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  1. This guide is dedicated to my one and only Mama Panda! The only reason why I play tRO. >////< Jaime "Beaver" *Poorest* Hybrid Sniper Guide I am no pro. I am no rich. This guide doesn't claim to be the best of all builds. This is actually my personal build and if you like the things written here, then.. feel free to utilize it. This build was shared to only a few, but I am now sharing it to everyone. If you have any problems with my gearing, that's your problem. :V I have used this build for two years and I am satisfied with it. Also, this is not for PVPing -- it's for PVM. But you can probably try it for PVP (just change the card for the amor). :V So if you are poor and you want to try something new, then, welcome to Jaime's poorest hybrid sniper build. Double Strafing (Self Buffs + Regular Buffs - No dex food) First things first, this is a HYBRID build but the DS damage IS awesome. So if you are going to ask me why no 100 Crit, why no 190 ASPD and the like.. UGHHH.. Go away and look for other guides. >:( This build was created so the player can be flexible without resorting to EXPENSIVE SQI gears. It can get you to Runs, Instances, and make others compliment you for obtaining the MVP title and get spammed with PMs --"CAN I SEE YOUR GEARS?" It can let you farm. It can make you hunt at ease. You can go solo or be a team player. It will teach you the value of switching, monitoring your resources, and stuffs. If you want something easy, then go away. This build is not for you. I will only discuss the end game gears and the stat build so don't ask me where to level, what gears to get at this level and stuff. Pros: 180 DEX (Full Buffs, Self Buffs, and +5 DEX Green Salad food) High DS damage 650M budget build (No need for Valk Helm [BK], Bris [Sting] x2, and Sleipnir) Gears used (except Artemis) only use minimal weight (10 to 50) Very good Sharpshoot damage Good weight capacity (3630) It's truly pro poor. :V Cons: Requires a lot of switching Not for Crit lock wannabes; 188 ASPD with awakening potion (It's a hybrid build anyway) Not for Sharpshoot fanatics (Max Crit for Sharpshoot with Gryphon and buffs: 85.6) You will get bullied for having 7K+ hit points Gears (armor, robe, and shoes) are mostly for Rebirth class You must max your base level, job level, and get all the Artemis SQI bonuses ASAP to utilize this build at its full potential Green Salad (to reach 180 DEX) and Awakening Potion (for 188 ASPD) are always a must in your inventory Stat (no buffs): Full buffs + Self Buffs + Green Salad (+5 DEX): That's the reason why I put 31 for STR. It also provides you enough weight for supplies, arrows, quivers, and gears. What you are trying to achieve here with full buffs, self buffs, +5 DEX food, Awakening Potion, and the gears is: Note: I am not using Gryphon Card here. I am using my Bloody Knight Card. With Gryphon Card, your Crit on display should be around 65. Equipment (With Price): Top: Lord Kaho Horns - 50 TC Away with your Valk Helm [Bloody Knight Card]! Mid: Any AGI mid [1] x2 - 7M each Compounded with: Bloody Knight Card (for Double Strafing) - 12 TC Gryphon Card (for Sharpshooting) - 12 TC Note: It would be better if you get the same sprite so you can switch faster. Yes, when you DS, you switch to your AGI mid [BK]; AGI mid [Gryphon] when you SS. Lower: Nut Donut in Mouth - 5TC Why am I using this instead of Chewing Gum (+1% ATK) or Pirate Dagger (+5 ATK)? Because they don't seem to work for me. :V You will know what I mean when you compare things. Body: Dragon Vest [1] Enchanted with ASPD+3% - 30M Compounded with: Gloom Under Night Card (Holy, Shadow, Angel, Demon mobs hunting) - 20 TC As for these two below, you can either use Dragon Vest (for faster switching) or Lucius Fire Armor [1] for Ktullanux Card, your call, your choice. But I go with Dragon Vest for Ktullanux Card for faster switching; plus, it weighs 50 -- versus Lucius' 220 weight. Ktullanux Card (Fire mobs like Ifrit) - 20 TC Porcellio Card (General hunting) - 3 TC Robe: Dragon Manteau [1] x2 - 5M each Compounded with: Dragon Tail Card (for Double Strafing) - 3 TC Stem Worm Card (for Sharpshooting) - 10 TC Switch, switch, switch, switch! Shoes: Black Leather Boots [1] x2 (You'll have to make these) - 5M to 7M each Compounded with: Mysteltainn Card (Damage) - 20 TC General Egnigem Cenia Card (farming and recovery) - 12 TC Note: I compounded the GEC Card to another Black Leather Boots [1] because.. I switch a lot. Remember, I am a hybrid sniper and I picked this one up because of its +1 AGI which I need to attain 188 ASPD . If you don't mind having 187 ASPD and you want more LUK, you can use Bunny Slipper [1]. - 5M or you can do the Bunny Slipper Quest. Accessories: Bow Thimble [1] (Long Range Attack +3%) x2 - 10 TC each Compounded with: Ifrit Card x2 (Max your base level and job level) x2 - 20 TC each I am happy to say that I don't need Bris [Sting] x2 for accessories. Weapon(s): Artemis Bow [3] - 215M clean Compounded with: Turtle General Card x3 - 20TC each Optional (for MVPing): +4 Artemis Bow [Abysmal Knight Card x3] - 218M Dream Weapons: +9 Artemis Bow [TTT] and +9 Artemis Bow [AKAKAK] - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000z Supplies (At most for one Run): Awakening Potion x7 Green Salad x5 Grape Juice x500 to x700 Arrows, Quivers Skills: Max Double Strafe, Max Sharp Shooting, Max all self buffs, max all Passive, get Detect, get Ankle Snare. Don't get Blitz Beat by the way. Chances are, the auto blitz will lure the MVP to your face. You can still use Detect even without it. :V Tips: Make use of the distance. You only have 7K+ hit points Use Green Salad only when you are facing MVPs. Use Awakening Potion only when you are required to use normal attack Master switching -- without looking at them. You will get confused at first but that's okay OKAY. That's all I can tell you. I am sharing the build since I don't play anymore and so people who are into Snipers are given the chance to be strong without having to buy so much SQIs like Bris [Sting] -- specially the new players. I have no time to answer questions so just gather information from others. I don't care if you don't like this build or if you have something else in mind. Like I said before, this is my personal build. The Jaime Beaver Poorest Hybrid Sniper Build. If you like it, use it. If you don't like it, then don't. And if you want screenshots, here we go. Sharpshooting at Max Damage (Full buffs + Self Buffs - Green Salad) Sharpshooting at Minimum Damage (Full buffs + Self Buffs - Green Salad) Double Strafing (Full buffs + Self Buffs + Green Salad) And now, it's your turn. You can also see the damage using the calculator: Beaver Build
  2. ***********EVENT HAS ENDED********** ********** STOP HERE *********** The Halloween event is a far bigger event. This is just ONE of the features included in this years event. I am writing this Guide to help people. Feel free to use it, copy, and suggest things. First guide I make so dont expect much. Sorry about some of the low quality screenshots. The Rewards are: around 100 Points to your School; Hanging Dolls Costume (Account bound, Not yet in database) Chance to get a Bandit pet (Dont know whats teh %) - Bonus are +25 Maximum SP, 2,5% chance of using level 1 Steal, and 1% resistance for Shadow Property. -ITENS NEEDED- 1 x Empty Test Tube - (Buyable at Alchemist NPC) 200 x Snail's Shell - (Drops from Ambernite)* 2 x Old BLue Box - (Better buy from players) 1 x Rusty Kitchen Knife - (Not consumed, drops from Bloody Murderer)* 5 x Blue Bijou - (Drops from blue Acidus) 5 x Red Bijou - (Drops from red Ferus) 5 x Yellow Bijou - (Drops from gold Acidus) *Mob on a map that have one event NPC Optional but highly recomended (Dont be a cheapstake, just buy them): 1 x Dragon Tail 1 x Dragon Scale 1 x Dragon Canine -STEPS- To start the quest, you need to go to the Event Map. For that, use the Halloween Warper near the Prontera Mailbox You'll be assigned to one Team: Necromancers or Spirit Channelers. Talk to the respective leader of your team. The NPC will mention something about some relick (Monkey Paws?), two men, and a woman that died near a river (thats the clue, if you haven't done Kiel Hyre quest you won't get it). Now you need to go to Border Checkpoint (yuno_fild12 67,276). There you'll find the NPC Ratsy: Talk to Ratsy and ask about the dead woman. She'll say something about bringing her back, and will ask for a Bloodstone. It's located on Glast Hein St.Abbey (gl_church 49,20). Just warp to Glast Hein Churchyard using the warp girl, and take the south potal. You're looking for a weird thing that looks like a piano (in the right angle): CAREFUL HERE. Theres other "pianos" on the map that works too. I don't know its locations. YOU NEED TO SPAM. Just keep talking to it until it says you found a Bloodstone. Once you get the Bloodstone, go back to Ratsy (yuno_fild12) and talk. Now you need to get some Drowned Sailor Tears. Ratsy mentions you'll have to dive DEEP to get them. So now you want to go to