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Found 10 results

  1. Zhan

    Red Alert Guild (WoE/PvE)

    Red Alert guild welcomes you on TalonRO server! We are WoE and Social oriented guild founded 2014 year. Some piece of our schedule: WoE FE: 05:00 PM ST Wednesday WoE SE: 04:00 AM ST Sunday ET: 08:00 PM ST Friday Wave Challenge: 08:00 PM ST everyday GMC: standard schedule later from 05:00 PM ST If you want to join us, please feel free to contact to IGN BlackSite. Or you may find us at savepoint Jawaii.
  2. cuteologist

    GMC Monsters, Elements, and Arrows

    Hi guys, I just recently bought an Artemis TTT, and I want to try GMCs. My partymates may have high expectations because I have SQI, but I really haven't tried GMCs before so I don't really know what to expect. (I guess I need to tell them that beforehand so they can give me instructions, but they may also not want to invite me anyway because they are betting their supplies for coins and tokens. They might choose those who have more experience.) I've been looking for guides about GMCs, but the best ones I see only mention the arrows I need to bring. Can anyone tell me the monsters that can be found there? So I can look at their elements and know which arrow to use on which monster. I would really appreciate that.
  3. United Angels has a mission to spread the TRO love and keep the halo sparkling. It's meant to tighten values such as Friendship, Fun and more! ❤️💕 🎉 Primary Runs: 🍰 Game Master Challenge 🍰 Timed Wave Challenge 🍰 Endless Tower Guild Values: Proactive/Positive Integrity Passion Fun Vision/Mission: To be hard CORE in spreading "playing ethics" ~ having Commitment, Ownership, Respect and Excellence (Credits to my previous company for inspiring this) Join us, spread the love! 💖💜💖 Contact Details: In Game Name: heartyangel or Sweetsunshine Discord: Hearty#3679 Forum *~Heartyangel~* Savepoint: Beacon Guild Playtime: 9:00-18:00 Server [Due to IRL concerns playtime can be anytime] Here are some snapshots/selfies of guildies and friends! 😇🍰🎉💖
  4. -BoomBoom

    GamePro Guild [PvM / Social]

    • WELCOME TO GAMEPRO GUILD • ================================================================================================ WHAT WE DO: - ENDLESS TOWER RUN ( every Thursday 7pm ) - GAME MASTER CHALLENGE ( every Tuesday 9pm & Saturday 7pm ) - RANDOM RUNS ================================================================================================ EVERYONE ARE WELCOME TO JOIN SAVEPOINT: GONRYUN LOOK FOR: -Asterisk
  5. ~Lunox

