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Found 84 results

  1. Carotene Shop

    Selling some items please feel free to send me an offer prices are negotiable, Thanks! Also, feel free to pm me in game. IGN:PotBot *=price recently lowered Costumes Eleanor wig costume 285m Jack Skellington Rucksack 25m* Blue Cherry Blossoms Costume 30m* Piamette hood Costume 10m* Black Nekomimi Cape Costume 6m* Smart Under Rim Glasses Costume 20m Protection Feathers Costume 55m Red Waving Winter Scarf 4m White Waving Winter Scarf 4m Black Waving Winter Scarf 4m Straight White Winter Scarf 4m* Straight Winter Scarf Striped 4m* Striped Winter Scarf Rose 4m* Straight Winter Scarf Indigo 4m* Straight Winter Scarf Green 4m* Evil Druid Hat Costume 40m Red Louise Hat Costume 14m Drooping Dorasuke Costume 50m Tail Hat Costume 15m Angelic Guidance Costume 25m Royal Rabbit Crown Costume 20m Valhalla Idol Costume 15m Equips +4 Bone Plate[Dark Frame] 12m Bradium Ring[Nepenthes] x2 7m ea Elven Ears[str+1][Nightmare] 7m Dark Blinder[Vanberk] 10m Bunny Slipper[Gargoyle] 5.5m Bradium Shieldx4 1m ea* +4 Thorn shield[thara] 6m +4 Diablos Manteau[noxious] 19m +4 Diablos boots[green ferus] 20m +5 muffler[raydric] 2m +4 muffler[stem worm] 9m +4 Muffler[magmaring] 3m Magical Booster 5m +7 hood[dragontail] 2m Rock Replica 5m Elven Ears[agi+1][Gemini] 10m Saphien's Armor of Ocean[flee+ 6] 8m +4 Tidung[ED] 10m +5 Meteor Plate[Comodo][def+2] 10m Hermose Cap[Gemini] x2 10m ea AWE[Gemini] 10m +10 Hypnotist's Staff[necro][andre larva] 8m +7 Great Pickaxe 5m Sandals[eddga] 13m sandals[gec] 13m guard[medusa] 9m PCB 28m clip[imp] x2 5m ea vajra 5m clip[hellpoodle] 5m ring[hellpoodle] 10m rosary[hellpoodle] 10m Diablos ring[hellpoodle] 12m Horn of the buffalo[hellpoodle] 22m excalibur[+4 dex] 20m +7 Stone Buckler[Alice] 16m +7 Stone Buckler[GTB] 28m +7 Rosa Shield[Thara] 12m Stone buckler[Penomena] 3.5m Chewing bubblegum 5m Red Glasses[int+1][Mistress] 28m Elven Ears[str+1][gryphon] 18m thorn shield[hodremlin] 14m Dragon Slayer [SGSG] [FS12] 85m* Orleans Uniform[vit+3][TGK] 16m FA[Gloom] 31m FA[ktull] 33m Wind Armor[RSX] 19m wind Armor[marc] 11m +7 Dragons Breath[Devi] 29m Executioner[SG] 50m* VF [SGSG] 17m Schweizersabel [SGSG] 12m naght red [SGSGSG] 19m naght red [SGSGGolem] 17m C.Kaho x2 60m ea +7 Book Of Blazing Sun [AKKSn] 50m Silk Robe[+3 Dex][Bathory] 25m +7 Muffler [Devi] 26m +7 Giganto axe[FS8][Zipper Bear] 20m Combat Knife 14m Platinum Shield 3.5m Black Shiba hat[Gemini] 9m Manteau x3 750k ea Wool Scarf x3 1m ea Moogle Ball 5m Pirate Dagger 1.5m Formal suit[+12 hit] 5m Silk Robe[Swordfish][mdef+4] 6m +7 stone buckler[Thara] 7m Sherwood Bow[TTTh] 265m Dragon Vest[+3%aspd][bathory] 15m Celeb ring x2 39m ea Blush[str+1][BK] 18m* Sleipnir[GEC] 97m Dragon Manteau[devi] 27m +8 Gladius[DBSn] 55m Hockey Mask 5m Autumn leaves[1] 4m Magni's cap x13 150k ea Misc Rough Wind x182 x80 40k ea 30 Elunium 10k ea Nepenthes card 4m Marduk Card 1m Hornet card x2 300k Civil Servant Card x2 1m ea Emperium Jewel Cutter 14m Immortal Heart x837 1k ea Level 1-9 CookBook Set 9m (pm me for individual purchase) Poison Bottle x8 40k ea Box of Sunlight x6 200k ea
  2. S> Costume set