Bibilan dungeon (warp girl can take you there). Go to the floor with Phens, Marcs and Swordfishs (iz_dun03 155,51): Talk to the Merman and ask for his help to get the Tears. He'll ask for the empty test tube. Agree with him on everything and he will give you the tears. If you talk to him again, he'll stab you. No big deal. Go back to Ratsy and there will be a spooky ritual, and a Banshee NPC will pop out DONT TALK TO RATSY AFTER THE BANSHEE SPAWNED. Talk/Walk into the banshee. Ask about the relic of MonkeyPaws (whatever that was) and she'll mention a tropical forest with reptiles. Now you can talk to Ratsy again if you want. By the way, thats Papuchia Forest (cmd_fild01). Now you have to find 7 specific trees on that map (yes... SEVEN). Their locations are those: cmd_fild01 97,48 - H cmd_fild01 93,148 - O cmd_fild01 123,242 - L cmd_fild01 99,295 - N cmd_fild01 283,259 - L cmd_fild01 335,93 - E cmd_fild01 202,134 - I Each one of the orange dots are Trees that you need to check (coordinates above). When you check the last tree, it will tell you about some kid in the Geffen waters. Thats in Geffen FIeld (gef_fild09 140,140). To go there, take a warp to Orc Dungeon, and then the portal in the upper right corner. Now find the lil' boy named Lhoris in one of the land things that strech to the water: Once you talk to him, ask about the relic, monkey paws, same old stuff. He''ll ask for some password(codeword). From the letters of the trees, you can guess. No? ok its hellion. or HELLION. Both works. Now he asks for Snail's Shell. He does not mention an amount, but it seems to be 200 (or really close to that). As stated above, you can farm the shells in this map from ambernites. Good luck. When you have the 200, just give them to him, and he'll say something about an older cousin on a place with toy buildings. For your surprise, that's NOT toy factory. It's actually in Gonryun Field (gon_fild01 130,133). You'll be looking for a NPC named Anzati: Talk to Anzati. HE'S ANGREH! So to chill, you decide by yourself to give him 2 OBB's. After he's LESS ANGREH, he'll tell you a pesky black cat stole his toy. A King Tristram action figure (I want one). The pesky black cat is a Wild Rose. Now the one who'll be angry is you. This part requires some patience. You'll need to reach Geffen FIeld 5 (gef_fild05), and search for a specific wild rose. The PESKY wild rose keep changin his location (It seemed to be among a fixed spawn locations, not confirmed). So what you gotta do is wander through the map trying to find a suspicious wild rose. The mous will not change to the speech bubble like normal NPCs, it will change into a sword (Just lke the Merman, and the Banshee Alysia). The only diference from a normal wild rose is that it does not move. Now If you see a wild rose idling, run to it. If its the real NPC, a dialogue will appear. Choose to snatch the toy. There's a chance of succeeding (not sure, I got in first try and some people needed 6 tries). If you fail, the cat will scratch you and change its location. OK, now you get that toy and bring it back to Anzati. Ask about relic monkey stuff, he'll send you to find a friend mage that went on adventures in a dry and rocky place near a floating city. Thats Yuno. And you want to search him in Yuno field 4 (yuno_fild04 54,142). The mage name is Luvon. Luvon will say he's busy with some orc problem, and you offer to help. He'll send you to a friend in the orc encampment. Thats the orc village and the NPC to search is Cassius (gef_fild10 345,205): When you speak to Cassius, he ask you to check the camp, including the insides. You'll have to find a total of 10 spots. They're: ORANGE DOTS are the portals to the buildings (you shouldnt have trouble finding the spots inside them), and BLUE DOTS are spots on the Field gef_fild10 246,83 - well - deep in_orcs01 151,31 - bed - feather gef_fild10 175,173 - axe - sharp in_orcs01 118,113 - shield - sturdy in_orcs01 107,178 - skulls - white gef_fild10 73,343 - banner - stained gef_fild14 325,195 - stump - small gef_fild14 80,170 - ballista - gigantic gef_fild14 121,306 - barricade - wood gef_fild14 163,285 - tower/lookout - tree You can find them in any order, and the order I stated them seems to be a good one. When talking to the last spot, it will tell you that you found everything. At this moment you should go back to Cassius to report. Tell him everything, and he'll ask some information For each spot, there were two red words, those were key words. Cassius will ask about something (e.g.. ask about Stump, and you type in "small", no quotes). The associations are above, together with the coordinates. Type exactly as it is. one letter wrong and he wont accept. After he accept your information, you should go back to Luvon (the mage in yuno fild 04). He'll now tell you about some Monolith in the riverbanks of a River around prontera. Bring the BIJOUS with you. You're going to find a Monolith two maps west from Prontera (prt_fild04 141,315): Touch the monolith and will tell you about Five Dancing dragons (or not dancing at all, whatever), and the number five. Also there's the colors RED, BLUE AND YELLOW. What a coincidence you brought your Bijous. Talk to it again, and you'll insert the Bijous. The monolith will tell you about some pumpkim. And you of course, think about Niff when you see a pumpkin. Thats exactly where you're going now. Its almost finishing the quest, only one more annoying part and we're good to get some rewards. Go to Skellington (nif_fild01 216,47). Its a somewhat hidden place, with lots of pumpkins: When you arrive there, you may notice the pumpkin are NPCs, but you need to talk to Jakk Skellington first. Remember that the monsters in this map can be troublesome if mobbed. Ask about the relic/monkey paws, and Jakk will tell you he needs some FABULOUSLY carved pumpkins. First thing you gotta do is talk to some pumpkins and choose to gather them. You can get up to three pumpkins at once. Do so and talk to Jakk again. He'll ironically ask if you need a knife, and send you to gather one in the valley. He also mentions a Pumpkinring that will help you in the carving process. Another coincidence, the map one east to SKellington is Valley of Gyoll, the place where you will get your knife and find the Pumpkinring (nif_fild02 47,263): Now, talk to Pumpkinring. I dont remember what he says, but you need a knife anyway. You should get one Rusty Kitchen Knife, wich is droped by Bloody Murderers on that same map. Its 60% drop and you need only one, so no big deal. With the knife in inventory, talk to Pumpkinring and ask to carve. He'll make a pose, a Sonic Blow sound, and attempt to carve. There's a good chance of failing (maybe even higher than success chance). After each attempt, it will tell you how many raw pumpkins you have. Carve your 3 pumpkins and go back to Jakk to give him the pumpkins. He'll accept it by a chance, and discard the other ones. here we enter a loop: Collect pumpkins in Jakk map; Try to carve them with Pumpkinring; Bring them to Jakk for judgement; Repeat those 3 steps until Jakk accept 3 of your carved Pumpkins. He'll then mention that to get the Relic/Monkey Paw, you should go to a huge circle, protected by dragons, and set the pumpkins to work their magic. The Map we're seeking is Abyss Lakes (hu_fild05), and you're NOT going to enter the abyss dungeon. I suggested bringing the dragon parts because the last step is in the center island, but not inside the dungeon itself. Now you should look for Soils that look like this: There are MORE than 3 Soils (maybe 6), so dont go planting anywhere. You should plant the pumpkins in the following spots, marked by ORANGE DOTS: Coordinates are : 281,139 -- 95,139 -- 198,304 Now you should feel happy. You only need to go to the middle and collect your prizes. To do so, talk to the Column, marked in the map as a BLUE DOT, and insert the dragon parts. If you did not bring them, you can try your luck and use Teleport/Fly Wing to reach the middle platform. Once there just talk to the spooky darky creepy black thing wich should be in the southern part of the island. It will say there's no such thing as Monkey Paws (the cake is a lie). BUT you'll get your prizes. Now go back to the event map and talk to the School leader. He will say that its a shame you wasted your time, and the artifact stills a mistery. -THE END- Edit: A huge thanks to all the people that helped in finding NPCs and solving puzzles. Thanks @Cassidyfor those extra piano locations.
  3. I've recently picked up Super Novice, and I've been looking nearly everywhere for some kind of reference to take for Super Novice, be it gear or build. I ended up settling on going for a caster build, but at the same time I still have little to no idea as to what gear I should be getting. So rather than worry about what gear I should have for my level, I'm curious as to what the best gear possible for a Super Novice is. I know that it's entirely debatable, but I'm curious to see what people have in mind so that I know what to work towards.
  4. HELP plz ^_^

