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Found 58 results

  1. fumiddition

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    A R D I N D A ' S (C) A R T i hope you like puns my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition Hello, art corner! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. Since there are just too many beautiful costumes here and I wish to own some of them while keeping my pixel self and friends alive and fed, here comes the birth of this teeny tiny commission shop with some art I can offer in return. Let's jump below! C O M M I S S I O N if you're interested, sharp shoot me a reply (or a PM if you're shy because I'm shy too) and i'll get back to you with the details i need ► Half-body Solo: 35 mil zeny / 35 Talon Coins One character only ♪ Full bodies are to be discussed via PM ► Half-body Duo: 80 mil zeny / 80 Talon Coins Two characters interacting! I am open to all romantic pairs (hetero/BL/GL) as well as friend/sibling/parent relationships P.S.: Biochemists/Alchemists with their Lifs will count as this type of commission ► Half body Party: PM for info Prices are much different for group pictures depending on the number of characters and complexity, so please discuss with me for a quote! G U I D E L I N E S everything you need to know ♪ I typically follow the game's official designs. Please mention if you'd like a specific change made to yours. Armor and animals are generally hard for me to draw, but I will do my berry best-- I accept zeny as payment, but you can opt to pay using Talon Coins (1 TC = 1 mil zeny) or a combination of items in my wish list below. You can also choose to mix and match or try offering a different item you have in mind. Full payment is required after you have confirmed the sketch. Please send payment to my Super Novice, IGN Ardinda. If you prefer to trade with me in game, let me know and we can work out a meeting point. I mainly need references such as: screenshots, headgear IDs, eye colour and brief personality, but feel free to add others such as skin tone, scars, accessories, etc. You are free to use my art anywhere you want. I only ask to not claim my art as your own or sell it. Credit would be wonderful, but not necessary. If there is anything you're unsure of, do ask! I will gladly clear any doubts for you. P.S. I absolutely welcome returning customers! I can't get enough of everyone's beautiful characters after all. S L O T S / W A I T L I S T / S T A T U S these are not in order, don't worry! i work on the ones that are easier on my hands first Slot #01 lela x 3 (50% - paid) Slot #08 GM Luna x 3 (50% - 2/3 paid) Slot #02 Kisuka* x 7 (0% - paid) Slot #09 Cheron x 3 (0% - paid) Slot #03 Orchestra x 11 (50% - paid) Slot #10 Vanellea x 3 (50%) Slot #04 anon x 6 (50% - paid) Slot #11 Sephyyy x 3 (0% - paid) Slot #05 ~Lozaki~ x 4 (50% - paid) Slot #12 ------------------------------------- Slot #06 Rense x 3 (50% - paid) Slot #13 ------------------------------------- Slot #07 Yuren x 3 (50% - paid) Slot #14 ------------------------------------- W I S H L I S T let me know if you'd like to trade any of these (or suggest something else!) for art because a girl can dream-- (this section is continuously updating) C O S T U M E S Love Feeling Clock Casket Aria Headdress Wrapping Ribbon Shrine Maiden Hat Cat Ear Ribbon Wildcat Knit Cap Warm Cat Muffler Rainbow Sigrun's Wings Rosary Necklace Stall of Angel Choker Lovely Fox Ears Heavenly Dark Flame Lady's Feather Hat Monochrome Gothic Bonnet Blinking Eyes Ghost Holiday Sorcerer Hood Cat Ear Hat White Mechanic Feather Hairband Charleston Antenna Red Vicious Aura Vicious Aura Eleanor Wig Eleanor Yellow Wig Volume Low Twin Nidhogg Wig White Rabbit Ear Nekomimi Cyber Headphone Lolita Two Side Up Long Rabbit Ears Long Cat Ears Walking Shiba Inu Baby Penguin Walking White Rabbit Walking White Cat Walking Leopard Cat Walking Fluffy Cat Wonderful Beast Ear G E A R Brisingamen [1] Diablos Robe [1] Valkyrie Helm [1] Megingjard Celebration Ring Lucius F.A. of Volcano [1] DEX+3 Elemental Sword [3] +10 Luna Kaleet [3] Turtle General Ktullanux Gloom Under Night Doppelganger C H A R A C T E R S my in-game handles! don't be afraid to say hi Ardinda Iyre Raehal Juddex Thank you so much for your time - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art and meet more of you cool Leaf cats in-game~
  2. Medical Mechanica