    Lunox's Hybrid Champ Guide

    First : Champion Hybrid (Tank and Asura) Skill : Stat and Gear : On Tank with SB "Just Tank For Strong MVP" Hight End Gear - 1.1 Enter Here Gold gear - 1.2 Enter Here On Asura Hybrid : Hight End Gear - 2.1 Enter Here Gold gear - 2.2 Enter Here Gears: Upper: Lord Kaho Horn Mid: Any mid [1] with stat Orc Hero [Anti Stun] Incubus Card [For Asura ] Nightmare Card [Anti Sleep] Giearth Card [Anti Confussion] Dark Illusion Card [ For combo with DL] Gossip Raven [ All stat +1 and +3 def ] Lower: Pussy Cat Bell Give Attack lower ( stat or atack ) Armor: Diabolus Robe / Any armor with +3 str [Gloom and Porcellio Card ] Any Armor [Bathory Card] Fire Armor ,Wind Armor [RSX Card] Wind Armor / Any armor with [Marc Card ] Valkyrja Armor or Any with[Angeling Card] Weapon: Mace[ 4x Drac Card] Suiken " Enchanted With Water " [Dracula , Abysmal Knight, Turtle General Card ] Shields: Valkyrja Shield [Alice] or any u like Strong Shield [Alice ] Shield [Hodremlins] / Platinum Shield Guard [Golden Thief Bug] - + 7 Strong Shield / Any Shield [ Luciola Vespa ] Decreases damage from Wind Property by 20%. Increases damage dealing to Wind Property by 5%. like Mistres , Tane , Basco , Sniper Checil and etc Garment: Proxy Skin Fragment [Deviling / Aliot ] Diablos manteau [Deviling] Footgear: Sleipnir [Eddga , GEC ,DL ] or any Footgear with Hight deff Accesories: Celebration Ring Brisingamen[Sting] 1x Bris / Dring Osiris 1x Bris / Dring Helpoodle Megingjard [ STR + 30, MDEF + 7 (Monk Class ) Reduce damage done with Asura Strike by 10%.] "not realy need" just for Maximum FO if u have better than Expensif costume hehe... SQI Upgrade : 5 DEX , 5 STR , 30% Freeze and Stone Curse Resistance and 13% ASPD Tips : you must be good at quickly changing the core gear to build skill in sekillbar as easy as possible for you Luring : Just lure mob without SB u alreay have hight deff and Devo keep using ur Angelus and Asum from HP , just use SB for Hard/Strong MVP and Emergency Tanking from Lord Knight mob Use Fire Armor [RSX] + Alice shield and Numa ur self skill numa 1x cell beside u , or u can ask hp for numa when tanking Ask Safety Wall from HP when tank Without SB if many mobs. For Hight Wizard Mob u can Spam Finger Offensive skill don't forget wearing GTB shield. Asura Strike =Neutral element This build ady 1x hit with lexaterna LHZ_dun03 mini bos's lvl 99 If wearing suiken For Normal hit / FO Keep bring elemental or Cursed Water for hit Water element moster LVL 10 HEAL can use this for heal ur self and help heal Pally / Party when u tank W/O sb For cast SB : skill Dangerous Soul Collect >> Steel Body Tanking MVP's Most i follow armor and shield khrei's Guide Different at : Ktulanux - Wind RSX/any rsx + Normal GTB Osiris, Pharaoh, Dark Lord, Baphomet - FA[RSX] + Normal [Alice] GMC Seiren - At flor 2 Armor Angeling + SS Alice Chang GTB if Angel Morock attaking u. Flor MVP - FA [RSX]+ Valk [Alice] GMC Gemini - At Flor 1 and 2 , Armor Angeling + SS Alice for tanking Pally mob Chang GTB if cast magic Can FA [RSX] + Alice to Flor MVP - Wind [RSX]+ GTB Last PLAY WITH UR UPGRADE Armor or Wapon for max i am Using this for GMCs and 2 or 3 Man Seal's Service Hight Priest Hybrid (Tank and FS ) I just share Only General Gear and Stat Hight end gear- 3.1 Enter Here Gear : Not much different from the Champion Gear SQI uprgrade : 5 DEX , 5 DEX , Heal 20% more with Sanctuary , 10 INT Another Alternative Link Khrei's Tank Guide Kels Champ Guide For HP FS gear can search at this forum.
  6. benyamin

    Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    Hello ! When i read about SQI bonuses for gypsy and clown, i realized they have so much potential as semi-DPS and semi - support class. This thread is dedicated to review the possibilities that can be reached by gypsy and clown at GMC / ET / TWC / PvM / etc. GYPSY Why gypsy ? - Decent DPS even when compared to snipers - Can support party with dance skills / dispel / spider web - Can equip shields - Adds some variation to party setup STATUS My preference : - Dex multiples of 5 - Agi just to reach 188 aspd with concentration potion (can reach 190 aspd with priest buff) - rest to vit My ideal status (calculator link) ...i still lacks 2 bris [sting] and sleipnir [GEC] when i wrote this https://calc.talonro.com/?caFbLbiabbta7bLababkpabwoaabababaae8ae6aaaaaahkaawjfZwFtlhPtofcfjgZfLfafLfaaaaaaekkkkadvfaaacVaaaaHaRaabaDaEaIaK Note : - Some might want to get 97 or 100 vit by sacrificing some agi - Some might want more str to hold more equipments / supplies SKILLS I will only gave explanation to the skills that I took (my peferences). feel free to experiment if you like. ~~Archer Skills~~ - Double strafe (max) Since this build also bring 2 bows, you can double strafe mobs if for some reason you cant get into TA / AV range. - Arrow Shower (Level 9) I didnt use this at all, maybe some of you want to use this with status inducing bow ? Up to you. - Owl’s Eye (max) Dex + 10 - Vulture’s Eye (max) Max range to avoid earthquake when you’re using bow. - Attention Concentrate (max) The only self buff we’re having for Dex and Agi. - Charge Arrow (Platinum skill) A knockback skill that is very useful to keep strong mobs (non-boss) away from squishy members. - Arrow Crafting (Platinum skill) Crafting arrow instead of bringing quivers is good for your weight management. ~~Gypsy Skills~~ A good thing to keep in mind.. if a soul linker gave spirit buff to Gypsy / Clown, their dance or song skill will affect the caster as well. Also, you can use the dance / song counterpart. - Adaptation to Circumtances (Level 1) Get this just for prequisites. Keep in mind tho, you can switch to bow / knife instead of using this skill to stop dancing. - Encore (max) This skill can save your sp if you’re spamming dance. - Dancing Lesson (max) Max this to get full effect of TA / AV / dances. - Throw Arrow (max) With full SQI bonus, this will be your main DPS skill since it spammable. - Arrow Vulcan (max) Our secondary DPS skill, only need 1 arrow to deal a lot of damage. Plese note the large ACD tho.. on the positive note, it kinda hitlock enemy. - Ugly Dance (Level 3) Just for prequisites. - Please don’t Forget Me (max) A mob control skill. This dance will reach its max potential with high agi and dex. Works like a quagmire, but only affect enemies at dance range. - Marionette’s Control (max) I take this because I use Gypsy for brewing as well, and too lazy to resett everytime I want to brew. - Fortune’s Kiss (max) Works well with snipers, they will appreciate more crit rate when SS-ing or AA-ing. - Wink of Charm (Platinum Skill) I never use this - Service for You (max) This dance will help reducing grape juices consumption. - A Drum on the Battlefield (Level 3) Just for prequisites. Or you can max this if somehow your pt member doesn’t have / use SQI. - The Ring of Nibelungen (max) Ensemble skill for masive atk boost. Since everyone seems to have SQI nowadays, i prefer this ensemble skill compared to the others. Please note : This skill doesnt work on Land Protector. You can use single dances when your party needs constant Land Protector on their feet. SQI Bonus I get these 4 for my bonuses : - Dex + 10 - Agi + 10 - 20% more ranged dmg - 35% more dmg with throw arrow Supplies & Equipments if you’re following this set, you will have 8X % weight with 1 str. # Quantity Item Explanation Supplies 1 500 Grape Juice using GEC won’t keep up 2 50 CWP Some emergency Pots (get ranked ones =p ) 3 15 Green Potion For cancelling silence and confusion status 4 15 Concentration Potion 190 ASPD 5 5 Yggdrasil Leaf Emergency resu 6 25 Fly Wing Emergency bailout 7 3 Crystal Blue Crafting 500 crystal arrows 8 3 Wind of Verdure Crafting 500 arrow of winds 9 3 Green Live Crafting 500 stone arrows 10 3 Fire Arrow Quiver Red blood gave too many arrows.. OWG alert 11 3 Silver Arrow Quiver No ideal craft source (too many, too little, expensive) 12 3 Immaterial Arrow Quiver Yellow bijou took too long to craft 13 10 Rune of Darkness Crafting 300 arrow of shadows and 150 flash arrows 14 250 Arrows I always prepare 250 beforehand Equipments 1 1 Wind Milestone My favourite tele gear, stylish as well 2 1 Valkyrie Helm [Gryphon] If you switch to bow, your ASPD will drop below 190. You might want to switch to this headgear to increase aspd and critical rate 3 1 Lord Kaho’s Horn Dex + 20, int + 20, yes please 4 1 Agi + 1 mid [Bloody Knight] For maximizing damage output 5 1 Agi + 1 mid [Gryphon] Pumping critical rate 6 1 Chewing Bubblegum For maximizing damage output 7 1 Dragon Vest [Gloom] Dragon vest for agi combo bonus, Gloom is self-explanatory 8 1 Formal Suit [Marc] Formal because its lightweight. Unfrozen