    hi guys/gals wondering if u guys could point me in the right direction for guides for hunter
  5. New player looking for some friends to play the game with i dont know anything about ragnarok a friend told me about it he doesnt play but im giving it a shot would love the help and or company
  6. Devo Paladin - Building your way up from scratch! Hello “Mr Paladin”, please take a sit and let me guide you through your ET/GMC/whatever-else-you-need-devo journey. This guide is intended for newcomers with a tight budget and old players with money to spare. I’ll present you my progression as Paladin and try giving you some advice on what to do on your runs. First of, let’s start with the skill discussion. The strong swordsman I’m just a Crusader, please take me to ET Now I’m finally “Mr Paladin” Once you have your fat Peco and long cape, you’ll now start to have more choices. Remember, as long as you have Devotion at max level, you’re set to go on any run. Everything else is a plus. Get Defender to max as second skill. Option 1: All about defense. Option 2: I’m here to help! Got all my skills ready, now what about stats? Well, it’s pretty simple. Get 99 VIT, enough STR to carry all your equips and approx 1.5k Meat as well as other supplies you need. Put the rest into DEX. I normally end up with 99 VIT, 92 DEX and 42 STR. But why DEX? The higher the DEX the faster you cast Devotion. There are situations where you have to re-cast Devotion, or the target uses the skill “Slow Cast”. Got it. But, who needs Devo? Well, during a classic ET/GMC run, your Devo should be reserved for the SB Champ (tanker). There are a few cases that you should be using Devo on other party members. The ones I can think of now are: 1- When against LKs, Bow/Sword Guardian, Kasa or Salamander, cast Devo on your HW. If your HW dies, there is a big chance your whole party will also die. 2- Naght Seiger (Floor 101 on ET). Use Devo on the HP that is taking the front position. If he dies, you die, all your party die. Plain and simple. 3 -GMC: when team splits up into 2 groups, you go with a High Defense HP, and cast Devo on him. He’s doing the SB Champ job. Remember, you need to keep the person with Devo on your screen. If the player takes damage while not on your screen, the Devo will break. So, I just Devo and use meat? Well, technically, yes. But if you wanna be more than a meat spammer there are a few things you can do. Get meat on 2 of your shortcut slots. I myself use Q and D, for faster spamming. Having it on 2 slots let’s you use meat a lot faster. Always carry Ygg Leaf. Your resurrection on the front HP can save an ET run. You should use Cure whenever someone is silenced (if you follow my advice). You should use your Shield Charge to take mobs away from your party. If you went for the Gospel build, you can use it too. Just remember to tell your party, since it can be quite challenging to coordinate with your snipers. Remember to use Providence on SB champ. If you have a second set of gear, you can also off-tank. Alright, got all sorted out, time to gear up 1st Tier - Can I join your ET? This is the minimum you need to be part of an ET run. 2nd Tier - I’m enjoying this, but I want more HP At this point, you’re good to go on any ET/GMC. 3rd Tier - I want positive defense!!! 4th Tier - But if I wanna take it further? Sorry no pictures Above and beyond After this, there’s really nowhere to go. Just getting more refined gears. Honorable Mention Healing Paladin Tips and Tricks. Weapon Summary I feel like this is more like a personal choice. Here are a few options you can try once you're on the 4th tier of gears. Armor Summary A few more options to consider once you hit the 4th tier. These are for specific scenarios. Final Statement If you managed to read it all, congratulations. I probably wouldn’t have made it. This guide is my first and it was based solely on my experience with ET and GMC on tRO. Feel free to criticise and add any feedback. After all, we are here to learn. If you want to contact me in-game, please PM/send a mail to s4w- which is my main Paladin. Since I decided to skip the skill descriptions, you can find them here: http://irowiki.org/classic/Crusader#Skills http://irowiki.org/classic/Paladin#Skills For more details on ET/GMC: https://wiki.talonro.com/Endless_Tower_(ET) https://wiki.talonro.com/Endless_Tower_MVP_Guide_(Floor_80_and_above) https://wiki.talonro.com/Gamemaster_Challenge_(GMC) Special thanks to @Mosjoandy
  7. Amazing Race This summer 2015 The Amazing Summer Race is back again~ This event begins on June 26, 2016 and ends on September 4, 2016 Shortlink to this guide is bit.ly/troamazingrace http://tinyurl.com/troamazingrace The concept is like the tv show Amazing Race, I guess. Actually, im not sure how to explain this event, because this event mostly random. Random npc map, random npc position, random mission. We dont know how many mission npc and maps they use for this event. If you find any npc thats not on the possible mission npc list. Post right here ^^ How to join this event? Talk with the npc at Port Malaya, Amazing Race Officer. The event itself begin every 3-4 hours and the duration to do the event only 45 minutes! Check the NPC to see how many minutes left the event will start. There will be global announcement too every hour, like Amazing Race event will start in 3 hour/2 hour/1 hour. You can do the quest once per character per round and you can only do the quest 4 times per forum account per round. 1 char per round and 4 times per forum account per round What’s the prize for doing the event? You can get Summer Box and Pro/Advanced Summer Box What’s inside that box? New costume, special pet, new gears. Check below to see the possible item that you can get from the box How to get the Summer Box? You need to collect 4 type of badges. It’s like GM Challenge, Token things, if you already play it before. What are those badges? There are 4 type of badges: Kokomo Summer Badge, Kordt Summer Badge, Darmain Summer Badge, Sograt Summer Badge. You can not trade/drop the badge What about Advanced Summer Box? You need to collect 4 type of advanced badges. Advanced Kokomo Summer badge, Advanced Kordt Summer Badge, Advanced Darmian Summer Badge, Advanced Sograt Summer Badge. Okay, whats the different between non advanced badge and advanced badge? To get the advanced badge you need to trade 4 type of non advanced badges to the NPC at Port Malaya, Amazing Race officer. Can we pick what badge do we want? NO! T^T It automatically pick what theme start when the event begin. We can’t choose >_< It’s like GM Challenge if you already play it. Theme? There are 4 themes: Tropical Theme, Forest Theme, Dungeon Theme, Desert Theme. So Kokomo Summer badge is Tropical. Kordt Summer Badge is Forest. Darmian Summer Badge is Dungen. Sograt Summer Badge is Desert. So theme decide where we can find the npc to do the mission. Mission NPC? After you talk with the amazing race officer Malaya, they will tell you what theme on going for that round and the amazing race officer will ask you to find the next npc. First player to find the mission npc will get a reward. Where is this next mission npc then? Random. They don’t stay in one position everytime the event start. If you found the mission npc, they will give you mission. Check the possible map the npc would be below ^^ What mission? Random. Remember that you can only finish the mission in the duration when Amazing Race open (1 hour) Check the possible mission you can get below ^^ What do I get if I finish the mission? After you finish the mission report back to the mission npc and they will ask you to report back to amazing race officer at port Malaya and you will get badge, depends on what theme for that round. What about this Advanced Mission? You need to collect 4 type of non advanced badges and give it to amazing race officer to start Advanced Mission. What you gotta do is the same, you need to find the mission npc and they will give you mission. But instead 1 mission, Advanced mission npc will give you 2 missions. Remember that you can only finish the mission in the duration when Amazing Race open (1 hour) Is it different? The NPC Location and Mission from Advanced Mission? Everything are the same. same mission npc location, same mission. Just need to finish 2 missions instead 1 What do I get from doing Advanced Mission? After you finish the mission report back to the mission npc and they will ask you to do another mission, finish it and report it to the mission npc and they will ask you to report back to amazing race officer at port Malaya and you will get advanced badge, depends on what theme for that round. So 1 set of non advanced badges? 1 Advanced Badge, yes. Possible Mission NPC Location: Tropical Theme (Kokomo Summer Badge) Forest Theme (Kordt Summer Badge) Desert Theme (Sograt Summer Badge) Dungeon Theme (Darmain Summer Badge) Possible Mission: Gather Items 75 Acorn 1 Aloe 50 Aloe Leaflet 2 Anodyne 20 Cacao 60 Cheese 25 Clam Flesh 75 Conch 60 Coral Reef 75 Daenggie 75 Dokebi Horns 50 Dry Sand 65 Elder Pixie's Moustache 75 Feather of Birds 50 Fin 50 Glacial Heart 40 Glitter Shell 80 Ice Cubic 5 Ice Crystal 2 Inside Out Shirt 40 Large Jellopy 10 Lemon 5 Level 3 Cold Bolt 5 Level 3 Fire Bolt 15 Melon 70 Nippers 90 Old Frying Pan 25 Orange 2 Orange Juice 7 Pearl 20 Pineapple 20 Prickly Fruit 5 Powdered Ice (Ice Piece) 35 Red Prickly Fruit 50 Reptile Tongue 60 Rice Cakes 30 Round Shell 5 Sardonyx 75 Sharp Scale 75 Shining Scale 25 Shrimp 45 Soft Blade of Grass 65 Solid Peach 75 Squid Ink 25 Star Crumb 7 Star Dust 25 Strawberry 40 Tiger Panty 1 Tropical banana 40 Yam 75 Yellow Herb Hunt Monsters 7 Deviace (iz_dun04(3)) 10 Cendrawasih (dew_fild01(5)) 10 Orc Baby (gef_fild10(5)) 20 Jejeling (ma_fild01(30)) 20 Kraben (ayo_dun02(20)) 25 Wootan Shooter (um_dun01(10), um_dun02(10)) 25 Rotar Zairo (gef_fild11(10)) 25 Choco (um_fild02(5)) 30 Garm Baby (xmas_fild01(20)) 40 Mi Gao (lou_fild01(15), lou_dun01(15)) 45 Siroma (ice_dun01(75)) 45 Freezer (tur_dun03(40)) 50 Galapago (cmd_fild02(20)) 50 Sea Otter (cmd_fild04(20)) 50 Horong (pay_dun04(30)) 50 Alligator (cmd_fild01(60)) 50 Alnoldi (dew_fild01(150)) 55 Pirate Skeleton (Sunken Ship Dungeon) 60 Obeaune (iz_dun02(40)) 60 Parasite (um_fild03(95)) 60 Frilldora (cmd_fild05(45)) 65 Marc (iz_dun03(40)) 75 Swordfish (iz_dun03(40)) 75 Sandman (moc_fild16(70)) 80 Crab (cmd_fild02(20), cmd_fild04(20)) 80 Phen (iz_dun03(45)) 80 Wild Rose (gef_fild05(50)) 90 Smokie (pay_fild09(80)) 90 Mantis (mjolnir_08(60)) 90 Horn (mjolnir_09(70)) 100 Muka (moc_fild18(80), ve_fild01(70)) 100 Hornet (mjolnir_04(70), prt_fild00(70)) Find NPC Rewards: Updated the sure items with an * in the end Basic Summertime Box Drooping Lif Costume* Fashionable Glasses Costume* Galapago Cap Costume* Sunglasses Cap Costume* Vacation Hat Costume* Sunglasses Costume* Face Crusher Costume* Hanging Lunatic Ears Costume* Sombrero Costume* Penguin Cap Costume* Happy Parrot Costume* Bell Pigeon Costume* Whistle Costume* Pretty Bear Costume .* Twin Margaret Costume * Blue Cherry Blossoms Costume * Galapago Egg* Pandaring Egg* Jejeling Egg Beach Manteau* Beach Sandal Old Card Album Summer Event Suit* Pro Summertime Box Raspberry Mousse Hat Costume Ascendant Crown Costume Celestial Circle Costume* Happy Summer Ribbon Costume* Harvester Hat Costume Protection Feathers Costume* Jeje Cap Costume* Long Rainbow Octopus Costume Magnificent Pirate Hat Costume* Flying Galapago Costume* Seraph Wing Helm Costume Seraphim Coronet Costume* Waltz Of Flowers Costume (Account Bound)* Blue Rear Ribbon Costume* White Rose Princess Costume* Survival Orb Costume* Pouring Egg Mermaid Egg* Sedora Egg Wild Rider Egg * - confirm that can be obtained this year.