    Not going to break the set. Leave your offer/PM me here.
  3. Whisper Tall Hat Costume =offer Saiyan Hair =offer carrot in mouth costume =SOLD INTERESTED IN: Celebration Rings 2x Orc Lady Cards 2x (250k ea) Book of Charms Vol. 1 [1]
  4. As topic stated for Auction: Auction Start Date: 10/01/2018 Auction End Date: 17/01/2018 End of Auction Time: 23:59 Server Time Whisper Tall Hat Costume ID #20253 Type: Armor Location: Upper Costume Sell: 10 Buy: 20 Weight: 0 Defense: 0 Required Lvl: 1 Slot: 0 Market: Reward Guru: Vanilla: Hotlink: Description: A classy hat with the cute motif of a Whisper. Usable on: Every job Starting Price: 10,000,000 million zeny Reserved Price: 400,000,000 million zeny (At reserved price, seller can decided to sell or not to sell) Minimum of bid Increment: 5,000,000 million zeny of each increment of bid Highest Bidding Price will reserved the item. Flying Drone Costume ID #20726 Type: Armor Location: Middle Costume Sell: 10 Buy: 20 Weight: 0 Defense: 0 Required Lvl: 1 Slot: 0 Market: 450,000,000z (S) Reward Guru: Vanilla: Hotlink: Description: A small scouting drone made by a famous blacksmith. Usable on: Every job Starting Price: 10,000,000 million zeny Reserved Price: 400,000,000 million zeny (At reserved price, seller can decided to sell or not to sell) Minimum of bid Increment: 5,000,000 million zeny of each increment of bid Highest Bidding Price will reserved the item. Find me at Prontera City Left Post
  5. Hi all! This isn't really a direct question of price check for a specific item, but for costumes in general so I didn't post in price check forum but here instead. I saw some costumes having 250m - 270m in price range. How do they decide the price for those? Thanks and merry christmas!
  6. Hello guys~ As what the title said. Selling or Trading 1x Sorcerer Hood Costume 1x Aria Headdress Costume Leave offer in here or pm me o/
  7. B> Eleanor Wig Costume 400m.

    As the title suggests I'm looking for an Eleanor Wig, not set on price, I'm willing to compromise.
  8. T> Your Heart Card in mouth Costume

    Also: Soul Wing Costume Angelic Guidance Costume Pm me here or: Discord ❤️ Hearty#3679 or mail me in game heartyangel Thanks!
  9. B> Cheshire Costume

    Buying Cheshire Cat Ears Costume, pm or post offers, ty :3
  10. Open for Negotiations, you can pm me here, at discord Hearty#3679 or ign heartyangel. Thanks!
  11. Sold

    S>Walking black cat costume can message me on here or in game same username
  12. S> Snow Bunny Ears Costume

    PM me if interested
  13. S> Rose Casquette Costume

    Pm me on discord Hearty#3679 or mail offers ign heartyangel, thanks! 😇🌹💕💋
  14. Walking Black Cat Costume For Sale

    S/T> Walking Black Cat Costume PM offers or post here, will also accept Brisingamen [Sting Card] + zeny. If you would like to see what it looks like please don't hesitate to ask, and I can show you in-game. Thanks!
  15. S>Egg Crispinette Costume!! one of the 2 new costumes at Wave Challenge!!! pm me your offers!
  16. B> White Rose Princess Costume

    u got it i want it; post or pm offers. nothing in market for me to get a price comparison for but my friend's given me a ballpark figure have a nice day!
  17. Items for sale~

    as stated =0 Selling the following items~ Rainbow Star Costume Brisingamen (Ifrit) (Sold) Brisingamen (Hell Poodle) Looking up for trades too ! Just drop a message if interested ! Also buying the following. +7 LK (AKAKAK) Cheshire Cat Ears costume
  18. [SOLD]S>Heavenly Dark Flame Costume 90m

    S> Heavenly Dark Flame Costume 90m I don't check forums too often so if you want a quicker response you're better off messaging me in game. IGN: Kalistery
  19. S > Love Cheek Costume (RUSH)

    (Mega Rare) Middle Headgear Costume only found in Wave Challenge Box. 95m RUSH! Now's your chance!

    Peony Hat Costume Piamatte hood Costume Hit me here or mail iBlackCatt
  21. S> Lovely Fox Ears Costume

    offer ur price. mail or pm me on the forum. contact in game is also available. (mail or pm Alice Nakiri* or Yakumo Yukari)
  22. B> Cheshire Cat Ears Costume

    offer the price you want. reply here or send a message. contact in game is also available. (mail or pm to Yakumo Yukari or Alice Nakiri*) thx
  23. S> Love Cheek Costume

    Offers plz