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Found 44 results

  1. braindead

    HW Thor03 Solo

    I have been playing Hw for about 2y now, and I got some pretty nice gears already. I got a little bored of selling abbey leech to buy new gears, and I was wondering if I could upgrade my leeching spot to something more rentable. So I tried goin thor03 to see how things go. I teamed up with a HP friend first, to check if we could survive it, and we did just fine (with the ocasional wipe when we mob more than 3 guardian). When I tried to solo it, however, things became kinda messy and I couldn't last 15 minutes alive. I know that thor03 dual leech is kinda common, but my friend is not available at the same time as I am, and I heard some people can actually solo thor03 (but I'm starting to think it's just a legend). I could not find any specific tips for thor03, so here I am asking you fellow talonians: how can I manage to survive that nasty volcano? Gears I have atm: top LKH mid [vesper] bot cold breath weap SoM [NNN] shield Valk Shield [Alice] armor FA [RSX] shoes Sleip [Eddga] garment NSFM [Leak] acc celebration ring acc celebration ring tele clip on switch SQI bonus +15 DEX, Faster Amp cast On my runs I use only SL buffs, main problems I run into are Bow Guardian = ranged dmg high aspd stun atk, a real nightmare x.x Sonic Blow = high damage and stun chance, it can one shot me if my hp is below 70% Stun status = no dmg on mobs = death I've tried: switching leak garment for devi; balancing my stats to get more vit while still killing sala with one SG; just teleing around until buffs run off (rebuff is very risky, can't make it to safe spot 7/10 tries); having HP slave to get assumptio (assumptio is a real life savior, problem is duration too low)... none of them seem to work to get at least some 80% survival rate, which I find bare minimum to try to start leeching. I'm still about to try dualing another HP to mob and buff because of budget purposes (can't gear 2 char at the same time), and also I don't really want to spend 50m+ gearing a hp just to find out later that there's a chaper alternative, or that even with dual client it's still hard as hell. I heard there is a card which adds a chance to cast pneuma every time you're hit, maybe that would help me against guardians? Maybe I should just bring CWP for every hourly run and charge more for the consumables? Maybe run 97 vit and use stat foods? Get 20% ranged reduction SQI bonus? Give up and go back to abbey? Help =( Any advice on gears/strategy? I thought maybe you mighty thor leechers could share some of your knowledge with me <3
  2. ~Lunox


    Hello Guys i am here open Seals Service Okay go straight at the point without long. FULL SEAL SERVICE [ Close ] What Seal ? How long Finish seal ? ( New Build We Can Make Done 4 SEAL Less 1 hrs ) if Don't have Party inside Seals And depending on the random monster How if dc at seal ? We can wait u and try agan Founder AwooTeam ,( Pope , Rays , Lynx and Me ~ ) PM / Mail me in game Me : Nox-D / Mr Lunox Thx for read ~
  3. Ghen Corps

    Ghen's Abbey High Priest Leecher Guide

    Disclaimer: I'm writing this guide based on my experience, and based on what I read in the past. There might be similiarities between of what you read here and there. However, this thread is written by me. Hello there, Father Ghen here.., I've been leeching at Abbey 3 for.., I don't know how long before I move to the more advanced step. Since I no longer using this not-so-called secret, I will share my knowledge with you guys. This guide will consist of several parts: 1. Should I become a leecher? Is it profitable? - An introduction for abbey leeching. 2. Gears and Build - The Class of HP Leecher. 3. Safe spot & EXP Gears - What it takes to leech people. 4. Tips and Tricks - The Actual Guide. 5. Price and Pricing Method - The sad and sour part of a leecher. 6. Alternative Path of Abbey Leech. Now, without further due, I will start this guide, READ PART 1 FIRST!!! 1. Should I become a leecher? Is it profitable? - An introduction for abbey leeching. 2. Gears and Build - The Class of HP Leecher 2.1. GEARS 2.2. BUILDS Now, we finished part 2. We're going to continue at part 3, which will explain the technical basics.
  4. SELLING DG LEECH SERVICE Dimensional Gorge Leech Service (DG Leech) Level 80+ ------ 4m/hr with MIRACLE ON Supah Cheap! MESSAGE ME IN DISCORD Goyu#7602 NOTE: I am more active in discord than in forums, It is better to message me in discord rather than here 📌 I sell leech 4m/hr with MIRACLE ON, it is cheaper relative to others 6-7m/hour. Why do I sell cheaper than others? coz I farm Diablos Manteau anyway so might as well get paid while farming. 📌I also sell per level basis, just pm me your starting level and to what level you want to reach, i'll use my calculator to check how much you need to pay 📌I can leech every thursday 1500 servertime. 📌 You can afk during your leech, I'll just resu you when you die but it is best if you can spam first aid to get more exp
  5. A Random Person

