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Found 53 results

  1. fumiddition

    █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    i hope you like puns :> my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition Howdy, TalonRO! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. That being said, it's only been a few days since I've first logged in (I've shamefully forgotten almost every command and underestimated some monsters ultimately leading to my countless deaths), but I hope to meet more of you cool leaf cats in-game and look forward to be able to use this little art corner to share some drawings of my adventures here on this server whenever I can. This is Ardinda! She just turned Super Novice thanks to an awesome guildie's help (shoutout to IGN Holiday Roll!) and I just finished this today. On to my shop section! Since I'm very addicted to the beautiful costumes on this server and want to own some of them, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer: Single half body character, cel-shaded commissions for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each - I will work one at a time, but I'll provide a waitlist if necessary! These are samples of commissions I've done, so you can expect the final result to be more or less like these: If you're interested, do Sharp Shoot me a reply down below and I'll get back to you with the details I need! Working Slots / Waiting List / Current Progress % Slot #01: Iela x 4 (10% - paid) Slot #02: Natalis x 3 (0% - 2/3 paid) Slot #03: Vivikuri x 4 (40% - paid) Slot #04: Sephyyy x 2 (0%) Slot #05: LieO (awaiting references) Next Slots: (anon), runningmudo, GM Havoc (awaiting reply) Waitlist #01: Marly Waitlist #02: GM Elixia Waitlist #03: Orchestra Waitlist #04: Yuren Waitlist #05: GM Venus Waitlist #06: Naght Waitlist #07: (anon) Thank you so much for your time and looking - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art~
  2. Hello there! I am camping back in art corner again and I'm not alone (colored semi-full chibi) Check out my past commissions on the link below. ilya's art tent - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Slots: | OPEN | CLOSE | FULL | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Prices:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Order Form:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Leave a reply to this thread or send a private message @ilya ☆ if you're interested. I'll receive the 50% of the payment before the commission after inquiry. VIA MAIL IGN: Merchie Ilya First camp first serve.
  3. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Latif's Art Thread IGN : 1. Al-Latif 2. Eilif Dumping Art because I love this forum If you want to buy commission from me, leave a comment or send me a PM, that'd be fun You can post critique, or anything here, even your own artwork if you want We can discuss or whatever :v I'll post something from time to time to get this thread going, I'm still here in talonro forum and won't going anywhere (even though I'm not playing tRO atm) Past commissions
  4. (Before we start, I know this offer is a gray area but I have clarified it's validity with GM Zelda on Discord) Hi my name is Zeon and I'm a music producer I can't draw as well as the people in community and I really want to share my art and also Ahaha rake in some Zenies/Game Items like the others here (if that's possible) anyway I want to share my portfolio and what I'm offering ( I'VE HYPER LINKED ALL OF MY WORK AND ARTICLES CORRESPONDINGLY) I go by 2 names U-pistol (fka Ulzzang Pistol) and Moon Mask -U-pistol specializes on : J-pop, K-indie and C-pop -Moon mask is more on english neo new wave My work has been frequently used on Vlogs as well like this one anyway if you liked what you heard here are some things that I'm offering : I can do short scoring for people who need BGM or OSTs on a project a full-on song production//remix for song writers who want to try out bringing their works to life, sound logos ( here's an example of what a sound logo is [not by me btw]) or heck I can even write a song for you [this one was for an art zine called "metempsychosis"(SFW) by FAKKU (NSFW) featuring artists renowned like Shintaro Kago] if you're down to work our currency is obviously in Zeny / item trade ( if you have a ventus egg you know what it do) PLS ZENIES AND IN GAME ITEMS ONLY Prices start at 15m (Increase is Depending on the length and intensity of what you're asking me to do) my guarantee of completion is between 5-10days depending on the intensity of the request but I will do my best to commit to it ASAP, payment is obviously after I finish the track. I know its a long shot to put up this kind of service on art corner but this is the only art form I'm relatively "good" at, so if you're an aspiring vlogger, singer or whatever than needs music hit me up, TalonRO keeps me happy and occupied when I'm not touring or doing shows it also keeps me away from rancid and toxic social media outlets , but it can get really addicting to me, but hey if i can use it to motivate my self to keep stretching my production muscles then why not? if you're interested and still not convinced of my legitimacy heres a few articles by : NERDIST, THE FADER, THE 405, CNN, VICE Thank you and love ya!
  5. Hello fellow artists and art lovers. Nice to meet you! Info about me: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ So I've been bouncing around from server to server since early 2000's; Low rates, high rates and official servers. After quitting IRO for a few years, I went searching for another place to call home and stumbled upon TalonRO. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the customization but I decided to download it anyways and give it a try. I must say upon entering Prontera I was first impressed with the level of friendliness. Second being the decent economy and third the fun quests. I hope as time passes I can get to know more people and make some new friends! Art Info: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ For the time being I'll only do chibi-esque drawings. I do own a tablet but as of now I don't know where the draw pen is. *cough*my 2 yr old misplaced it*cough* Now you're probably wondering: "How the hell is she going to do art without her tablet pen?". Fear not customers for I'm pretty decent in sketching and inking with a mouse. Yes, that's right, a mouse. I use the brush tool for sketching and the pen tool to ink my drawings. With that said, if after reading this you still want to commission me, read below. Examples: Pricing: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧ 1 character: 20m (300 DPI, fully colored, detailed, simple background or no background) ✧ 2 characters (Max): 30m (300 DPI, fully colored, detailed, simple background or no background) ✧ Pets: 5m (Humanoid pets are 10m) ✧ Mounts: 10m What I need from you: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧IGN: ✧Class: ✧Eye Colour: ✧Hair Colour: ✧Headgear / Accessories: ✧Personality / Description: ✧Screenshots of your Character (all angles): ✧Optional; Art from other people ✧✧Commissions will take roughly 7+ days based on a number of factors ✧✧ Finished Art Commissions will be sent through PM and uploaded here upon Payment. IGN Chaste Kiss and Vanilla Crystal Slots: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧ ✧ Waiting List: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧ ✧ ✧ Thanks for stopping by! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ** = Will update when on Break or Busy
  6. Kurai Shónin