is crucial at some bosses 9 1 Fire Armor [RSX] To survive when fighting strong fire mobs. I didn’t bring my FA [Ktull] because 2 FA is very heavy.. I dont like to be knockbacked 10 1 Belmont Whip [ TG / TG / TG] I prefer TG over AK because its more versatille 11 1 Creeper Bow [ Doppel / xx] This is very useful for making enemies force tele / halting strong enemy movement. I slap doppel for more aspd because usually when i’m using this bow it’s oh Shit moment and I need spider web to proc ASAP. haven’t decided for the 2nd slot yet tho. I did considering putting valk card on it, but sometimes spider webs backfires since it force tele some enemies. Which brings us to second bow discussion… 12 1 Cursed Lyre [Valk] This bow is the reason you need AGI & Crit gears. In case you party doesn’t have professor and there are mobs that needs to be dispelled, this bow will shine !! Keep in mind that in order to valk card to proc dispel, you need to hit the enemy (hence CRIT pumping gears). Another alternative would be asking champ for spirit sphere (always hit) or using greatest general card (proc to call spirit). I prefer crit gears to gave my party members less work. Why cursed lyre ? Because I like to curse mobs. 13 1 Buckler [Zherlthsh] Zherlthsh will boost TA damage, I’m using this a lot. Don’t mind the shield type tho, I brought 4 different shield type for easy quickslot switching (all of them are lightweight priority) 14 1 Guard [GTB] Combine this with AV and you call kill those annoying Hws with ease. Or any magic using mobs that needs GTB and have to be killed quickly 15 1 Silver Guard [Maya] Auto guard is great for surviving deadly attacks on some cases 16 1 Naga Scale Shield [Medusa] Prevents stone curse, useful 17 1 Dragon Manteau [Stemworm] Dragon manteau to complete the dragon equip set, stemworm to maximize damage output 18 1 Shoes [GEC] For SP purposes.. I want sleipnir T_T 19 1 Celebration Ring I want Bris sting T_T 20 1 Celebration Ring I want Bris sting T_T There you have it, my guide for using Gypsy. Next I shall be writing a few things about clown as well. Since they are similar, I will only listing and explaining some different points Clown STATUS The Status build would be slightly different because clown doesn’t have agi + 10 SQI bonus. In my case, I will be sacrificing more vit to get 190 ASPD (with concentration potion and priest buff). Skills - A Poem of Braggi (Fortune’s kiss counterpart) (max) This used to be the main reason people making clown. Pretty sure all of you aware of the nerf… so use this mainly for the support class (also on the DPS if they want it). - Assassin Cross of Sunset (Please don’t Forget Me counterpart) (max) an ASPD buffing song. Useful on some cases. - The Apple of Idun (Service for You counterpart) (max) Increasing max HP, which is very usefull for pally etc. also they can area heal quite a bit (use weapon switch + encore trick to increasing heal frequency) SQI Bonus I get these 4 for my bonuses : - Dex + 10 - Vit + 10 - 20% more ranged dmg - 35% more dmg with musical strike ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see, gypsy and clown are quite interesting to play and if you allow them to ensemble, its great for boosting party. Hopefully this guide will encourage players to try them out even though its been dissed lately because of bragi nerf. Special Thanks to : - Alberta Team Teaching me how to GMC at my early days, and how to slacks at downtime. - Beacon Team Allowing me to do some experiments on our GMC / ET / etc run. Those data helps ! Regards, IGN Mad xxx
  7. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Discord Bot: Some bot I maintain in my free time. Might proof useful to frequent players :c Pm me on discord Iela#4675 for the invite link. Features: Check upcoming server events (with timezone support) Item / monster database (highly inaccurate since data is scrapped from rathena db mostly). Rates displayed are 1x Quick google, forum, wiki lookup Events scheduling And some other misc stuffs. Type !help for the full list of commands GMC Token Tracker: Have trouble keeping track of your cooldown and tokens? Tired of converting server time to your own local time for each GMC timeslot? This page might help you. http://tcalc.github.io/gmc/ Disclaimer I don’t have a formal WebDev/CS background. Please don’t judge the code :c I gain nothing and lose nothing if you use or don’t this page. Everything is stored locally on your computer. Nothing is sent back to me. I’m really not interested in collecting data. No ads, no analytics, no tracking whatever. Check the source code s if you don’t trust me. If you really don’t trust me, you don’t have to use it. Features Automatic timezone and locale detection and conversion. UTC offset, DST, all things are taken into consideration for the schedule conversion. Track your cooldown, and tokens with a few clicks. Sound notification a few minutes before each GMC (optional) slightly buggy? don't depend on it for now History log and a few statistics. Info on GMC/Box/Prize on the same page. Works on mobile/tablet. (not really very user friendly on mobile due to the screen estate).
  8. recklessdrama