    This is my hillwind hunting guide. Please don't hate >=D PROS: The equipment required can be used by your other characters You will hit 3 birds with 1 stone. (farming loots and selling with merchant(overcharge), farming coins(current TAMTAM event), leveling(70 and up) You can save a lot and spend little zennies for potions ( to save more potions, use monster's feed for healing. it is also dropped by hillwinds.) CONS: required equipment will cost a lot (but with skill, patience and perseverance, you will make it through >=D ) REQUIRED EQUIPMENTS: earth element weapon (for short ranged characters. hunters and gunslingers can just use earth element ammunition) Odin's Blessing with Sandman card( players sell Odin's blessing for 50k. as for the card, you can just hunt them, if you have money then buy.) Fricco's Shoes (combo with Odin's blessing, this will make white potions 20% more effective + additional stats) Falcon Muffler ( combo with Odin's Blessing, this will cost a lot as I've said a while ago, but trust me, this set will be worth it, your other characters can use it while they are grinding for levels on Hillwinds. Also, the loots baby! >=D )(this will give you agi, perfect dodge and flee in combination with Odin's) Upgrading them to safe limit will greatly increase your attack and defense TIPS: This set will increase your agi and dodge rate. Go for agi normal attack build.(also removing the need to buy MP potions. you can save more Zeny) Use the healing item that the Hillwinds drop to save white potion Do not bite more than you can chew. It will cost you a lot.(even geared and and level 90+ characters will be killed if 10 angry birds attack all at once!) If you have aoe attack like grimtooth, desperado, bowling bash, you can pull up to 5 Hillwinds, this will do you minimal dmg. (for safer pulling, especially if your gear is not yet complete or your level is low, just pull 2-3 Hillwinds.) Ignore immobile monsters ( Drosera and Geographer, it will just waste your time) GET earth element weapon first then sandman Odin's blessing second.(the weapon will help you kill them faster, the armor will drastically lower the dmg you get from Hillwinds) Use merchant in selling loots and buying potions ( OVercharge and Discount skill)(put your loots at the storage and get it with your merchant) Getting 400 Harpy talon and 400 harpy feather will give you roughly 700k zeny. Just use merchant in selling them. So in just 2-3 runs, you can buy your first item which is the Earth element weapon. UPDATE: SO far, I've got a lot of success using a Knight as they are naturally tanky. A little bit of vit goes a long way. I first use an assassin. Her name is Lukah. the Problem with assassins, even though they have ridiculous amount of flee, if they are mobbed, they wil die. Imagine, I'm pulling 15 angry birds then suddenly, it freakin' lagged and I died instantly. I changed into a Knight because I really really like Knights. Please look at the pictures. I have a picture of my assassin. (note: also managed to buy Katar of Quaking for 1.1M, this is also a fruit of this guide.) HOPE THIS GUIDE HELPS YOU. HAPPY FARMING! >=)
  9. GMC Monsters, Elements, and Arrows