    Duo WERPA Leech

    Duo WERPA is OPEN for leeching services! We offer hourly Thor 3 Duo HW-HP Leech inclusive of EXP gears and EXP food accompanied by our renowned fast and reliable leeching services for you to just sit back and relax! ❤️ CONTACT: "Lady Venus" or go to Manuk City We also accept scheduled leech! For new people here are some testimonials from our beloved clients and to our first ever client, Mr. Keith! ❤️ Check out his review! ❤️https://forum.talonro.com/topic/1303-rate-your-leecher/?page=52
  6. kjhoioi

    B> leech 95~99

    hello guys im 95 NT rogue. PM me or reply on this post. thank you~!
  7. PainRequiem

    B>Leech Job 68 - 70 (closed)

    Looking to buy leech to get from job 68 -> 70 Trans Please pm me for your rate please, thanks.
  8. Kurai Shónin


    Priest: 98.4-99 Stalker: 97.7-99 Fine with Odin, Thor, Abbey and I think I can get DG access Budget: 1-5mil p/hr; can pay per level if preferrable :3
  9. Leeching starts at Glast Heim Churchyard until you reach level 45. That's when we'll start doing Thor1. Payment will be given before the leech starts, as well as the exp gears. EXP Gears: Yes SQI bonus 15% more damage with Double Strafing: Yes Preparation: HP buffs, Blacksmith buffs ( Weapon Perfection and Overthrust ) Doing 17k to 20k damage per Double Strafing. Sniper for GHC, Level 40. 20 to 45 for GHC doesn't take around 10mins for NT/T. First sniper for Thor1, Level 65. 45 to 65 time depends on how often i get killed by BG/SG Last sniper for Thor1, Level 85. Will use this until you reach level 79. Leeching Prices: 20 to 79 NT or T = 4m / 7m Level 30~79 NT / T: 3.7m / 6.8m Level 40~79 NT / T: 3.2m / 6.2m Level 50~79 NT / T: 2.5m / 4.5m Level 60~79 NT / T: 2m / 4m Level 70~79 NT / T: 1.5m / 3m Mostly online from 23:00 onwards, server time. Comment/Message me here or PM/Mail me in game: - Dot Pixis - or - Dk
  10. matteofitz

    Cheap Odin Leeches - ~Coming soon~

    ~Leeches coming soon~ Odin Leech - NT level 79 - 99 Leeches will be cheap as my gear is pretty basic but I will always start the leech with miracle! Exp Shoes[Christmas Cookie] will be provided Timer will be stopped if you die until you are ressed Please use First aid every 5 seconds as it increases my damage which will result in more experience for you. Prices: Non-Trans Leech: 2.5m per hour. Can AFK if you want to but will receive less EXP per hour. Non-Trans Package: 79-99 - 5.5m (For this leech you will have to use First aid every 5 seconds so it is as fast as possible) Interested or have questions? Then contact me! Post here, send me a forum message or try and pm one of the following characters: Matts SG Matts Healer I'm sorry if i'm not on when you're trying to contact me but I don't play everyday. So please try again later. Selling Odin drops also: Divine cross = 300kOdin's blessings = 250k+7 Odin's blessings = 2,5mSilk Robe = 100k+7 Silk Robe = 2.5m
  11. lioyo