    Wee Wee Jefferson's Commission Emporium

    MMMmmmm, babeh~ 'So I'm back after forever, I guess. Sorta bailed out the first time around because of some conflicts I had with a couple commissioners way back when that just really put me off from artwork and playing the game. Hopping back on this game again with some old friends so I thought I might do some commissions while I'm here.' Payment: 40mil-35mil (The only reason I charge this high is because I have work, school, and a girlfriend that eat up my time like those fanatics ate that baby in 'Mother!') IGN payments go to: Lord Vicious Samples: Here are some examples in the form of some character designs I've done in the past (the work I do here probably won't be as stiff and stagnant as these examples) Other Concerns: If you'd like to request to see some of my other work, let me know in a pm or sumthin. I also do NSFW pieces if that's your think *wink wink nudge nudge vomits on your shirt* (payment can be discussed about this in private and will be in a separate que from the normal commission slots) Be sure to send me any and all references relating to your desired character/pose (Also specific details and personality junk) 'Thicker Than a Snicker Commissioner' Slots 1. 2. 3. (I might add more slots. I just wanna see how quickly they will fill, if they fill at all.)
  3. Recently, I've been doing pyrography away from TalonRO. I think it would be great if I could burn a Ragnarok Online image on a good piece of wood. Here's what I have in mind: I'd like to commission a clean drawing (pencil or pen) of classic ragnarok characters, like a Pecopeco knight wearing fin helm and helm, or a blacksmith wearing boy's cap, y'know.. From the mid 2000's era. I will be waiting for your messages/comments.
  4. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Welcome to the Atelier Good Day Talonians, I'm Xero! My main IGN is Lethea. New to the server but old to the game. I've come and joined my friends in their Rune-Midgarts (and beyond) adventures once again. And you know how it is on the road! Travel Expenses! Never been too hardcore so I thought instead I'd offer my services here instead! So here we are, this is Xero's Art shop! Offerings: Sketch Commission (No Color): 30M+ (or 30+ TC) Why is there a plus at the end of the price? Let me explain: Sometimes designs tend to be complicated, whether its the headgear or the weapon or something else. I have to compensate for that by raising the price. (Preferably Ragnarok Characters only) Exploratory Fullbody Standing Pose: 80M+ (or 80+ TC) What does Xero mean by exploratory? Let me explain: We have official class designs. Well. I try to re-invent those to my tastes and aesthetics typically, its just what I do. So if you are not a fan, there is no need to avail of this particular service. (Preferably Ragnarok Characters only) Form: IGN (For Payment Tracking): Type of Offering: (Sketch or E.Fullbody) Sprite / Art References: Headgear/ Gear References: Eye Color: Brief Personality: Misc. Details (Scars / Facial features/ etc.): Payment Methods: Please send your full payment to Lethea. After confirming that payment has been received, I will start the work. Slots (Name + Type): 1. Vanellea + Exploratory Fullbody (Completed) 2. Hi im L + Sketch (In Progress) 3. Waitlist: 1. 2. 3. Full disclaimer here is the real reason I've opened shop. To fund pets, Hats, Costumes for myself and my guildmates/friends! And hopefully... HOPEFULLY. someday. I will get my hands on POPECHAN (yes the Pope of Arunafeltz) I am aware that she is account bound and is only obtainable through GM Boxes but well. dreams are like that sometimes. Some other places you can find me: Twitter Tumblr Mastodon I also post art on the gallery! Atelier Xero Storeroom Thank you for your time!
  5. poporin

    Popo Draws Things ☆ [slow]