    Kurai's Shop OPEN

    Complete Portfolio: https://kuraidraws.deviantart.com Game Avatar Names Include Kurai Shonin, [Kurai] and [~Kurai~] if you wish to PM me on the game! Slots open Discord Emoji: 6mil for base, 1-2mil for each emoji after that Digital Sketch: 7 mil Digital Refined Sketch with tones/prominent colours 12mil Digital Colour: Cell Shade: 25m My style chibi 34m*mostly cell shade but with airbrush* waist up 45mil Thigh up (best value) 85m (basic background included) + awesome Background/effects (+40m) Full body: 50m chibi, 90m adult. basic background included. *cost is Per Character. Sketches typically completed within 1 week, colour within 2-3 weeks unless for special occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary/etc.) *armour surcharge may apply. Fluff/fur/scale charge may apply if order is in colour
  7. Luntian

    Luntian's Art Thread

    STATUS: CLOSED WAITING LIST: CLOSED Commission Prices: Commission Type Prices Tier 1 - Bust Shot 15m (1st char.), 10m (2nd char. and up) Tier 2 - Half Body 20m (1st char.), 15m (2nd char. and up) Tier 3 - 3/4 or Full Body 25m (1st char.), 20m (2nd char. and up) Additionals Prices Backgrounds 1-2m for simple BG Price will increase if the BG is detailed Pets/Mounts Homonculi Priced on a case to case basis depending on several factors (exposure, details, etc) Calculation Notes: Only one commission tier would be charged as a 1st character, the rest will be charged as 2nd characters As a rule of thumb, the highest "tier" would be priced as the "1st character" and the rest will be priced as "2nd character" Examples: 3 Bust Shots/portrait will be priced as 35m: 15m : Tier 1, 1st character 10m : Tier 1, 2nd character 10m : Tier 1 : 2nd character 2 Half Bodies without a background will be priced as 35m: 20m : Tier 2, 1st character 15m : Tier 2, 2nd character 1 Full Body, 1 Half Body and 2 Bust/Portraits (mixed commission) will be priced as 60m: 25m : Tier 3, 1st character 15m : Tier 2, 2nd chatacter 10m : Tier 1, 2nd character 10m : Tier 1, 2nd character Here are some samples that I've finished:
  8. Prince Kay