    Thor Leech Chars

    So i been planning on starting thor leech although been confused about either sniper (Non Artemis) or gunslinger. Although a fully equipped gunslinger does better damage then non artemis equipped sniper. But i havent seen a single gunslinger in thor. I wonder why and if some of you shed some light on this topic.
  12. adodc2recordset

    About Selling Leech

    hi guys gust wondering... how can i sell/buy leech i just don't get the method of this Leech this... hehehe... can some one explain this to me tnx..
  13. Habbuck

    Abbey HW Leecher Build

    Greetings! I have heard that HW is the best class as leecher in Abbey. To the pro HW out there, could you guys give me some inputs on the gears and strategy? Should I just spam storm gust to my heart's content? As for gears, I do already have Kaho and soon to have dual bris[sting]. I am looking also to create an Eddga Sleip. For the garments, which one is better? Beach manteau[stem worm] or diablos mant[deviliing] I do also have some gears from my HP like Dex Survivors Rod as well as Missy Mid and PCB. As for the shields, should I go for Hodre or GTB? If you guys have other gears in mind, feel free to share. XD Thanks in advance for the inputs. Furthermore, I please do not force me to get an SOM. I would just be going for self leeching. The gears I have mentioned above would soon to be used by other chars. But I am not closing yet my doors for having an SOM, it is just that it is not an option as of the moment.
  14. Messaya

    S> Messaya Leech Services

    Hi there! first of all i wana apolagies that my english is realy bad! but i hope u get the point of this topic I decided to update my leech information for now. U can find me at payon **- Abbey Leech -** *Leecher* High Priest lv 99 Messaya +79 lv / 2.5mil /ea Hour / Xp shoes and Xp Hat Provided. I will escort u to safe spot personaly so dont wory , i will also make sure if u die i will come and ress u while i leech so make sure u inffo me on party chat if that hapens if bosiple, ;=) U can also msg on ing my character name is Messaya or u can come and chat with me with the deatails. **- How to handle the payment-** I take the payment always on advance , i screenshot our trade always and u name on party so we can prevent enyhting bad happening *Scam* If somthing goes wrong when i leech. example... Disconnection,Server crash,In real life situations, DO NOT BE AFRAID! this can be hapen and its totaly normal so after the broblem is solved i will return the money always back or i continue the leech if clients desire it. I will trade my xp hat and xp shoes when i have recceived the payment, after the leech is done u will return the xp gear for me ^^ if u are unsure to trust me u can check the Rate my leech topic by reira and see if i have bein worth to the leech community. PS*My motto is if my client isint happy with the ressults of leech then i have done somthing terribly wrong* I also would u ask u to rate my leech and bein onest about it becouse this will help us leechers to gaining the trust better on leech community. I think thats all! see ya in game all !
  15. Hello, I'm new to the server, but I don't remember seeing guardians on GH or any other places. But now there are "guardians", and they do a massive amount of damage to any mob who gets close. I don't think leaving them there is fair. Old players have high level characters and lots of expensive items. So, they benefit from the protection of Guardians to leech their other characters. This only deepens the gap between new players and old players, who don't have high-level stuff to leech themselves. If you go to GH Prison, you will see LOTS of AFK players just leveling while leeching. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for it... I don't know. Could anyone explain me why the Guardian system exist at all? Thanks.
  16. Selling DG leech with experince shoes + miracle: You will be leeched by a Star Gladiator whose IGN is Draz The price for the leech is 5m per hour Doesn't matter whether Trans or Non-trans as long as your char is base level 80+ (it is advisable you do the DG entrance quest beforehand) For more info PM/or message me in-game through mailbox - IGN=Cristae
  17. sebot