    ★ Hi and welcome to my lil art thread! Hello art corner! I'm popo! I've only been playing for a while but after 37492 years of not playing I'm having tons of fun again! My love for for RO has been completely rekindled and I've decided to channel that into art because some good friends enabled and well, y not. That being said, I'd like to offer some art as well to help earn some zeny besides the usual farming method because oh god the hats and costumes are too cute there are so many of them and I Have A Need. Aside from that, I may occasionally put up some doodles every now and then Chibi : 20mil zeny / 20 TC Add-ons (homuncs, pets, mounts, etc.) : 5-10m depending on complexity Chibi couple : 40mil zeny / 40 TC Bust sketches : 25mil zeny for sketch only, add 5mil zeny for colors Have something else that you'd like for me to draw? You can send me a PM so we can discuss and work things out! ★ Form ★ If interested, please reply, ping or PM me to reserve a slot! Once confirmed, please send me the following details: • IGN (for payment tracking) • Sprite/Art References: • Headgear/Gear References: • Eye Color: • Brief Personality: • Misc. details: (chara expression, skin color, simple color bg, moles, etc.) Preferred method of payment is via mail to my bank IGN Popokatipettle! ★ Notes ★ • Characters with armor or complicated gear, animals, mounts, and non-human pets are challenging for me, so I may take a little longer to finish, I hope you understand (´;ω;`) • I may skip turns and work on whatever I think is easiest for me to do. This is so I won't get stuck on a particular comm and possibly delay ordersヽ(´o`;) • Payments may be done in a mix of zeny, TC, and items! 1 TC = 1mil ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ • Repeat/returning customers are absolutely okay and very much welcome! (n╹ω╹)η♥ • If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply here or via PM! I don't bite I'm just a shy bean |・ω・`) ★ Wishlist / Art for Items ★ Alternatively, these are items I'd love to own and would be willing to sell my soul draw art for! If you wish to pay with things that aren't included here, I don't mind! We can try to work it out! ★ Slots - chibi ★ 1. Yuren (couple) 2. Emi (couple) ★ Slots - busts ★ 1. 2. ★ Slots - other ★ - ~Lozaki~ - ★ Wait list ★ - - - Thank you so much for reading!
  6. Hello!! I need equipment and id love some costumes !! ================== AUCTION ================== I'll put up a chibi for auction each month! Other Examples: (From other comms) Instructions n Rules: Comment with your bid in your 1st line and everything else afterwards (comments, suggestions, questions, etc). Bidding will end on November Saturday 24 (23:59 PST). Please make sure to have some sort of reference (or patience for me to get your character right). Art will be handed no later than a week after agreeing on a character an receiving half payment in advance. You may buy this for someone else's character. I send the one without the huge watermark via PM. I won't allow last second steals! In case two or more people keep bidding the bidding will end an hour after the last bidder's post. I do accept Talon Coins (1 TC = 1m). You may PM me your bid if you wish to stay anon but I highly recommend you comment instead~ ~Current Bid: ~ Cheron > 10m < Minimum augment of 2m ================== Chibi heads ================== Hey! I'm dying poor in game so I'll be selling these quick cheebs ! They are perfect for icons or to keep them in your forum firm or page, etc. ------> Price: 10m per character<------ ------------ OPEN SLOTS ------------ 1. Cheron 2. Restless 3. Kurivivi 4. Open 5. Open ------------ Wait List ------------ 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open Requirements to PM me: Some sort of reference (a screenshot of your character at least) A list of visible accessories (hats, ears, face, etc) Class of the character(s) and desired eye color Reference for hairstyle if any outside of ROs styles (to match correct personality) Preferred pose and/or expression if any Payment in advance I send the one without watermark via PM! Chibi head examples: (not from RO tho) ================== Bribe Only ================== I can do other type of arts but they are usually more elaborated and require a lot more time. I'm willing to do it for the right price (or costume!)... PM your offers. If a specific one is requested a lot I might bump it up to regular commission !! Others Gallery: (finished comms)