    Hi guys, I just recently bought an Artemis TTT, and I want to try GMCs. My partymates may have high expectations because I have SQI, but I really haven't tried GMCs before so I don't really know what to expect. (I guess I need to tell them that beforehand so they can give me instructions, but they may also not want to invite me anyway because they are betting their supplies for coins and tokens. They might choose those who have more experience.) I've been looking for guides about GMCs, but the best ones I see only mention the arrows I need to bring. Can anyone tell me the monsters that can be found there? So I can look at their elements and know which arrow to use on which monster. I would really appreciate that.
  10. What to do with this LK?

    Hello guys and to the pro LK user out there! Can you help me with this LK? Want to move somewhere really soon (currently farming on mavka) Btw I can buy/trade my gears for this items so I can move to other farming spots. +7 Violet Fear (Doppel, Bapho) 2 Celeb Ring +7 Tidal Shoes (GEC) +7 Wool Scarf (Deviling) Lord Kaho's Horn FA (RSX or Ktullnux) PCB Str Mid BK I'm not into berserk LK though my question is where to go/what to do with this LK build/gears. Planning to do normal attack type without using Berserk The only thing I know is Berserk makes you wild, inc dmg/aspd and it drains your hp until you die, can't use skills too. If there is a topic posted in forum already, can you please link it to me? Thanks guys!
  11. Leveling help

    Could someone make a detailed guide to level for new players and oldies alike? I just made another char, but since there is no more training grounds(why was it taken away ) I've no idea where to level my from level 22 since the quests end there. I made swordsman, but I'd like to see a guide for all classes, focused on new players.(like no gears, though I'm running +4 panty/undie combo and some headgears and a swag scarf lul) I think the leveling guides should be updated since the process has been changed.
  12. Archer Guide For New Player

    First of All, I haven't playing any Ragnarok Online for almost 3 years, but I've returned mainly because I love to experience the game which has really good plot, story-line, hard worker farmer, etc etc. I made this guide because I've study so many newbie guide but when actually read it, its not for newbie people at all, its more likely for who have known the game for more like 1 week ~2 months playing or have friends to tell how or what to do etc. they are good but for newbie its hard to understand and boring, so when I can't really state what it meant or more than my understanding I'll put a link, so others can quickly see the more and most good advance guide there, that's for introduction. What I am written here is for mostly or Completely Beginner Player or who really don't know what to do like farming zeny, where to hunt, base and job leveling, equipment. So, as a title says "Its for New Player Archer". I am not going to go too much fast pace, and only until level 50. This also from my experience so please don't judges me too seriously, I have been playing solo mostly like 8/10 and I am also a noob who doesn't have any friend(s) In this Talon Ragnarok Online, after you enter the game and done tutorial "DON'T SKIP TUTORIAL" just before changing jobs, After that "PLEASE DO JOB QUEST" for changing Job, because you are new to the world, you don't have friends to help you and you really don't have zeny (you got about 10k zeny in the beginning)to buy equipment, buffs, potion etc needed in the game, so do job quest so you can get Copper Coin which can be used later for Rental Items. Job Quest guide can be found here. There you just get Copper Coins for Free. I'll explain where to get equipment, items needed to kill monster, where to get Base and Job Exp Then, You are now mostly Level 21~24 Base and Lv.1 Job, from here on you're gonna to be busy. After getting a job the archer Guild gave you bow and arrow, yes for equip, just double click and it'll equip automatically. After that Go to Payon City, Warp>Cities>Payon, the go south ward then in the left side go to the wooden roof house, ta da.... that's where you are gonna get bow or arrow. P.S. THIS IS FOR ARCHER Based HUNTER Firstly, I really recommend you buy silver arrow which cost 2z get it about 1000 at least, and buy 1~3 Concentration Potion for your attack speed. and go back to the town and warp to Payon Dungeon to kill monsters. As for stats, Archer need fast attack speed/dodge as well as good or best hit rate so i suggest putting to like STR-9 (damage and increase weight limit) VIT - 9 (Hp and Def) AGI- 26 and DEX - 20. Go to Payon Dungeon and equip silver arrow, drink concentration potion, now start killing Skeleton for Exp. it'll be 100% hit with Skeleton and will need 2~5 hit to die, also beware of Zombie and Familiars which are aggressive don't let them surround you. Archer got ranged advantages so, you can pick them from afar, one by one. Now, after killing monsters you get Skill Stats/Points which you need to add. I recommend to add Owl's Eye (add Dex)and Vulture's Eye (HIT and Ranged) to max at first and then Add Attention Concentration (% to AGI/DEX) then Double Strafing skill to kill monster, as it name implies it attack double with 1 arrow and used SP and finally AOE attack Arrow Shower with remaining skill points. Altogether 49 points. Platinum skills can be learned at Prontera near Hunting Quests Board Making Arrow (It's a skill which you can make an arrow from materials detail can be found here) and Charge Arrow Where to Level with some basic detailed Level 21~30 Payon Dungeon 00(Silver Arrow) [Skeleton, Zombie, Familiars and Poporing] and Prontera Culvert, to go to Culvert you need access so here is how to do LINK [Thief Bug, Familiars, Tarou, Thief Bug Egg, Female Thief Bug, Spore] By the Way, keep everything drops. Level 31~40 Payon field 09 (Fire Arrow) [Smokie, Bigfoot and Poporing] Level 37~45 Bibilian Dungeon 01/02 [Plankton, Vadon, Marina, Kukre and Hydra (Immovable)] (Wind Arrow) Level 41~50 A. Payon field 02 [Wolf, Snake, Poporing, Spore (for spore don't use fire)] B. Orc Dungeon 01 [Orc Zombie, Orc Skeleton, Drainliars (Silver Arrow)(They are Aggressive) Steel Chonchon (Stone Arrow or Neutral)] C. Einbroch Field 02 [Geographer (Aggressive and Immovable) Holden Metaling](Fire Arrow) As for other leveling guide and other most useful guides which I found very good and much more please see below with links A. Talon Wiki Leveling Guide here B. A Great guide made by Kimchii for farming and leveling can be found here C. A Class overview made by kkroto01 here D. Mercenary guide by Goodboy here As for others I'll update when available Now Equipment Guide and Strategy For this, its very hard to make a guide because, you start out with your first character which is an archer, so, i'll try to keep up the necessary materials/ equipment but low cost as possible. Firstly, after changing your job as an archer what you get is a bow, i suggest you used it all the way until you get 25~40k zeny to buy new Bow. You can get the following Bows at NPC Vendors Composite Bow[3] 2,500z Great Bow[2] 10,000z Crossbow[2] 17,000z Gakkung[1] 42,000z Arbalest [1] which gives +2 DEX 48,000z As for others if you can find Pantie and Undershirt MDEF+1 which is a combo set which gives AGI+5 and Flee Rate +10, it is best if not forget it, As for Armor or Head gear Use Magnifier (can be buy in NPC Vendors )to Identify the drop equipment and equip, common items which are normally drops are Ribbon +3 MDEF, Hood, Cotton Shirt, Sandals, Skull Ring, Gold Ring. Equip as desire. Most of them gave DEF. Also, you can upgrade it with an Ore, which will give decent DEF and ATK for Weapons, depend the Level of Equipment Ore are Differentiate. I'll try to update as fast when I'm done some investigation regarding guide. Thank you. Btw, I really am not playing or logging my account anymore, wish this help, also got a friend who is completely a newbie who wants to play and ofcourse we can't play at a same time, so with that as based I'am making this guide.
  13. Champion Tanking Guide