    Need Leech Me Lvl 62 Trans

    Need Leech , me now lvl 62 Trans Just Reply on this Forum or PM me Thanks
  18. exor003


    I know that there were some negative changes in DG that pulls people away form dg leeching. Been AFK for a while now and just recently farm DG and I say it is still okay.. the time it takes to get you to 99 may vary but I will get you there NT> 80 to 99 = 9mil 95 to 99 = 6mil Trans> 80 to 99 = 12mil 90 to 99 = 9mil 95 to 99 = 8mil regular rate: 3.5mil per hour IGN: LightloveExor (Stalker) -LightloveExor- (Champion) TOWN : El dicastes UPDATE: 8/13/2016 (+8GMT) Leech Availability is now only During weekends (+8gmt) for more info pls send a mail to my ingame characters. Thanks guys...
  19. Good day to Talonians! Selling Leech for Thor 3 with EXP gear. Message me here or find me in game. Name: Bear Kiddo, Val Kiddo, Royce Frost, Spring Equinox, Halcyon Nights. *Any member of Kingdom of Isolation guild is me so just PM me :)* We can nego the price
  20. wuaieyo

    Selling Leech 79+ 70-80m exp 3m ~ 1H

    PM wuaieyo or send mail ingame. about the leech price and duration can make offer. bye
  21. dpo1337

    B> Leech 60-79 T

    buy leech now im trans high mage 60/43 no quest DG want thor or abbey call me there or IG Nyashnaya Lola/ Round of Applause or there say your price (sry for bad english)
  22. retrox2

    Finding a leech

    Hello, My Assassin is lvl 97 by now and i wondered if i should buy a leech for the last 2 lvl. Now i want to know a) how do i find one (maket chat?) b ) where should i go? i have no access to abbey btw, so that wont work for me. c) How much time does it take and how many M should i pay for it?
  23. BurgerSteak

    S > SG DG leech

    Average Exp / hour: 150m and above or less depending on mob flow, accidental deaths, miracle lost, If I need to poop or bladder break etc. (Miracle on solo leech). Basically, if I slack off, I get less pay. Can AFK?: Yes, but be sure to come back after an hour, that is if you choose to pay hourly. Payment System: 4500z per mob in an hour. Server Rate is x8 (or 4500z per 200,000exp). 5000z per mob if rate is x7. 5500z per mob if rate is x6 You can pay in advance for level 8X to level XX before the timer starts and just afk away and do your thing like summer race or farming, or doing the laundry at home! Or Pay after an hour of leeching (I do estimates too on how much you would need to pay and how long it will take you to get to 99) Exp Shoes: Yes Place of leeching: Upper left corner of the Dimensional Gorge map. While I escort you there, Its free exp. (I added a picture below) Do I accept Trans?: Sadly, no. I can't get a trans to 99 that fast enough yet. It might cost them more if I leech them compared to Duo DGers who sells package leech. How Do You Calculate the price an hour?: Rate = x8 (Total Exp gained by Client in an hour) / 200,000 exp X 4500z = PRICE How do you check the Exp you get in an hour?: first type: @expcount start to start the exp timer then type: @expcount show to show the exp you've gained in your chatbox Availability: Saturday from 13:30 ~ 17:00 Server time Sundays is my day off though I can't give exact time frame since I do school work sometimes on this day. You can chat me up at IGN: *Tomato* or Burger Steak if I am available. Does entering Dimensional Gorge need quest?: Yes. But its a short one. Check this link out on how to do it > https://wiki.talonro.com/Dimensional_Gorge_Entrance_Quest
  24. planning to buy leech for my priest.. how much should i prepare?
  25. yaobu1


    Looking for a leecher who can level up my job to 70 (currently 61) Lvl 99 Trans. Class already, the cheaper the better. PS: Only have DG Quest PM/Mail me in-game folks, thanks! IGN: Danny D