  7. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    Hello friends! I'm Mix, and my IGN is Hisaria! I've been playing RO on and off for probably about 15 years-ish? I've called many servers my home, got hardcore into WoE on iRO, and now I am here casually to have fun. RO has been part of my life for so long it always makes me feel so nostalgic and I just can't stay away. I recently joined the server with a couple of friends, and well, I want a lot of things. So, I come offering my services in exchange for zeny and items! Currently, I am offering icon commissions, but I do plan to offer other things in the future as well. Forum/Discord Icons 6 mil zeny/6 Talon Coins each. *SPECIAL* Buy 2 for 10 mil zeny/10 Talon Coins! All icons done on a base! Full canvas size 500x500. Full size will be PM'd to commissioner. Chibi Commissions 15 mil zeny/15 Talon Coins per character. *SPECIAL* Couples for 25 mil zeny/25 Talon Coins! High res will be PM'd to commissioner. Fullbody/Halfbody Commissions 30 mil zeny/30 Talon Coins per fullbody character. 20 mil zeny/20 Talon Coins per halfbody character. *LIMITED SPECIAL* 35 mil zeny/35 Talon Coins halfbody couples. High res will be PM'd to commissioner. Commission Form Help me help you help me! I like to keep things organized. IGN: Sprite/Art reference: Headgears/costumes: Expression: (Happy, sad, tsundere, etc) Eye/skin colour: (If left blank I will choose for you!) Background: (For icons. 2 colours and your choice of pattern. If left blank I will choose for you!) Pose: (For fullbodies. Pose references are a-ok to give me an idea of what you would like! Can also include a brief personality description.) Extras: (Pets, homuncs, etc. May be subject to an additional charge, please ask!) Either reply here with a filled out form, or feel free to PM me! Please send all payments to Purple Drank. All payments are to be half up front, half upon completion. As soon as I receive payment I will start working on your commission. All commissions will receive a WIP sketch before I begin lineart. Any changes you would like done must be asked for at this time. Any changes done after that will be minor edits, such as colour adjustments. I do work a full time job, so please do be patient with me as I will do these in my free time when I can. Thank you! Slots Icons/Chibi 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN 4. OPEN 5. OPEN Fullbody/Halfbody 1. OPEN 2. OPEN Finished Commissions Wishlist Feel free to send other item offers my way, I am happy to see if we can work something out! Thank you very much for checking out my thread! I look forward to getting to know the lovely people on this server! Don't be scared to say hello to me in game too if you happen to spot me hobo-ing around.
  8. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! What are interesting thread names, I have no idea... forgive me Hi, I'm Isuzu, most people call me Isu~ My main ign is yonezu! I've only started to play on this server for a few days, but I'm already having a fun time~ And now I'm here to offer the forums my art skills~ My art tumblr is over at sigalbikeshiftcar (I don't post often I'm so sorry dfasasf) Half of payment upfront and other half once art piece has been sent please! Every piece will be transparent unless you want a simple color bg! First come first serve, to get a slot please ping/PM me! Once confirmed, feel free to send me the form~ Aside from that, I'll probably bump this thread occasionally with more ro art as I churn it out so look forward to that too I guess~ Anyway please fund my costume needs. Half Bodies: 30mil Chibis: 20mil Icons: 10m Alternate Payments: You can pay me in Talon coins (1 coin = 1.1mil zeny) or equipment (lowest selling price (not npc price)) or a mix of all 3~ Wishlist: Here are some items that I want that I'd gladly trade for art! Updated constantly~ also known as I like to dream big /hit lowkey also using to keep track of stuff I need to farm Form: IGN: (for payment tracking) Sprite / Art Reference: Headgear / Gear Reference: Eye Color: Brief Personality: Preferred Expression/Pose: (this is important unless you want me to come up with something...! Warning: I suck at coming up with stuff ) Misc Detail: (color of bg here if desired!) Slots Halfbody Chibi Icons 1. n/a 1.emi190220 1. n/a 2. n/a 2.Delicious Green Apple 2. n/a 3. n/a 3.Kisuka* 3. n/a Wait list: GM Luna, Finished Commissions: ★ In game! ★ and finally catch me in-game on these characters if you wanna stop by and say hi or to chat for a bit~ yonezu(Sniper) ★ Tsumu(High Priest) ★ Raisie(Super Novice)
  9. Z a b

