 TC for each additional expression Arcelle's Art Chibis Non-chibis* Mistreil's Art Lightly-coloured Stickers Fully-coloured* * If prices aren't listed for something you'd like, then either ask or make an offer (bribes!!) If you're commissioning one of us, please post in this thread with the following information: Your IGN What you're commissioning (e.g. "Chibi from Arcelle" or "Headshot/waist-up/full-body from Mistreil") Payment (e.g. TC or Zeny) References for your character (e.g. screenshots, other art; written descriptions are helpful too, so we can get their personality right!) Commissions may take anywhere from a few hours to a week (or more if there's a lot to get through)! We'll be drawing in our spare time/while leeching off each other, but feel free to ask us about the status of your commission!
  20. SpaceChip's Meep Morp

    SpaceChip's Meep Morp Hello everyone and welcome to my art thread! I've been playing TalonRO for 3 months now(close to being 4) and I am so surprised there are so many inspirational arts here :D. I've been wanting to share my art to everyone just so that I can be open to all of you and wanting to build up some confidence for me to be a better artist! So i was thinking I too can do this kind of stuff but i am not confident enough with my skills to do so. Well the time is now to offer some commissions! Things that you need to do and know before buying: 1. Talk to me It's better to communicate with people and it helps me to know what you would like me to draw to your character or random OCs that you would like me to create and also i can do some expressions for your character(Expressions like Happy, Sad, Pleased, Angry, Confused, Tired, Shocked/Surprised, Irritated, Wtf?!, Triumph, Fear, Bereft, Flirty, Serious, Silly, Hollow/Blank, Incredulous, Confident, Fierce, Despondent/Pouty, Drunk, Rage, Sarcastic, Disgusted, Ill/Nauseous). Also if you want me to make your character like "The Expressionless" that will be really weird for me to draw lol. 2.Give me time I'm really busy with college stuff but from time to time I do my work while i'm in class. I wish i could kick time in the balls to slow it down or have those "Wanted: The Movie people" powers that they have. 3.Finalize your decision Pretty straightforward but yes this is really important cause i don't want to experience it in the middle of the progression. 4.Chips we want some animation!! I've been thinking about it that i want to sell my animation to everyone buuuuuuut....... I need to know if I can handle it. I'll think about it more if I am confident enough to start selling animations! 5.Do you draw hentai? ............................. 6.Say something here in the thread after you talk to me So that i can remember the transaction cause god bless my brain for being a forgetful creature. Size Drawing Addings(Familiars,pets,etc.) Colored Specific Dimensions S Upper body[5m] Full body[10m] +3m(If i can squeeze it in) Double the price 600x400 or 400x600 M Upper body[10m] Full body[15m] +5m Double the price 900x1000 or 1000x900 L Upper body[15m] Full body[20m] +7m Double the price 1500+x1500+(Something that will suit me to go even further beyond) Animation(Coming Soon!) Slots 0. Jessu (In Progress) 1. Elyt 2. Dreamsprite Finished 1. Tak & Lacri So far this are some of the example works that i wanted to show(for now): (Drawings w/o Color!) (Drawings w/ Colors!) (Animation) (Right Click video>Loop) Coming Soon! (Hentai) Not Coming Soon! Contact: 1.Guild Spot "Nenkaras" 2.Discord "SpaceChips #2442" 3.Message my character "Clitoria" or "SpaceChips"
  21. σ(^∀^)o Hello everyone~! I thought I'd present myself by meandering into the art thread as an introductory post ~ My name is Callia and I'm the exemplary definition of a centenarian 'oldschool' iRO player. I recently started playing again after nostalgia struck me right in the shinzou and now I've found myself crash landing into this magical community. ♥ I look forward to sharing some of my coco-esque art style with you fluffies and meeting some of you in-game! Now without further delay I present to you my art boutique~! ▶ 10M Zeny ◀︎ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ [Please send me PM with these details:] IGN: Class: Eye Colour: Hair Colour: Headgear / Accessories: Personality / Description: Screenshots of your Character (Preferably in all angles): *Optional* Additional References (Other Art Commissions of the character from other Artists, etc) ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ • Each commission will take roughly from 2 weeks up to a month+ depending on how busy I am • • Finished Art Commissions will be sent upon Payment. • The payment is to be given prior to sending of the final soft copy or when your request is around 80-90% complete. I shall send you a note when your [Work In Progress] preview is ready and we can discuss payment details further. ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ [Slots are now ▶ FULL ] ಥ_ಥ
  22. Hey here, welcome to my art thread :3 I'm still struggling with the forum functions, so please excuse me if my thread is weird xD' PRICES 20TC/25M per character (chibi) +4TC/5M simple background +4TC/5M simple pet (see some other (old) art stuff by me here) SLOTS jessu Natalis HOW TO ORDER Form: in-game name: references: details (scars, freckles, etc.): other (poses, expressions, etc.): extras (pet, bg) Fill out the order form and post it in this thread or PM it to me.I'll confirm whether I'll take on your commission and give you a slot on the pending list. Once you've made your payment (half or full upfront) I will start with your commission. The illustration should be done within one or two weeks depending on how busy I am.You'll be notified by PM when your illustration is ready. You may ask for small changes to be made (e.g. color changes) OTHER STUFF You may not redistribute, claim the art as your own work or make profits out of it. I have the right to reject commissions. If I feel I cannot finish your commission for whatever reason, I will contact you and you will receive full refund.
  23. CHECK LAST PAGE FOR UPDATES Cheebs: 1) Kuri/Vivi 2) Yuusha 3) 4) Prices vary depending on a number of factors that include complexity and type of commission. I try to keep single character drawings under 20m. You can post here or PM me for a quote. I use watercolors, Copic markers, colored pencils, and ink. I have a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium and I use mainly photoshop, but I have OC, SAI, and lots of others. Sometimes I draw on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. (If you have any questions about these tools let me know! I'd love to help.) reirasaurus dot tumblr dot com
  24. Doll Atelier ((CLOSED))

