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Found 6 results

  1. is it ok for some players to hoard an item? for example: several items are at sale on different prices, like prices ranging from 400k to 500k, say all of those are at different vends, then a billionaire buys all of them, then sells it for 800k each, is that okay? *just saw someone who did it with essence of rogue* .. just wondering...
  2. Ok... Apparently my guild name is too long. AT&T just doesn't fly with the server. *lol* So I had to go around asking for ideas. Thank you TK Luna for the wonderful name. You're a wonderful friend, you know that? X3 Our guild is officially called VOC for Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie. This here be our guild's emblem -> . Yeah... We're using THE official VOC insignia as a sign of courtesy and respect to them. X3 *ehem* So, let's get down to business... To defeat the Huns... Oh sorry, wrong era. ^^; Take Two. I want to set-up a community of "merchants" who are willing to gather mats, cook and/or brew (if applicable) consumables, and forge weapons to make the server's market more beginner friendly. Not many of us will see eye-to-eye, I know. I'm starting out on a sort of reckless adventure, but it's my conviction to make the lives of beginning players a little easier. I'll be honest, it won't be easy, especially for your pockets probably. However, I'm hoping to find like-minded people who are willing to spend a little effort to make a living, but not make it hard for their consumers by easing up on the prices. Guidelines to enter the guild : Many other details will be hammered out in the future; even a guild forums, later on. Regardless, know that I am serious about helping, so as long as we play by the rules, we'll be fine. The only thing we'll have problems is with how the market, in general, will react. But hey.. I want to make a really big, happy family, and because we're one family, we'll weather the whole thing together. I don't care... I repeat... I DON'T care where you are from, what gender you are, how old you are, how "geared" you are, or what your own gender preferences are. I carried this perspective since I started playing, and I will continue it. So anyone who wants to join better be prepared to be part one of the craziest families around. We'll talk about making ends-meet, take hunting trips together, and help one another. We'll keep one another company, help relieve each other's burden, talk about love and loss, and... keep one another company. Though if any of you eventually end up in the same bed, well... *wink wink nudge nudge* *ehem* I'm not going to be responsible to babysit, ok? XD To anyone interested, you can contact me in-game through my IGN Mother Rosario, or reach out to Chie (that's me) through Main chat. If I'm around, I'll reply the soonest that I can.
  3. Any ideas why I cannot sell to this buying vendor: Vendor name: I t e m s 1. Trying to sell 1 blue herb: 2. Failing to sell it despite his price limit: IIRC, you can't set how many items you'll that will exceed your weight. Thus, he will still be able to carry that many amount. Likewise, I also tried vending items that I got from slot machine, which didn't allow me. Thus, what he's vending is probably something with the same ID as what I'm selling The thing is, someone was selling blue herbs earlier at 1800z each. I bought all the blue herbs I got from there to sell it to "I t e m s": Selling vendor: ReijiMaigoShop The screenshot was at a later time since I wasn't able to screenshot it when I was buying. I took the pic when I got suspicious. SO, can someone explain to me how this happened? Likewise, can a GM please check if the two chars are owned by one master account? Somehow, I can't shake the feeling that I fell for the dude's trap. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I just wanna know if there is any general rule about bumping your post in the market section. I don't mind people bumping a thread after a few weeks, but some people do this everyday and it's kinda annoying. There is a search button for this after all right? Thanks in advance. Bump (I'll make the first joke already)
  5. Welcome to the Simple Shapes & Vector Shop! Shop Status: OPEN Available slots for request: 1. FREE 2. FREE 3. FREE You enjoy clean and simple artwork? Congratulation, you are in the right place! I sell avatars / profile art mostly in 1080x1080 format. To preserve the fancy vector shape quality, I will format the finished art in PNG. For my work I exclusively use Adobe Illustrator. Payment: - Single half body character avatar for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each. Preview of some of my artwork: How it works: If you are interested, please PM me your request or post it below this topic! You can provide me the following informations, if you want to see your character in vector style 😛 Once I confirmed your request, please sent me the payment before. Payments are required FIRST before I start on ANY commission! Please send the payment to: Hungry I will insert you into a free slot and try to finish your vector as soon as possible 👻 Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to brighten your day with some simple shapes! 😝
  6. Hi guys, Skedar here! I try to use the search with this topic but i have no sucess... im new on this server and i have a Stalker (lv72/36) and want to play with a future Creator (for the first time!) So im NAKED and want some gears! ahaha for now forget about the LKH, i will make the quest in the future. (maybe) So, i have 30 TCs, NO equips. What is the best gear i can buy in the Guru in a GENERAL, using the TC and still better than buying the SAME item with zeny's/quests ?? Because, srly...i dont understand why a lot of itens in guru is more expensive in TC oO so because that im asking what is the best TC ITEM to buy, and if have any o_o Sry for my english, im not so good to write txts, but i understand everything perfectly. thx guys!
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