    Z a b !

    This thread is under construction I have decided to sell art! For now, I am leaning towards female bust shots until I get more samples. I also long background in doing anime, so if most of you want that, I can definitely do that, too! I haven't done any RO-related art; this will be a first. But I am eager to show you some stuff I have done so far! I will add simple backgrounds as requested. I will accept 15TCs per bust shot for now as I am testing the waters. Here are some samples: Slots: 1. [OPEN] 2. [OPEN] 3. [OPEN] It's my first time to do this kind of thing. So, if you guys have any suggestions on what information I should include in this post, please let me know!
  10. Elderwillow

    Elderwillow's Treehouse

    Hello, I am Elder. I draw stuff. Hekhekhek ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. verinni

    Roselle's Doodle Corner [OPEN]

    Roselle's Doodle Corner [OPEN] Hello beautiful people! My name is Melissa and my IGN is Roselle This is something that I've always wanted to do for long time but never have the guts to start until now~ I have always been admiring what people can do here in the Art Corner! I am officially open for commission! First 3 customers will get 10% Disc~ Here's a sample of what I can do: Line drawing Pricing: 8m basic body + 1 - 3m for each additional gears (depends of complexity) For example, the above Line Drawing Pricing is as follow: 8m + 2m + 2m + 2m + 1m = 15m Colored Drawing Pricing: Total Line Drawing Pricing + 10mil For example, the above Colored Drawing Pricing is as follow: 15m + 10m = 25m I use my own character as the model (I changed the color a bit) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SHOP GUIDELINES & INFORMATION I accept zeny as payment or TC (1 TC = 1m zeny) mailed or trade in person to my IGN Roselle Payment is preferably upfront, but I will also accept Down Payment (50% upfront and the other 50% before I release the image) I will gladly show you my sketching process upon request to make sure that the sketch is what you want What I need: A screenshot of your char along with all the gears/pets/mons you want to be included in the picture and any additional informations you would like to give I like to draw cute and pretty things, so swordman class will be a challange for me, but I will try my best >.< I actually do work full time, so please be patient with the drawings Just ask me any questions if there is anything that is unclear _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SLOTS I will start with opening up just 3 slots, so that I won't overwhelm myself #1________________ #2________________ #3________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Hello there! I am camping back in art corner again and I'm not alone (colored semi-full chibi) Check out my past commissions on the link below. ilya's art tent - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Slots: | OPEN | CLOSE | FULL | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Prices:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Order Form:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Leave a reply to this thread or send a private message @ilya ☆ if you're interested. I'll receive the 50% of the payment before the commission after inquiry. VIA MAIL IGN: Merchie Ilya First camp first serve.
  13. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Latif's Art Thread IGN : 1. Al-Latif 2. Eilif Dumping Art because I love this forum If you want to buy commission from me, leave a comment or send me a PM, that'd be fun You can post critique, or anything here, even your own artwork if you want We can discuss or whatever :v I'll post something from time to time to get this thread going, I'm still here in talonro forum and won't going anywhere (even though I'm not playing tRO atm) Past commissions
  14. YO !! So this is the first time for me selling through RO but I am familiar with the general gist of things! I'm offering up some sketchy chibis and thigh highs! Please use this form if you're interested in getting some art! Please excuse my non RO samples!! if you'd like to see more samples or my other stuff you can find it all on my Twitter ! Chibis 15 TC | 16 MIL Thigh Highs SALE~!! 15 TC || 10 MIL
  15. ChloeHavengaarde

    Chloe's Garden [CLOSED]

    Hello~ Chloe here, <==== I'm new! Just started playing in the server today, and apparently, my character is freezing due to lack of armor/equips. OTL I figured I'd open a shop for 2 slots of headshot/Bust commission to get my Acolyte/Priest some decent equips. Although I still have no idea as to how much to charge but, let me know if you're interested~! First come-first served basis PM me the following details: I'll send the e-file via google drive. Please do not remove sign/watermark nor claim the art to be yours. Copyright for the character design remains to it's owner. [no NSFV] COMMISSION SLOT: 0/2 now [OPEN] Headshot Digital Paint Style Sample: SLOTS: 1. Arya - 1 Ongoing - 1 DONE - Pd in Full 2. GM Raine - Ongoing, PD Thank You very much! and please don't bite meh. ;w; / feel free to check these Art related Links: http://chloehavengaarde.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ChloeHavengaarde http://chloehavengaarde.tumblr.com/
  16. HI, i'm Miyi, and i'm new here so my commissions are open I'm going to draw chibis for now and 5 slots open, but i'll be adding more 1. Jessu 2.Aryll 3. 4. 5. ♦ Examples here: PRICE: $10M PER CHARACTER ♦ If you are interested, send me a pm, please ♦ To do it, just have to send me screenshoots of your character, and other details(hair,hats,etc..), please be very specific Thank you for reading!
  17. Ari48040

    Ari's Art Shop [CLOSED]