    Prince Kay's Art Chambers~

    Hello everyone! I've joined some time ago but didn't have much time to play for most of the time D: Now I do! The problem is, Aimitis took all my zeny. But hey! Since I'm an artist I can sell my skill! And here I am offering commissions~ I can draw sfw or not, charactes, monsters, etc. No buildings, nor vehicles pls xD All the things RO - connected will be a pleasure and a nice break from my everyday work <3 Here are the examples and prices of my works: American shot (knee-up) - 40 m (here +5m for homunculus) Waist-up - 30m I can add a character/pet/background/something else for additional price set individually (Pixelation is caused by the upload method, I can send you the high-res picture any way you'd like. If you pay me REALLY lot I can refrain from making it ALL PINK. But seriously, i also love dark art dripping blood and stuff. Really! Why u no believe me?!?! ;3;) Slot List 1. Nefertina ♥
  9. SkyeReed

    Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Hi everyone! I've just joined TalonRO last April 2017 and this is the first time I've known of this art side of the forum. I was amazed of how great everyone here draws and I've thought why not try it too! haha! Actually I've been waiting for drawing contests at Talon and this Postcard Art Contest opened the door for me to showcase my talent. Many liked my art so I got really excited about it. I'm clueless about the rules and how you pay for the art, so maybe you could help me how we can solve our little problems and how to price reasonably I will accept Talon Coins, Zenny, Headgears, Cards, Shoes and Weapons. I am so NOOB about this so help me guys.. I m also a Painter so if you want a realistic art style, I could do it for you ;D How about we start at 8-15TC for a character half body - whole body:) Some might say it's cheap but I just really enjoy knowing that my drawings makes you happy too ^___^ If you are interested on my art, just comment here your character's picture (good resolution enough for my poor eyes to see), poses you want (headshot/half body/full body), color of the eyes, facial expressions and some details about your beloved character (like if he's funny or cute and lovable). Oh and of course, I will only draw TalonRO themed characters and pets<3 Here are some of my works:) Thank you all!
  10. LovelySundae

    LovelySundae's Studio (Commissions)

    Status: OPEN I'm brand new to TalonRO, and I wanted to be apart of the art community, as well as make some zeny for my friends and I in-game. I have been playing Ragnarok Online since the Beta testing all those years ago! I took a few years break after my old private server went down, and I'm ready to get back into it! I love to draw ragnarok characters, so why not let me draw yours! Since I'm just starting up, my prices may increase in the future. Thank you! -EXAMPLES- Detailed: 22mil Simple: 13mil Chibi: 8 Mil Order Form: I'm in the process of making this post look all formal and pretty, but for now I'm focusing on the actual artwork. Looking for something specific, like an icon, or many b/w sketches, just ask me and we can work something out C: Also, you don't have to buy anything to chat in here. Since I'm new I'd love to make some new friends! Thank you for your time! And happy hunting <3
  11. PhantomPuppeteer

    Pepe's Pandora [SLOT FULL]