    Hi all, I had an Asura Champ and we had no one to Champ for us at GMC that day, so I volunteered. Not knowing which particular equipment needed for every MVP. Therefore I made myself a helpful Excel, which allows me to select/type any MVP name and it shows the equipment needed. It also shows if FCP is needed and the MVP skills, so you know what to expect. (No you don't have to use this, you don't have to use exact the same equipment, some FCP like TAO might not be neccesary, cause low HP, but it still has break armor skill, decide for your own) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ynt82zpowpdu8yi/Champion Tanking.xlsm?dl=0 (I hope the download links works, first time doing this!)
  14. Newbie nanya lagi

    Salam gan, saya udah ngikutin hampir sebagian dari guide yang ada disni > https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page < > https://wiki.talonro.com/Category:Class_Guides < > https://wiki.talonro.com/Rogue_-_Leveling_Guide < > https://forum.talonro.com < sangat disayangkan, saya gabisa ngikut semua guidenya, karena : Kesusahan saat leveling 40 ++, saya gadpunya gear sama sekali selain damascus, jaket, guard, dan shoes yang semuanya saya beli di npc, dan efeknya cman dikit (btw pas lawan monster gadapet drop, skalinya dapet bukan job saya jadi dijual ). Gatahu cara dapet itemnya, contoh kita pake guide yang diatas, saya mau beli peco-peco ears dan gatahu caranya, saya klik linknya -> klik link wikinya (more info at wiki) -> dan ganemu asal-usulnya. Udah dicoba nyari digoogle tapi ga nemu. Sampe skrng mau niat beli / nyari Pantie + Undershirt gatahu dimana ). Farm Zeny, mungkin gaterlalu butuh untuk skrng, tapi kedepannya pasti butuh. Nah dari guild diatas dapat saya simpulkan bahwa ane musti leveling dulu biar bisa lebih mudah farming zenynya. Cari alternatif guide lain selain di wiki (ex : forum ini, google), gaketemu sampe skrng / ada yang ketemu tapi cman beberapa aja, cman dari http://ratemyserver.net/ kalau butuh nyari monster, map, dll... Minta solusi & mohon bantuannya ya udah sesepuh disini mau diniatin main nih game. Mungkin kebanyakan dari kalian akan ngasih link yang serupa dengan yang diatas, tapi pls kasih guide dari kalian juga, karena selain dari guide tsb juga saya butuh nanya buat lebih detail-nya.. Makasih bang/teh/om/tante, sekali lagi mohon bantuannya
  15. First LeZark brought you the Vampire Whitesmith guide, now Crothen brings you: Introduction All the time I see alchemists asking how they are supposed to get job exp if homunculus kills only give them base exp. Some alchemists run around having gotten thier homunculus and themselves level 99, but are unable to rebirth as they struggle to get to job level 50. So I created this guide to show alchemists having a hard time getting job exp a fun and extremely cost efficient way to level up, by mobbing with marine spheres in Rachel Sanctuary. 1.Concept Normally alchemists AFK level with their homunculus to level 99, but their other skills are not very cost efficient, Acid Terror and Demonstration generally don't get the job done quick enough, Bio Cannibalize is a bit too weak without autobolt gear and melee alchemists don't get much of a boost from their skills like blacksmiths do. So that leaves us with Sphere Mine. Normally marine spheres are highly impractical, they are hard to aim, monsters don't stay put in the blast radius and they pushed back enemies hit, but those problems can be worked around by getting mobs of enemies to attack your homunculus! Please note that Marine Sphere Mobbing is not meant for Homunculus leveling, so look elsewhere for guides and places to afk level a homun, marine sphere explosions are also Fire Property, so they will not work on water element mobs. 2.Marine Sphere Mobbing in Action 3.Cost efficiency 4. Your Homunculus and you - Choosing a Homunculus Picking the right Homunculus for Marine Sphere Mobbing is important as you rely on your homunculus to tank for you while you lob marine spheres, some are more effective than others but please note that all homunculi can be viable and can make effective tanks so long as they are high enough level (90 to 95+) with the appropriate amount of flee to dodge Vanberks and Isillias. Remember, they only have to survive long enough for you to lob 3 Marine Spheres. For a more in depth guide of Homunculi in general and how to level them follow this link: http://wiki.talonro.com/Quintessential+Homunculus+Bible - Setting MirAI for Marine Sphere Mobbing If you need help on installing MirAi follow this link:http://wiki.talonro.com/Houmunculus-Mercenary+AI+-+MirAI - Alchemist Builds, Homunculus stat requirements and Recommended Equipment 5. Rachel Sanctuary Visitors Guide - Where you will be leveling - Monsters in Rachel Sanctuary - Loot to look out for 6. Conclusion I hope you guys found my guide informative, its my first time writing a guide ever so send me a message if I missed something or something is wrong. Or if you want to send me a prezzie :> I wrote this guide to help alchemists get job exp and to prove that some underrated skills can be super useful! I also wrote it to be famous O////O Rachel Sanctuary isn't the only leveling spot, so branch out and see what else works! I heard Sleepers works with marine sphere mobbing too...:^) Good luck to all your alchemists out there!
  16. Alchemist demonstration leveling