    Hello and welcome to my art shop! You can order a painting with your characters in digital/traditional watercolor technique. I'm a newbie on this server, and I've just discovered I don't even have enough zeny for arrows, so I decided to take some art commissions I didn't even know such possibility exists!! I'm super excited about it! ◊Prices◊ ◊Additional info◊ ◊Rules◊: - Payment is required before I start drawing; - If you are willing to make an order, please, PM me; - Deadlines may be different for each painting, depending on various factors; - I will send you progress pictures at each steps, including sketches; - Not exactly a rule, but (if you'd like) I can also paint in a more anime-like art style, since I love it too - If during the process you suddenly want to change something significantly, the price will be higher. - Prices may differ. If you want me to paint your character, just PM me with the following information! Nickname: Eye color: Character reference: (a screenshot from the game, for example) Names of the accessories (headgears): Portrait, half-body or full-body Other useful information: (character's personality, the feeling you want to get from the drawing, what background you'd like me to draw, etc.) --------------------- If you still have any questions - I'm always ready to answer it! >w0
  18. hata

    oh hai :V [FULL]

    hello! I'm open for commission wheeeeee plshelpfundmyobsessionwithheadgears currently i'll be offering 25M/25TC for or you can post here or pm me with ref of your character, such as eye and skin color, personality, etc if you have of them :} thank you for looking! - finished commissions - ps pps ppps
  19. // SeasaltCaramel's Art Stand \\ Current Status: Open / Closed Hello! I recently just started playing RO again and have quickly realized that being squishy really sucks, so I need to get my life together and start investing in some decent equipment! Unfortunately I don't have much when it comes to funds, so I thought I would start an art shop to get the ball rolling. Examples: 1st Row: Head Shot 2nd Row: Bust-Up 3rd Row: Waist-Up 4th Row: Full-Body Prices & Types: * Please note that this is for a single character. If you want more than 1, please contact for more details. * Head Shot : 6m zeny / 6 TC Bust-Up : 11m zeny / 12 TC Waist-Up : 15m zeny / 16 TC Full-Body: 25m zeny / 30 TC I also do full-body, but we would need to discuss those beforehand. How Does It Work?: If you're interested in purchasing yourself a drawing, please fill out the following: After I agree to your request and put you in one of the available slots, please send the first half of the payment to Ellerey. I will start the drawing process and send you a sketch. You are allowed up to two (2) revisions. At each stage I will PM you a progress picture, to let you know what it looks like as we go along. Once completed, I will send you a watermarked and resized version for your approval. Please send the second half of the payment to Ellerey. After the payment goes through, I will send you the high resolution, un-watermarked version. Slots: 1. Mefiliae 2. GM Zelda 3. Yoshimi 4. LieO Thank you! ♦♦♦ If you're interested in seeing my other work, you can see them at: instagram / tumblr
  20. ChloeHavengaarde

    Chloe Havengaarde Shop [FULL]

    Hello again! I'll be open for commissions! yay! I'll be offering 5 slots! Format: PM the following details SLOT: [5/5 FULL] 1. Casimir -Pd / Done 2. Lela - Pd / Done 3. Mikae - Pd Ongoing 4. Nheki - Pd Ongoing 5. Halwen Sample: Commissioned by Arya Portrait Price: 15M, +10M each additional characters, Plain cell-shade BG Process: Fill out the commission details written above and PM to me. I will do the initial sketch. I will show the initial sketch for correction and additional details. After approval, The commissioner should pay the fees in half or in full. I will finish the painting in a week. I will send a DL link via PM. [72 dpi] [for those who paid in full, skip this step] Pay for the remaining fees. Note: Payment can be done via mail to: Chloe Hildegarde Or, just PM the said character to see if I'm online and you can pay directly. I will not draw any NSFW Commission slot is first-come -first- serve basis I have the right to refuse a commission if I think it's unreasonable. [lol.. so please be unreasonable.. haha] Thank YOU Very much!!!! http://chloehavengaarde.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ChloeHavengaarde/
  21. Yajera~

    Personal Banners!