    Welcome to “Pepe’s Pandora Box” Heyo, heyo~ Pepe is back in da art corner!! First of all, thank you to the people who commissioned me the first time I open this shop, I really appreciate it. Thanks @Mei Magnolia @Novalolly @Arcadia ✿ @Bobito and @Kisuka* Aside from that, I’m back to open more slot. First come first serve, as in the person who sends me PM first (after I give an OK) will get their request done first, so please keep an eye out. And I change my price a bit, I hope you don’t mind with it. Note that my laptop is still broken and I’m still slow at drawing. Big 5 Slots [OPEN]: 1. Mei Magnolia 2. DinoCrisis2 3. Cassidy 4. Naght 5. Zeiniru Samples: Prices: - Bust-up – 12M - Chibi – 15M - Half-body – 20M - Full-body – 25M - Maximum character you can request is THREE. The prices listed above are for ONE character only (if you’re interested in having more, we can discuss this). - All will come in full colors, except if you ask for sketch only or lineart only (of course it will be cheaper, but do you want it? LOL). - Other details (background, cart, pets, mount, weapons, etc) will be charge around 5M-10M more depending on the difficulties / details. I’ll tell you the total price later if you ask for it. Simple backgrounds like on my samples though, will not be charged. - Prices may change depending on the difficulty of the character’s outfit. If you’re unsure about your character’s outfit, you can ask in PM. - As you know, TC price keeps changing depending on the rate, so I don’t accept TC as payment. But if you want to pay with TC instead, we can discuss this. - IF you want to pay me with GEARS or COSTUMES, make sure to tell me beforehand so I can compare the market’s price with the commission’s price and whether I like the costume or no. But I will immediately accept if the costume is up to my liking (like that blue cherry blossom costume or ice ear wing costume COUGH) How to book: - Comment here like usual. - Once I give you confirmation, send me PM with this information: o Character references (pics from front and back, with and without headgears, with details if you ask for it) o Character personalities o Character body builds (half-body and full-body only) o Character eyes color o Additional information—whether you want specific pose or no, makes them look younger or older, specific background, skin colors, etc. (you can skip this step if you want) - Please noted that if you haven’t send PM in span of 2 days, I will contact you. If you still haven’t responded after a day, I will have to cancel your slot. Of course you can always PM me if you’re busy so I at least know whether you still want the slot or no. Payment & Finished: - You need to pay 50% of the price after you get a slot, and can pay the full price when the drawing is finished. You can also pay in advance if you want. Please send the payment to Jack-of-Spade or we can meet in game. - If something happen and I can’t finish the drawing, I will give the money back to you. - Time to finish your request depends on my schedule and my laptop, so it can be around 1-2 month. It can be faster too, or longer. I will tell you if I need to postpone your request because of real life. - I won’t give sketch/WIP because it’s a surprise~ - I’ll tell you from PM if the drawing is finished, and I will send the BIG watermark version of it. Once I received full payment, I will give you the full version with small, barely there, watermark. - Feel free to use the drawing and the character for anything, but DON’T claim the art as your own. - I have the right to put the drawing to my other sites or portfolios, and I have the right to put watermark on it. Thanks for visiting and I bid you farewell~
  12. Chloe Burbank

    Rain's Crayon Chibis

    Hi! I am opening slots for this month! This will be really cheap too~ Crayon chibi style (5m each character) Sample works: I also make some digital/traditional art with a diff style. Non chibi: 10m/character (i mostly draw sad looking stuff btw haha) Chibi: 7m Background: +5m Additional monster/ pet: +7m Sample works: Thanks! You can also PM me in game, IGN: Reginleifr You can also reach me through Discord: smol rain#9433 I also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anaestheticart/ THANK YOU!
  13. Hello! I'm a bit shy so... oh boy, here we go. Maybe I should start by saying that English isn't my first language, so I'm sorry if I sound weird sometimes. I've been on TalonRo for 2 years now (wow!), RO has been my first MMO and this place is the best to delve back into the nostalgia everytime I feel like it. As I said I'm a bit shy, so I don't talk a lot, but I appreciate our kind community very much. As I'm playing more often these days again I've wanted to try my hands at some commissions. I wanna improve my drawing processes and there's still so much I wanna collect (´・ω・`) I'm still so unsure on what I can charge, but the prices below are what I feel comfortable with. (Rate: 1 TC = 1.2m Zeny) » Chibis ! 1. Digitally 15 TC / 18m Zeny | Here are some examples I made: (Creator: Commission for hazelae) 2. Traditionally 20 TC / 24m Zeny | You can choose if you'd like it done in watercolour (left) or with copic markers (right): » Not so chibi ? 35 TC / 42m Zeny | Waist-ups + digitally only for now. (Sniper: Commission for Mei Magnolia) View all finished commission pieces here If you'd like a slot, please reply below and I'll add you to the list! I'll need the following information from you to start working, preferably send to me per PM: (this template was sneakily altered & inspired by all you other great artists on here ;u;) IGN: Sprite / screenshot / art reference: Preferred style: [Chibi digitally / traditionally (water colour / copics) or waist-up] Preferred personality / expression / pose: Preferred payment method: [TC or Zeny - as time zones + schedules can be tricky you might prefer sending Zeny via Mailbox NPC for a quicker processing, but that's up to you!] Other details: [Anything you'd like to have added or different from the provided reference (eye colour, hairstyle, headgear, other colours etc.) ?] I'll tell you separately again, but please send the payment to my money bank blacksmith, IGN: Nerril » Slots, wait list & progress Slot 01: Mefiliae Slot 02: Bobito Slot 03: Naght Waiting 01: runningmudo Waiting 02: amii. Waiting 03: LieO Waiting 04: GM Zelda Waiting 05: [locked] Thanks so much for checking this out. If you have feedback of any kind, I'd love to hear it. Also, I hope I didn't mess up the links of the images |D" I just uploaded them to imgur...
  14. ohseok

