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  1. Welcome to Crimson Guilds Thread Formed in May 15th 2015, by Cassia Emerald & EmilyRose as a Social Guild. Butterfly emblems reflects many different meaning which importanly symbolizes TRANSITION; Do not be afraid if you are newbie or inexperienced, We'll help you to build your bridge! All of us was once a newbie. BEAUTY; Being kind, friendly, caring, professional and respectful are what we call as beauty! FREEDOM; We do not limit you for anything or everything, Spread you wings, fly, explore and find more things! A Community will not work without organized roles, synchronized teamwork and willingness to shares, gives and contribute, therefore we divide task and below shown primary Roles in our Family; Main Guild Leader: Mobius Frostheart War of Emperium Branch Leader: Jiao Li (Previously was Priestess Illyasviel) She is the one leading and managing WoE stuffs. Discord Administrator & Moderator: Ilya, Loi, Adair, Nyphia. They contribute by working behind the screen! You might hardly see them online, as they're busy. They make up our Discord server to be Interactive & Attractive as much as possible, keep thing in place and so.. Veterans: Cassius Clay, Natalis, Nyphia, Ritsu, Sora. These people are the experienced one, the first generation and still gives a lot of contribution to the guild and members in term of PVM. Organizer: Lieca, Lyd. They keep our recruitment on going, Balancing between the Newbies and Experienced per run to keep thing smooth. (and Blacklisting those who don't follow guidance). WoE Veterans: Kono Yusuke, Paulo, Ityan, Fishy. They're focused and helps in WoE Matters, Giving alot of effort in battlefield, build or strategy ideas. *There are also few people i'd like to give them credits which is not included in guild but help us alot. Lustre for the Sign Up Bot! Iela for the general tRO Bot! Guild Rules & Requirements "Always show proper conduct and treat everybody with utmost respect." Treat guildmates with highest respect and refrain from using offensive words against each other, “Vultures are not welcome.” Don't be a leech, Do not beg. Whether you are new or old players. "Follow server rules." any kind of breaking rules will not be tolerated, We won't lend our hand if that happens. WHAT DO WE DO AND PROVIDE GM Challenges. Timed Wave Challenges. Endless Tower. Wolfchev: Bio Laboratory 4. Sealed Shrine. MVP Hunting. Nightmare Rift. Occasional Nontrans War Of Emperium (Status: Migration Under Paulo lead due Jiao Li is busy!) Occasional Leech for Active-Newbie. Many more.. 📚 GUIDE SECTION PVM [New!] Everybody have their own gameplay! So do we, better or not than other, we'd love to share them to you! we've collected and gather all our knowledge, tips, trick and even secret, the general or advanced! bundle them together! With this you may learn or know how our playstyle in details and try to be entertaining as much as possible to read- or watch!, and is exclusive only for Active members! Quick Peek for Guide made by us! REGULAR ET SCHEDULE Everyday: Between 9.00 - 17.00 Server Time Depends on the Officers/Organizer REGULAR GUILD GMC SCHEDULE Monday: 16.00 Server Time Tuesday: 14.00 Server Time Wednesday: 14.00 Server Time Thursday: 08.00 Server Time Friday: 15.00 Server Time Saturday: 12.00 Server Time Sunday: 15.00 Server Time Time might switch due to DST change. OFFICIAL GUILD EVENTS Discord Server Simply click Icon above, it will bring you to an isolated channel in our Discord server. Send a message to any member labeled Pioneer and they'll give you a role to officially join and chat in the server. You will be guided after you click the link. Invitation 1. Visit Our Savepoint, Midgard Camp or 2. Apply via Guild Directories Once you applying, it will takes some time for our cores to look up on your application, once approved you can simply talk to nearest Kafra and apply with Kafra guild Service. ************ I will insta-reject your applications if you are just applying without joining our discord and notify us there that it was you / you are applying thru directory, this is happen alot. You will be missed alot of activities, runs and schedules without discord. Hope to see you guys there with us!