    Hey guys! So I recently just got back into graphic arts. With that being said, I'll be making free personal banners for 5 days I just need the practice is all (x Pm me over forum or mail Yajera in game! One banner per person XD I hope you like these
  22. [Status: CLOSED] Hello and welcome to my art shop! My name's Migasm (aka Mig), and I'm a freelance artist irl who strays from work to do silly art online. Announcements 4/9/17 Fixed broken links to images. Also received a mysterious message from the GMs of upcoming fun. Look forward to seeing my art!! 3/20/17 I'm officially back to play RO again! Also I graduated from art school ;D Rules I have the right to deny service to anyone Prices are solid. Currently I'm not interested in art trades, items, or TC. You may change the image for personal use, such as size for signatures. However, you may not remove my signature from the work itself or claim the art as your own. I WILL draw: Various body types, not just thin or "curvy/chubby" ones. I will happily draw fat bodies, disabled bodies, dark skin bodies, freckled bodies, lanky bodies, scarred bodies, etc. Dynamic poses showing personality Simplified and exaggerated shapes on characters, clothing, and accessories Simple colors that follow your characters' main color scheme Modified interpretations of all current hairstyles to suit other hair types and textures outside of straight or wavy. All skin tones as specified and referenced. I won't draw: Couples Animals/Pets/Monsters/Homunculi Carts/Complex weapons NSFW (nudity, gore, sexualization) I will not draw nor engage with anything offensive or oppressive. This includes: Fetishization of any ethnicity, body type, disability, or gender. Users that engage in weeabooism, antiblackness, or slurs (reclaimed slurs are different, but still require being responsible) Culturally appropriative items (for example, Whispers of Wind costume = native american headdress used by people who aren't indigenous. If unsure, you can ask about specifics to your character, but the responsible thing to do is your own research.) Hairstyles like dreads, box braids, or cornrows on non-black characters Please be patient! I can only accept 1-2 slots per session and this shop will not always be open. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability when ordering! Be specific about personality and body type, and wanted accessories. If you are unsure of something, feel free to ask or look at the reference section! :> This thread is meant to be a positive space for people of color and queer folks. Help keep it that way. For anyone with disabilities, I will do my best to make things more accessible if anything is confusing. If you are anxious about asking anything, you can also PM me! I will not redo any commissions, they are as-is, in a specifically sketchy style to capture the gesture, personality, and energy of your character! I feel that refined artworks I've done in the past really lose this when I clean them up. Also last minute changes hours after turning in a form tend to be a little rude when I've been working on a piece for over 3 hours. :< All commissions will be transparent for your personal use! Payment will be received only AFTER piece is done to avoid confusion/scams. I don't like receiving money til the piece is actually done so if something happens and I'm unable to continue commissions, no one has to await refunds. Do not quote the first post Art Samples Sketchy Style (see finished pick-up section for clearer examples) Pricing & Ordering; Payment Method Sketchy style is 10mil zeny per character. (includes being full body, colored, and slightly clearer/more detailed) Order here in the forums or through PM by filling out the form to the best of your ability. I will quote you/reply if I accept your commission! Once your piece is done, I will let you know via this thread/PM. Send payment to ingame character account "Migasm" once I finish the commission. Finished artwork will be at the bottom of this post in the pick-up section! Order Form Reference Need help with the form? Look at these references! When filling out the form, avoid words like "normal/average" when describing a body type if what you really mean is "thin." There is no 'normal' body type, and associating thinness as a normal default suggests that other body types are abnormal (which obviously they aren't.) Being thin is fine, so if your character is thin that's not a problem. It's othering different body types that is hurtful and rooted in harmful ethics. To help, I've made a chart below so you can just give me the name of the generalized body type for the form. :> The same goes for describing light skin as "fair/clear" which implies that darker skin tones are less desirable. You can also describe them in better ways than comparing them to food (it's awkward and just no...) so I prefer you send me reference of a skin color/shade. Another thing people have trouble with is writing a well rounded personality for a character that doesn't come off as too vague. The personality trait list gives more words to pick from. I disagree with how certain things are categorized as 'positive/neutral/negative' so just ignore that. Pick specific descriptive words that make your character stand out! Personality Types | Personality Trait Words | Hair Types (simple) | Hair Types (detailed) | Body Fat Distribution (nsfw, use to understand how bodytypes change) | Skin Tones Slots & Waiting List Commissionee Character & Class Artwork Status Payment Knightess Vee Knightess Vee - Lord Knight Done Received Taidoho Illusia ~ Alchemist Done Received Taidoho Private Done Received MintyWitch Reanabella ~ Alchemist Done Received GM Gemini GM Gemini ~ Game Master Done Received 132 - Nao - ~ High Priest Done Received Helia Helija ~ High Wizard Done Received minii Sphyon - High Wizard Done Received Artwork Pick-Up Knightess Vee | Taidoho| MintyWitch GM Gemini | 132 | Helia | minii ~Freebies~ Elijas | GM Howl Past Commissions Doggie Dutchess | Milieu | Doggie Dutches Couple | Cossette Milieu | Sakura Miyu Art for Me My Other RO Art ~ Thanks for stopping by! ~ Wanna see more of my art? My Art Tumblr
  23. hensenfm