    ohseok's art corner

    hello everyone. i don't have idea how to start a professional and serious topic but here we go. I'm ohseok and im new on the server : ) I don't know what to say, idk i really suck at this, even in real life orz. forgive me for my bad social skills. I was looking for some friends or clients, both are welcome x) I don't do headshots or non-full body stuff because i think my strenght is in the body itself, not the faces! I'll add full composition examples and prices soon, with backgrounds/effects SLOTS : CLOSED FOR THE MOMENT. 5 SLOTS TAKEN :c EXAMPLES: Since i don't draw RO characters usually(or anime either), i don't have more examples for now. eventually i'll add more FULL BODY character (c) Orchestra Single character price is 30M or 30 talon coins, Full body and fully shaded. You can choose the pose if you want. If you want a couple, ask me! I CAN DRAW: Male Female Robots, armors (my poor hands) NSFW/SFW If you are interested, leave a comment below! im starting to regret SORRY IF MY ART ISNT THAT gOOD FOR THIS
  15. // SeasaltCaramel's Art Stand \\ Current Status: Open / Closed Hello! I recently just started playing RO again and have quickly realized that being squishy really sucks, so I need to get my life together and start investing in some decent equipment! Unfortunately I don't have much when it comes to funds, so I thought I would start an art shop to get the ball rolling. Examples: 1st Row: Head Shot 2nd Row: Bust-Up 3rd Row: Waist-Up 4th Row: Full-Body Prices & Types: * Please note that this is for a single character. If you want more than 1, please contact for more details. * Head Shot : 6m zeny / 6 TC Bust-Up : 11m zeny / 12 TC Waist-Up : 15m zeny / 16 TC Full-Body: 25m zeny / 30 TC I also do full-body, but we would need to discuss those beforehand. How Does It Work?: If you're interested in purchasing yourself a drawing, please fill out the following: After I agree to your request and put you in one of the available slots, please send the first half of the payment to Ellerey. I will start the drawing process and send you a sketch. You are allowed up to two (2) revisions. At each stage I will PM you a progress picture, to let you know what it looks like as we go along. Once completed, I will send you a watermarked and resized version for your approval. Please send the second half of the payment to Ellerey. After the payment goes through, I will send you the high resolution, un-watermarked version. Slots: 1. Mefiliae 2. GM Zelda 3. Yoshimi 4. LieO Thank you! ♦♦♦ If you're interested in seeing my other work, you can see them at: instagram / tumblr
  16. ChloeHavengaarde

    Chloe's Garden [CLOSED]

    Hello~ Chloe here, <==== I'm new! Just started playing in the server today, and apparently, my character is freezing due to lack of armor/equips. OTL I figured I'd open a shop for 2 slots of headshot/Bust commission to get my Acolyte/Priest some decent equips. Although I still have no idea as to how much to charge but, let me know if you're interested~! First come-first served basis PM me the following details: I'll send the e-file via google drive. Please do not remove sign/watermark nor claim the art to be yours. Copyright for the character design remains to it's owner. [no NSFV] COMMISSION SLOT: 0/2 now [OPEN] Headshot Digital Paint Style Sample: SLOTS: 1. Arya - 1 Ongoing - 1 DONE - Pd in Full 2. GM Raine - Ongoing, PD Thank You very much! and please don't bite meh. ;w; / feel free to check these Art related Links: http://chloehavengaarde.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ChloeHavengaarde http://chloehavengaarde.tumblr.com/
  17. HI, i'm Miyi, and i'm new here so my commissions are open I'm going to draw chibis for now and 5 slots open, but i'll be adding more 1. Jessu 2.Aryll 3. 4. 5. ♦ Examples here: PRICE: $10M PER CHARACTER ♦ If you are interested, send me a pm, please ♦ To do it, just have to send me screenshoots of your character, and other details(hair,hats,etc..), please be very specific Thank you for reading!
  18. YO !! So this is the first time for me selling through RO but I am familiar with the general gist of things! I'm offering up some sketchy chibis and thigh highs! Please use this form if you're interested in getting some art! Please excuse my non RO samples!! if you'd like to see more samples or my other stuff you can find it all on my Twitter ! Chibis 15 TC | 16 MIL Thigh Highs SALE~!! 15 TC || 10 MIL
  19. Ari48040