    Hello, Art Wolves~ Doll Atelier is now open and making its comeback with the special “Winter Edition”! I won’t be opening my usual commission, instead, I present to you… these bootiful “Headshot” and “Paired HS”! You can use both for the forum signature or anything you’d like. The Paired HS doesn’t necessarily have to be a couple, it can be your best friend or anything you’d like to be paired of, lol. You can order them for yourself, or as a gift. Each person may book one slot from each category, meaning you can order one (each) from Headshot and Paired HS sections. I only accept zeny as payment because TC’s price keeps changing. Headshot costs you 10M while Paired HS costs 15M. Both will be finished (the latest) a month after your first / half payment comes in. Since they’re Headshots, I’m just gonna draw your char’s head and their headpiece, plus the scarf / shawl of your choosing. And, this is important, if you have long hair, I’ll shorten them up a bit or bend it in any way that makes it less awkward, since I (I’m sure you do too) don’t want the Headshot to look like Dullahan's Missing Head a floating head. I also have the right to tucked the long hair into the scarf if the two previous methods doesn’t work, like one of the sample above. Believe me, it looks cuter. I work on order. The sooner you finished the requirements, the sooner you get your drawing. Now, onto the slot… Headshot (1 more slot!): 1. Orchestra 2. Cubee 3. Bear 4. Bear 5. Bobito 6. Juys 7. Jessu 8. Lizz 9. Lizz 10. Mr Pink Manatee Paired HS (FULL): 1. Kisuka 2. Baby Miku 3. Novalolly 4. Jessu 5. Bear How to book a slot? Simply comment here. When you’re listed, imma pm you the form and you’ll have a day to fill it so I can work asap (ofc it’s okay if you need more time, just let me know). Once you filled the form and we agreed on everything, please send half of the payment to “D-for-Doll” or meet me ig if you feel insecure about posting the zeny ^^ If you’re too lazy to mail / meet me the second time, or afraid that you’ll be away during the second payment, then you can just mail / pay me the full payment the first time. I will get the job done, you can have my word. Alrighty then, thank you for stopping by the atelier. I hope you have a good time here. Happy gaming! PS: Keep your eyes open for December 1st because I might open a special comission
  25. Mitchi's artsu - 1 slot open

    Hi, I'm back from the dead. I can draw all classes: 1st, 2nd, trans, 3rd, 3rd with alternative clothing. Chibi Face: 5m or 4tcs Full body: 15m or 13tcs *per character* *extra costs for armored characters* Manga Bust: 20m or 15tcs Full body: 30m or 25tcs *per character* *extra costs will be charged for armored characters* Semi Realism Bust: 40m or 35tcs Full body: 60m or 50tcs *per character* *extra costs will be charged for armored characters* Slot(s) 1 Natalis 2 Reference sheet Character's name, age, personality, likes, dislikes; reference photos: front, side, back of character, their headgears and weapons; what you would like and how. How this works mail me your reference sheet i will send you previews of your desired choice i will only allow 2 major changes, any additional changes will cost extra once you are happy with the watermarked final, send your full payment to "- Four -" i will send you the illustration without any watermarks