    HensenFM Art Shop [Closed]

    HensenFM Art Shop is [CLOSED] I am still play TRO ... just for vending & WoE with Sax&Violins and now busy drawing real $ commission outside here thank for 10 awesome client ... honestly i never do soft cell shading for a long time because of you give i remember it again xD ...thank you and i surprised some of you can draw really good ... Knightess Vee keep the good work Sorry for Minii and Mefilae ... i can't do your commission ... i am sorry == This my Usual Style ...Painting Style Hello guys i play TRO since june 2014 Open this shop for Zeny and Study Character + for FUN I can make 1 Artwork 1-3 days Open 3 slot ... If Slots full you will listed in Waiting List Work on Term 2 : 1.[Closed] You can see current proggress here Briefing-->Sketch-->Lineart-->Done Term 3 Slot Queue : 10M & 7M 1.[Closed] I will draw : 1 Your RO Character Full Body "without Background " - 10M for Term 3 - 12M for Term 4 1 Your RO Character Headshot Painting - 10M for Term 3 - 12M for Term 4 --------------- 1 TC Equal 1M ... Market around 1,25M ... It means you give me bonus if paying with TC Zenny Mail to Rynka Mirtel You can pay me when i give you sketch or until art finish if you already pay but i cant finish your commission , 100% Zenny Guarantee because i am do "Real Money Commission" outside this forum and i have work to do ....procasination too much gaming XDso if sometimes got so long delay ..... i am sorry ... My Website http://hensenfm.deviantart.com/gallery http://drawcrowd.com/hensenfm https://www.youtube.com/user/HensenFM Facebook Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/HensenDailySketch [Update Everyday !!] Awesome Client : Term 1 : Kossploss-Lela-Arya-Knightess Vee-Lozaki Term 2 : Helia-Stell-Yuren-Alteisen-Xiell live in GMT+7 Jakarta - Indonesia
  24. dforduchi

    Doll Atelier ((CLOSED))

    Hello, Art Wolves~ Doll Atelier is now open and making its comeback with the special “Winter Edition”! I won’t be opening my usual commission, instead, I present to you… these bootiful “Headshot” and “Paired HS”! You can use both for the forum signature or anything you’d like. The Paired HS doesn’t necessarily have to be a couple, it can be your best friend or anything you’d like to be paired of, lol. You can order them for yourself, or as a gift. Each person may book one slot from each category, meaning you can order one (each) from Headshot and Paired HS sections. I only accept zeny as payment because TC’s price keeps changing. Headshot costs you 10M while Paired HS costs 15M. Both will be finished (the latest) a month after your first / half payment comes in. Since they’re Headshots, I’m just gonna draw your char’s head and their headpiece, plus the scarf / shawl of your choosing. And, this is important, if you have long hair, I’ll shorten them up a bit or bend it in any way that makes it less awkward, since I (I’m sure you do too) don’t want the Headshot to look like Dullahan's Missing Head a floating head. I also have the right to tucked the long hair into the scarf if the two previous methods doesn’t work, like one of the sample above. Believe me, it looks cuter. I work on order. The sooner you finished the requirements, the sooner you get your drawing. Now, onto the slot… Headshot (1 more slot!): 1. Orchestra 2. Cubee 3. Bear 4. Bear 5. Bobito 6. Juys 7. Jessu 8. Lizz 9. Lizz 10. Mr Pink Manatee Paired HS (FULL): 1. Kisuka 2. Baby Miku 3. Novalolly 4. Jessu 5. Bear How to book a slot? Simply comment here. When you’re listed, imma pm you the form and you’ll have a day to fill it so I can work asap (ofc it’s okay if you need more time, just let me know). Once you filled the form and we agreed on everything, please send half of the payment to “D-for-Doll” or meet me ig if you feel insecure about posting the zeny ^^ If you’re too lazy to mail / meet me the second time, or afraid that you’ll be away during the second payment, then you can just mail / pay me the full payment the first time. I will get the job done, you can have my word. Alrighty then, thank you for stopping by the atelier. I hope you have a good time here. Happy gaming! PS: Keep your eyes open for December 1st because I might open a special comission