    Ari's Art Shop [CLOSED]

    Hello and welcome to my art shop! You can order a painting with your characters in digital/traditional watercolor technique. I'm a newbie on this server, and I've just discovered I don't even have enough zeny for arrows, so I decided to take some art commissions I didn't even know such possibility exists!! I'm super excited about it! ◊Prices◊ ◊Additional info◊ ◊Rules◊: - Payment is required before I start drawing; - If you are willing to make an order, please, PM me; - Deadlines may be different for each painting, depending on various factors; - I will send you progress pictures at each steps, including sketches; - Not exactly a rule, but (if you'd like) I can also paint in a more anime-like art style, since I love it too - If during the process you suddenly want to change something significantly, the price will be higher. - Prices may differ. If you want me to paint your character, just PM me with the following information! Nickname: Eye color: Character reference: (a screenshot from the game, for example) Names of the accessories (headgears): Portrait, half-body or full-body Other useful information: (character's personality, the feeling you want to get from the drawing, what background you'd like me to draw, etc.) --------------------- If you still have any questions - I'm always ready to answer it! >w0
  20. hata

    oh hai :V [FULL]

    hello! I'm open for commission wheeeeee plshelpfundmyobsessionwithheadgears currently i'll be offering 25M/25TC for or you can post here or pm me with ref of your character, such as eye and skin color, personality, etc if you have of them :} thank you for looking! - finished commissions - ps pps ppps
  21. ChloeHavengaarde

    Chloe Havengaarde Shop [FULL]

    Hello again! I'll be open for commissions! yay! I'll be offering 5 slots! Format: PM the following details SLOT: [5/5 FULL] 1. Casimir -Pd / Done 2. Lela - Pd / Done 3. Mikae - Pd Ongoing 4. Nheki - Pd Ongoing 5. Halwen Sample: Commissioned by Arya Portrait Price: 15M, +10M each additional characters, Plain cell-shade BG Process: Fill out the commission details written above and PM to me. I will do the initial sketch. I will show the initial sketch for correction and additional details. After approval, The commissioner should pay the fees in half or in full. I will finish the painting in a week. I will send a DL link via PM. [72 dpi] [for those who paid in full, skip this step] Pay for the remaining fees. Note: Payment can be done via mail to: Chloe Hildegarde Or, just PM the said character to see if I'm online and you can pay directly. I will not draw any NSFW Commission slot is first-come -first- serve basis I have the right to refuse a commission if I think it's unreasonable. [lol.. so please be unreasonable.. haha] Thank YOU Very much!!!! http://chloehavengaarde.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ChloeHavengaarde/
  22. Yajera~

    Personal Banners!

    Hey guys! So I recently just got back into graphic arts. With that being said, I'll be making free personal banners for 5 days I just need the practice is all (x Pm me over forum or mail Yajera in game! One banner per person XD I hope you like these
  23. hensenfm

    HensenFM Art Shop [Closed]