    Hello everyone, this is a simple guide on demonstration mechanics, gears suggestions and how it can be used to level up. This guide is intended for those who are bored afk leveling, those alchemist that don't know where they should go and also for everyone that think alchemists can not be useful on parties. Alright, let's begin then, first of all, let's take a look at demonstration mechanics: Now, let's talk about gears options: Since demonstration is not affected by +% cards, such as Hydra, Turtle General, etc, you should focus on +ATK cards, like Zipper Bear for example, you should also get weapons with a high base atk (lvl 3 or 4 weapons are usually good for this) like Doom Slayer. Here is a list of a few interesting weapons: When it comes about armor, any sloted armor with Sky Deleter card or Earth Deleter (if you don't want to use GEC or GJ) Since Demonstration is considered a melee atk, those cards will give you a nice hp/sp per mob, making your expenses with GJ or Meat really low, also, it's even possible to remove GEC from this build. For foot gear, if you don't want to use GEC or Edgga, I highly recommend to use a shackles + bloodied shackle balls you not only will get a nice reduction against Skeleton prisoner but will also get +50 ATK. Dark pinguicula card is a good choice for a sloted headgear, nullify the requirement of a bottle grenade when you use demonstration. garment, shield, and all those things are up to you, remember, using a drop on kill card can help with your costs with bottle grenade. Now, when it comes to stats, it's really simple, str for more dmg, dex for faster cast, and maybe some int for higher sp pool, play with your stats and equips to make your build more suitable for you! :^) And for last, here is a video demonstrating (pun not intended) this entire thing. PS: here are my gears on that video, note, those gears were rushed to make a concept, they are not optimized, and you can get a way better dmg than this with a few modifications, be creative! :^)
  17. Starting an Alchemist

    Hello all! I am not new to TalonRO, I play very casually but I have been around for a couple years now. I am starting to invest in my favorite class which is Alchemist. I just want some guidance for I have never actually fully played an alchemist (cause im lazy and all). I have a sniper, a priest soon to rebirth (lvl96) and a stagnated wizard (lvl 86 since forever) Stuff I already have in TalonRO: - GEC shoes -Kaho -Ice Falchion +2 siroma broochs - at the moment 8 TC - Can potentially fund myself - A low level Vani (want to work on my alchemist first) - I have a few dex gears but I understand this is not quite useful for Alchemists. On to the questions 1. My alchemist is currently lvl 83 I have been buying bottle grenades and leveling with demonstration at GHP (thanks to Aki-Tan's guide). Back when I was a merch I changed jobs at jlvl 40 because i had no intetion of playing as an alchemist, is this going to hurt me? or can I make it like this until I rebirth and job change at 50? Should I restart? Or maybe cross trans my priest? 2. I want to know what gear I should be investing in, TC wise and zeny wise, I would like to one day make use of spellswords and things like this + AD and plants, really get full use of the chemist skills and not be just a AFKemist. Maybe brew later. 3. Any other ways of leveling aside from demonstration and Homun babysitting? Am I too low a level to make use of the spellswords? Thats all for now! I appreciate the help, thanks guys!
  18. Hello, Talonians! The topic of today's post will be how to find and access information about the server and our custom gameplay and bring your attention to some useful links and resources that often go unnoticed. In particular, these will contain answers to questions players often ask me as a GM, and I keep many of these links handy - so I thought some of you guys could benefit from having these compiled into a single post! The older players will likely be familiar with these, but it took me awhile - and some persistent googling - to stumble upon some of these when I first started on Talon, so I hope they may be of help to some of you! auto Server Changelog First and foremost, the Server Changelog wiki page! This is pretty much my holy book when answering !requests. Not only is this a wonderful archive of the server's growth and development over the years, it's also the place to go to seek out information that may be more obscure, read more in depth about some of our custom features, or even just check on the latest updates if you've been away for some time. Highly recommended. Item Table and their Uses Bonus: Alternative Item Table by @Iela Created by @GM Howl, this fantastic tool allows you to search most items that exist on our server and quickly look up their potential uses as crafting or quest ingredients. Need to clean out your storage and not sure what may be worth keeping? This is the place to check. Aside from searching for ingredients, you can also look up questable or craftable items to get a quick overview of what you need to gather and even check out the Market Demand filter! Bear in mind that information may be unavailable for seasonal quest ingredients as these may change year to year. TalonRO Calculator A player-made gear and stat calculator for PvM and PvP (beta) purposes. Great for figuring out, tweaking and saving your builds. Allows you to include buffs in the calculation - skill-based as well as consumable-based ones. Technical Troubleshooting Although this one may be a little bit obvious, we encounter a lot of players who are unfamiliar with this page - which will help you troubleshoot any technical issues you may have with TalonRO. It's the best place to start if you are experiencing crashes, installation or patching issues, and so on. Reporting Guidelines Oftentimes players ask whether something should be reported and how to do it. The Report Guidelines are a fantastic resource that will help you ensure your reports aren't rejected due to lack of proper evidence, which is the most common problem we encounter. You can access these by visiting the General Reports forum, as seen in the image below! How To Look For Information If you're new to Ragnarok, TalonRO, or just haven't played in a long time, make sure to check out this fantastic and very comprehensive article. You will find a huge range of resources here - from general helpful links to TalonRO specific. Bonus: Advanced Item Database Search Our panel offers several databases (found under Panel on the forum menu, and under Databases on the Panel main page) but I would like to focus specifically on the Item Database, give you an overview of how to make the most of it using advanced options and item scripts, as well as offer some tips that may not be immediately obvious. Item ID allows you to search for items based on their ID number. This is required for items with three letters, such as a Mes, as the database requires a minimum of four characters in order to perform search. This field probably comes in more handy when it comes to Buying/Selling databases though, for instance if you're looking to search for a slotted version of an item, et cetera. Item Name is self explanatory - it searches both the item's display name and database name (e.g. "Pantie" vs "G_Strings"). Bear in mind you don't have to use the whole item name as long as you input minimum 4 consecutive characters. You could for instance search for of Assa to bring up Essence of Assassin or ence of to quickly bring up all of the Essences (spaces count as a character, use that to your advantage). Item Description is where you can input a keyword of your interest to find relevant items. You could, for example, type in "recovers" to search our server's HP and SP items. It's a more user friendly but inferior version of item script search. Item Script is a field which allows you to search for partial or complete item scripts to find any item on the database with specified effects. There are too many uses to list here - but I would recommend starting to pay attention to the item script field whenever you're looking any items up on the DB to familiarise yourself with them, or simply use this link to search for a script corresponding to the effect you're looking for! Advanced Options are excellent if you want to run a broader search where you may wish to compare different items that perform the same or similar function. Can be used in combination with all of the above fields. Reward NPC - whether you can purchase this item for TC from the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera. Item Type - filters the items by type (as recognised by the database), which are pretty self-explanatory. Item Class - only applicable if Item Type is set to Weapon or Ammunition. Allows you to narrow down a broader search. Item Location - only applicable is Item Type is set to Armor or Card. Item that affects this Status - self-explanatory. Order By - self explanatory, but note that ordering by name will use the item's display name rather than database name. Slots - how many slots the item has. Equal to, more than or less than the number you input in the second drop-down. Applicable Jobs - you can use this field to ensure that your character will be able to equip a weapon or armor. Note if you were to, for example, choose Assassin, this would display all items an Assassin can equip, not items that only an Assassin can equip. Items that affect this Element - self-explanatory. Items that affect this Race - self-explanatory. Vanilla - searches for items allowed or restricted in Vanilla-mode PvP, BG and WoE. Tips & Tricks If you're looking to quickly find the cheapest vend price for something, try searching for it in the Item Database! The item's cheapest vend price will be displayed. To get a link to an item in the iDB, check the Hotlink field in the item description or simply type http://panel.talonto.com/itemID
  19. Hey Talonians! This is my very first guide here. Recently, necessity made me use my Pally as a devo slave to help me level my assassin, and while I'm certain this isn't unique or original (terrific if it is!) I didn't find anything similar in the forums and thought that sharing my experience would certainly help someone. I'll try and keep it short. Your comments and feedback on your own experiences and/or ways to improve this will be most appreciated. Overview: This tactic uses a mid-high level Paladin as a 'devotion' slave - an extended life support if you will. You basically make the Pally follow your character around on a second client, while casting devotion after every 90 seconds to keep you alive as your primary character engages monsters and watches them fall while you don't get a scratch! Context: In this guide, I'll share my experience of using this tactic with my level 96 Assassin at Ice dungeon 03. Background: Paladins and Assasin Crosses are amongst my favorite classes, having played these multiple times on several other servers. TalonRo, being low rate and customized, makes it a little...well tricky...to level certain classes (I'm looking at you hunters and priests) without cross transing (I'm not against it, I just don't do it myself). For a while, I invested in a Paladin (now level 94) and then recently switched to my Assassin. But leveling the assassin beyond 90 has been a colossal pain and very, very, very slow. I did sleepers, died too much at mavkas, couldn't part much because I have a hectic work schedule and don't want to pay for leech. Also, I ain't rich. If your background is similar or you have a similar setup to mine: this guide is for you! Also, the advantage here is that you don't need to share your EXP with the slave, don't need to run around finding a party or feeling rejected and you still get the benefits. Requirements: Lvl 85+ (preferred for effectiveness) Paladin with devotion build HP increasing gear for your Pally DEF/MDEF increasing gear for Pally (depends on map) The ability to dual client The character you want to lead and level The Strategy: Again, I'm speaking from my experience at IceDun03 but I'm still trying this out in different maps. I've already experimented in couple other maps that have mobs and will post results soon. The idea is that this approach is customization to an extent to make it work in multiple settings depending on who your lead character is. The Master - Lvl 96 Assasin GEC sandals, Aqua Odin's Blessing, Devi Skin of Ventoss, LKH, Angel Wing Ears, now lower mid, just a simple ol' guard, Mantis rings, Ice Pick - I'm sure you guys have better stuff. Got an endow slave to give my IP the wind element and just used a single dagger to get the best aspd I could get with awakes. Use Poison React! I suppose it is an underrated skills here but it's helped me from dying so many times. Useless against Titans (very high VIT and dmg) but very good against Snowiers and especially, Gazetis. The latter get poisoned as they hit you with their bolts and you will counter most of their attacks. Helps when surrounded! Get em' one at a time. Charge forward and get them to hit you than your slave. Especially the Gazetis because if they target your Pally and you run of of devo, you won't be able to cast devo in time due to sloooow casting time and being continuously interrupted by those pesky Gazetis. The Slave - level 94 Paladin (devo-build) Now I ain't rich and I'm using my residual gear that I picked on the way. And I'm deliberately not using my Platinum shield and Raydric garment here because I want the HP bonus and % defenses the set can offer. I used Goibne's set, rosaires with platinum shield. Feel free to use anything that you have that you can spare on the slave and does a better job. There's a lot out there that can make this waaayy more effective. Bonus - VIT + 5, Maximum HP + 15%, Maximum SP + 5%, DEF + 5, MDEF + 15 Receive 10% less damage from Water, Wind, Earth and Fire Property attacks. Get max devo. I got reflect shield and auto guard lvl 5 comes with the deal. This helps me keeping the Pally alive when targeted. Get max HP recovery and Faith for additional HP and HP recovery (you will need this, a lot). Use HP/SP bonus + recovery cards to make the Pally regain HP faster and survive better. Cast reflect shield and auto-guard. Cast devo on your character. Turn auto-attack off and make the pally follow your character. Switch to primary client. With this gear I have 22K HP which is pretty good. I would like to get higher heal (current level 3) and better hp recovery. Note: I didn't get peco ride because my paladin would just run ahead and get mobbed. This may or may not work so I just resorted him to walk after my assasin. If your lead char is a sniper or champ or high-priest or anything that's fast, get the grand peco ride to keep pace with your lead char. Making this work: Make the Pally follow the lead character (Sin in this case). Charge into the monster with the Sin. Watch as everyone tries to kill you only to draw damage points from your insanely large, albeit extended, HP pool. Kick ass. Recover. Repeat. In action, my assassin can deal with 3-4 Ice Titans and 2-3 Gazetis/Snowiers at once max and not die. It has helped me gain 2 levels and I'm getting my final level now, almost ready to transcend. Note that before this, my assasin was barely able to handle 2-3 of these bad guys at once before dropping dead. I've partied with half-decent priests before but when we got mobbed, we died. You can enhance this further with a Soul Linker's Ka-buffs and priest buffs - whatever you have access to. Let me know if you have successfully (or unsuccessfully) used a devo pally slave before and if you have any feedback for my approach. I would be happy to experiment further and listen to ways to improve this! Happy Playing
  20. First Char as Archer - Advice?!