    Weekend ET - need HP/Sniper/SB Champ/Pally/HW GMC - HP/Sniper/SB Champ/Pally/HW/Proffessor MVP - depends on mvp , any class will do SEAL - We help who need seal, depends on availability of player online INTANCE - Still planning SAVE POINT : MORROC Look for : RB , Tepat
  9. braindead

    GMC Lance

    I noticed there's no forum thread about GMC Lance yet, and since wiki has not been updated for a while now I thought we could start a discussion regarding this new GMC. This might also prove useful for other players who are yet to try it for the first time and have no place to look up gears, monsters, etc. As of now I have only finished GMC Lance once (as HP), so I kindly ask you my fellow talonians to help me gather more information to assist future challengers. Maybe eventually update wiki. My first impressions about the challenge were: MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OWR POOR SOULS. As I've said, I played HP, and as a HP player I often have to clean up the mess other classes make when they don't do their job properly. I understand it wasn't entirely their fault cause, well, I believe only one player in our party had tried Lance before. I hope this discussion may prevent other messy runs such as this one. Our party setup was: Champ Pally 3 HP Bio 3 HW 3 Sniper The map is bybilan 05 I believe. The monsters I can remember: f1: piranha, gazeti, hydra, phen, uber kukre, merman, strouf, swordfish, deviace, hydra, //MVP: KRAKEN LEG, OCTOPUS, PHREEONI, TAO GUNKA f2: sedora, uber mermaid, king dramoh, marina, sropho, penomena, sinx, incarnation (ghost), water elemental, rhynca, pouring ///MVP: GEC, KRAKEN, ANCIENT COELACANTH, BUWAYA, ESL, DRAKE f3: sniper, high wizard, banshee, lady solace, sedora, water elemental, uber mermaid, rhynca ///MVP: GEC, STALKER GERTRUDE, GYPSY TRINITY, [some low tier mvp] GM FLOOR: Lance + pouring [can't remember the rest the boss floor was super messy] This list is incomplete because at most times I was busy teleing around after champ died, rescuing snipers from HW AoE, and mostly just trying not to get myself killed. It is worth mentioning that the ugly looking fish boss had some nasty aoe skills, and that the uber mermaid was THE PAIN with her 500k HP. Bio04 mvps were harder than the gm itself, we barely made it to GM floor. When we did get there, half our gears were broken, some players had been full stripped, which resulted in a very messy fight. Honestly, I can't believe we actually did it. If there's one thing I can say to help future challengers is: WIND ARMOR, MARC ARMOR, GTB SHIELD!!! Also, even though we went with 3hw, I do believe that a professor would be very helpful. I'll also add these videos, uploaded by @Little Girl Blues (thanks for letting me know). Please help me make this discussion useful! Tell us your tips to future Lance challengers! EDIT: added more monster names, thanks to @yujinori
  10. luuh

    GMC Gear

    Hey guys, I just came back to tRO and found out bragi has been nerfed and now they're not on GMC anymore, so snipers can no longer spam SS. Given that, what are the gear for snipers to go GMC? Thx