    HensenFM Art Shop is [CLOSED] I am still play TRO ... just for vending & WoE with Sax&Violins and now busy drawing real $ commission outside here thank for 10 awesome client ... honestly i never do soft cell shading for a long time because of you give i remember it again xD ...thank you and i surprised some of you can draw really good ... Knightess Vee keep the good work Sorry for Minii and Mefilae ... i can't do your commission ... i am sorry == This my Usual Style ...Painting Style Hello guys i play TRO since june 2014 Open this shop for Zeny and Study Character + for FUN I can make 1 Artwork 1-3 days Open 3 slot ... If Slots full you will listed in Waiting List Work on Term 2 : 1.[Closed] You can see current proggress here Briefing-->Sketch-->Lineart-->Done Term 3 Slot Queue : 10M & 7M 1.[Closed] I will draw : 1 Your RO Character Full Body "without Background " - 10M for Term 3 - 12M for Term 4 1 Your RO Character Headshot Painting - 10M for Term 3 - 12M for Term 4 --------------- 1 TC Equal 1M ... Market around 1,25M ... It means you give me bonus if paying with TC Zenny Mail to Rynka Mirtel You can pay me when i give you sketch or until art finish if you already pay but i cant finish your commission , 100% Zenny Guarantee because i am do "Real Money Commission" outside this forum and i have work to do ....procasination too much gaming XDso if sometimes got so long delay ..... i am sorry ... My Website http://hensenfm.deviantart.com/gallery http://drawcrowd.com/hensenfm https://www.youtube.com/user/HensenFM Facebook Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/HensenDailySketch [Update Everyday !!] Awesome Client : Term 1 : Kossploss-Lela-Arya-Knightess Vee-Lozaki Term 2 : Helia-Stell-Yuren-Alteisen-Xiell live in GMT+7 Jakarta - Indonesia
  24. A fresh new start in a fresh new thread. Hello, my name is Jaz and welcome to my art shop! o p e n i will draw monochrome, colored, couple, group chibis. i wi'll not draw cluttered, nsfw, black 'n white, manry men. please provide character references in all angles and the eye color. i accept zeny, TC (and any items from my wishlist - meh, i wish) { additional 5,000,000z / 5 TC per person } full body chibi = 5,000,000z / 5 TC couple chibi = 10,000,000z / 10 TC it would be great if you could help me out with my wishlist. but of course, i'm going to save zeny for these to buy <3 empty empty empty - not started yet - completed Finished : mendics | Hayata | Xiell | for stopping by my shop! :3 graphic resources are from deviantart. they don't belong to me whatsoever. credits to the rightful owners :>
  25. dforduchi

    Doll Atelier ((CLOSED))

    Hello, Art Wolves~ Doll Atelier is now open and making its comeback with the special “Winter Edition”! I won’t be opening my usual commission, instead, I present to you… these bootiful “Headshot” and “Paired HS”! You can use both for the forum signature or anything you’d like. The Paired HS doesn’t necessarily have to be a couple, it can be your best friend or anything you’d like to be paired of, lol. You can order them for yourself, or as a gift. Each person may book one slot from each category, meaning you can order one (each) from Headshot and Paired HS sections. I only accept zeny as payment because TC’s price keeps changing. Headshot costs you 10M while Paired HS costs 15M. Both will be finished (the latest) a month after your first / half payment comes in. Since they’re Headshots, I’m just gonna draw your char’s head and their headpiece, plus the scarf / shawl of your choosing. And, this is important, if you have long hair, I’ll shorten them up a bit or bend it in any way that makes it less awkward, since I (I’m sure you do too) don’t want the Headshot to look like Dullahan's Missing Head a floating head. I also have the right to tucked the long hair into the scarf if the two previous methods doesn’t work, like one of the sample above. Believe me, it looks cuter. I work on order. The sooner you finished the requirements, the sooner you get your drawing. Now, onto the slot… Headshot (1 more slot!): 1. Orchestra 2. Cubee 3. Bear 4. Bear 5. Bobito 6. Juys 7. Jessu 8. Lizz 9. Lizz 10. Mr Pink Manatee Paired HS (FULL): 1. Kisuka 2. Baby Miku 3. Novalolly 4. Jessu 5. Bear How to book a slot? Simply comment here. When you’re listed, imma pm you the form and you’ll have a day to fill it so I can work asap (ofc it’s okay if you need more time, just let me know). Once you filled the form and we agreed on everything, please send half of the payment to “D-for-Doll” or meet me ig if you feel insecure about posting the zeny ^^ If you’re too lazy to mail / meet me the second time, or afraid that you’ll be away during the second payment, then you can just mail / pay me the full payment the first time. I will get the job done, you can have my word. Alrighty then, thank you for stopping by the atelier. I hope you have a good time here. Happy gaming! PS: Keep your eyes open for December 1st because I might open a special comission