    Good mornin! I've just started off with this server and made an Archer, wanting to become hunter and later trans to Stalker. Problem is, I do not have any gear and lurk around lvl 50,s Still using my crossbow and equipment from Prontera. Can you offer me any advice on where I should farm and how get decent equipment? Thanks in advance!!
  21. Muy buenas a todos Hoy les invito a conocer mi Blog, Un blog orientado al RO Guías Varias tanto Pvp como otras especialidades!! Espero les gusten mis guías, esto es solo el principio ya que estaré preparando muchas más que seguramenten les gustarán!! Guide Ragnarok By Spionw http://spionw-ragnarokonline-guias-pvp-menu.blogspot.com/ Espero el apoyo de la comunidad es este nuevo proyecto los Quieeeeetesitos! Las Actualizaciones las ire informando por Aca! Saludos a todos y cuidense!!!
  22. Super Novice

    Hi guys, I am just wondering if there is still some super novice active here that farms in geffenia or can help me building a SN for geffenia farming. THANKS in Advance
  23. Leveling Guide?

    Is there a leveling guide that shows the best place to level for whatever job level you are? For example I know when you start out you kill porings and rockers straight out of Prontera city? I know on another server a loonnnnggg time ago when people reached second class they would stay and grind at seals for a lonnnnngg time because it gave you the best EXP (but that was like years ago) Right now I just became a merchant and was wondering what places were the best to level to get me to alchemist? I am going to kill some rockers and then after that I don't know that haha. I was just wondering if there was a guide that says something like: From this level-this level grind here: etc.
  24. Newbie road to alchemist

    Im new here at TRO also ni RO world, i did my research on what is the best job for me i found out either to be an alchemist or mage. I tried being a mage but theres just no feels with that job lol. No im an aspiring alchemist.. Hoping for any help for a starter like. What homunculus to choose and what stats to put. I am hoping for answers anything will be appreciated. And since i am a starter what gears should i put? the cheapest ones first since i dont have enough budget hehe thank you for answers! BEST LUCK! GOOD DAY -Aspiring Alchemist
  25. mau berburu boss pake apa yaa?

    mau tanya" dong saya baru maen ragnarok,job yang bagus buat hunt mvp apa yaa?saya pake alchemist bagus ga??sama minta panduan stats buat alchemist ny dong...